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Love Left Without Me

Today was going to be a great day.

Serena wore her favorite dress, a white piece with a pink sash around her waist. She took out her favorite pink Toms and escaped into the hallway, down the arch stairs, and into the inviting aroma of breakfast greeting her in the air. The love of her life made her a delicious meal before he left to work. She smiled brightly, took a seat at the table, and reveled at the heavenly delight tingling her mouth in satisfaction.

The time was ten o'clock. It was the time she left the house and dashed into the street. Her hair lashed around her when she twirled in delight. Love blinded her mind. Darien was the man for her. He made her heart swing, her palms sweat, and her cheeks flush when he would whisper into her ear, "I love you."

She certainly loved him back when she planted a chaste kiss on his lips. It was heaven in her eyes. She had everything she could dream of. All that was left to do was to marry the man and have children with him.

She envisioned his dark hair and blue eyes framing her child's face. He, or she, would be the dazzling reflection of beauty that her husband was. Darien would probably wish to see a mini-replica of her, but her looks could never reach up to him. He was like a model on a magazine, while she was an everyday, average-looking girl. Darien always reassured her that she was more beautiful in comparison to a swan. He brought a smile to her face with his words of affection and care every day.

Love was truly in the air. She felt it embrace her from every corner of the earth.

She dreamt of the future of how their wedding would be. He would be dashing in a tuxedo, while she would be marvelous in her pure ensemble of a white, wedding gown. She could see the girls smile at her. Raye would be teary. Lita would blow her nose in her handkerchief. Mina would wink, and mouth, "You go, girl." And Amy, her quiet, intelligent friend, would smile earnestly with her eyes glossed in tears.

And in the front row, she could see her father and mother hug each other, smile, and cry for watching her go. Her brother, Sammy, would congratulate her and give her wink. And Andrew, the best man, would be teary, and hand the ring to her future husband, whispering subtle threats in Darien's ear of making sure she had the best honeymoon.

She hugged herself in delight, and crossed the street.

Love made her melt inside.

She could see Darien's eyes shine with happiness by having her by his side as his wife. She could see a reflection of her future daughter calling her name, wanting for her to pick her up. The house that she always envisioned would be granted to her, clearly visualizing the white picket fence in front.

Serena smiled, and closed her eyes.

Love was the most magical experience to come into her life.

Darien was her dream.

However, love would have to continue on without her. The earth will no longer have her around to grace the soils with her beloved disposition. It was all taken away when she heard the screeching tires from a side and met the inevitable.


The driver opened the door. His forehead was coated with blood, oozing from an open wound. He stared in horror at the blood covering the front of his car, and refused to see the woman lying on the street. His knees buckled to the ground when he noticed a pink Tom, and slowly turned his eyes to her. He went into shock. He could hear the ambulance rush to their aid; however, it was far too late.

The last thing he remembered, while talking on the phone before the accident occurred was, "Andrew, I'm going to propose to her tonight."