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Chapter 19 …And a New Begging

Flashes, that was all Cael could remember for awhile after his actions led to the human's death. For awhile it was white snow and trees flying by, then buildings, after that it was faces and hands. Staring at him with concern while gently examining him, saying words but he heard nothing with all the blood rushing past his ears. He had no idea they were talking about whether or not to put him down for the extent to his injures, several lacerations all across his body, broken bones, and a gun shot in his side, and this was just from glancing at him from the outside.

"Honey, I know you don't like it, but just look at him, he's a sack of bones covered in holes, its only right to end it." said the lead vet to the second vet, who was also his wife.

She merely cast her glance away and nodded, she always hated this part of her job. One of the assistants brought a black bottle and a syringe to the lead vet, he stuck the needle into the bottle and filled it with a blue liquid. Cael cast his glance towards it in a moment of clarity, he knew the liquid, the human who had tortured him had used it before on him, it started with small doses but the more he took in the more his body became accustomed to it and the more he needed to take in to get its affects.

The human who had hurt him used it to increase his heart rate, to increase blood flow on days were he had made him bleed to much. Looking at the syringe the new man was now holding, he knew, it would do nothing. However not one of the veterinarians standing around him knew this, and had never heard of a dog just laying there looking at them after being injected with a full syringe.

"um, sir I may only be just studying veterinary science, but I don't think he should still be looking at us after that." one of the assistants pitched in after a moment of surprised silence.

"yea, I guess were doing it your way then, take him to the operating room and get him prepped for surgery, we need to correct several bones and find a bullet." the lead vet said with a sigh while looking at his almost happy wife.

The Next Day

Balto knew he couldn't keep running, his chest was burning and his legs felt like rubber. He had just managed to sneak into town to get a meal for the first time in weeks. He was so exited about finally getting to eat he didn't bother to check around the last corner into the alley for the butcher shop. The same alley were Steele, Kaltag, Star, and Nikki were already picking through the left over meat. That was roughly an hour ago, Balto tried every trick he could think of to get away, but they always managed to catch up with him again, hell bent on catching him this time.

Balto turned to see if by chance he had lost them, sadly he hadn't lost them. Growling Balto turned around to see Jenna walk out in front of an alley and right into his path. Balto forced his front paws into the ground to stop himself, sliding across the snowy path he barley manged to swing himself around her, Steele however did not.

"ow! Dammit Steele!" Jenna cursed as he crashed into her, bending her paw to an awkward angle.

"Jenna! Your paw, is it...?" Balto asked, reaching out a paw to help her up.

Jenna accepted his help while shaking her head.

"I'm fine, I, I don't think my leg's broken, just sprained." She hissed as she tried to put weight on it.

"Get your paws off of her mutt! If you hadn't been causing all this trouble she wouldn't of gotten hurt in th-" That was what Steele managed to get out before Jenna whipped around and slammed her paw across his face.

Unluckily for her it was the same on she had just hurt. After seething in pain for a moment she looked up at a group of surprised dogs.

"First, Steele your an arrogant ass, I may not of seen all of it but I'm pretty sure Balto didn't do a thing to bother you or anyone for that matter, considering you were chasing him. Second, Balto, I think now it is broken, mind helping me get home?" Jenna asked the last part with a small smile.

Balto gladly accepted for two reasons, one was the more overt one, he would get to spend some time with Jenna, two Steele and his goons wouldn't pursue Balto if Jenna was with him, Steele wouldn't let them. The pair arrived at Jenna's house in a little less then an hour, far to soon as far as either was concerned but neither would say it.

"Well, um thanks Balto, I should go in by myself, you know how Rosy's father feels about..." she trailed off looking down while Balto just nodded solemnly before turning and walking away.

Jenna sighed, before limping up the frozen path to the front door, realizing she couldn't scratch at it with her leg broken she started to whine and bark lightly till Rosy's mother opened it to find Jenna sitting on her haunches with her left paw held against her chest. She quickly took Jenna inside were she and her husband proceeded to examine her leg while Rosy watched anxiously in the corner. It didn't take long for them to decide it would be best to take her to the vet.

They quickly grabbed their coats, Rosy's father carefully lifted Jenna so as not to further injure her leg, and they were off. They hurried to the vet to try and avoid the approaching blizzard that was howling across the land towards the sleepy Alaskan town. They managed to arrive just as the snow and wind started to pick up, more then glad to get inside. Once they were in they got Jenna logged in with the vet and made ready to leave her there for the night, when they realized the blizzard had come in quick and fierce leaving them snowed in for the night.

Gladly enough for them this particular vet put the animals on human beds that were thoroughly cleaned so they'd have a place to rest for the night. They were told that after the vet checked on Jenna they would have the room to themselves except for a lone canine. This led to some confusion, after the vet had finished looking at Jenna's leg and putting a cast around it, they were alone in the room with no other dogs in sight. While Rosy's parents claimed the bed on the far side of the room Rosy sat on the other with Jenna, Rosy's parents were talking quietly while Rosy petted and soothed Jenna, they all stopped to gaze as three assistants carried a bundled up blanket into the room and carefully set it on the far side of the bed away from Jenna and Rosy, following them the vet came back in to talk with Rosy's parents.

"I feel inclined to mention, The canine we just brought in was a victim of severe animal abuse, while yes sometimes animals who go through that can be violent this one seems to be just scared, he hasn't even tried to bite or scratch anyone who's handled him so far, the most he will do is cower from them. But, that isn't all, we're not completely certain, but we think he may be half or at-least part wolf." the vet informed them worried they might be angry about not being told this sooner.

"if he isn't violent, I guess I don't see the harm in it." the wife said slowly, not really having any other choice of places to stay.

Her husband showed his distaste for it with a grunt, but accepted it none the less. Rosy's smaller ears hadn't picked up the conversation that had just transpired. However, Jenna's much more sensitive canine ears had and now she was wondering what could possibly be under that blanket that the assistants were using to seemingly dry off the creature underneath. The process moved slow so they wouldn't hurt the already injured dog who had spent all day yesterday in different surreys and treatments, with more to come in the next few weeks on his long road to recovery.

After some time they began to carefully peal the blanket away, Jenna had a hard time understanding what she saw, he was both one of the largest and yet the smallest at the same time, his body size was massive, larger then any dog or wolf she'd ever seen, but he was just a skeleton, with loose fitting skin and fur clumped on, which seemed to be held in place by the mass of bandages and stitches all across his body.

For a moment Jenna thought maybe the humans had smothered him to death, till he took a slow ragged breath, followed by more increasingly smoother breaths as he calmed slightly. After his breathing seemed slightly normal Jenna slowly stood on the bed and took a step towards him, at the movement he lifted his head to look at her with yellow eyes, that looked as if they once held a burning fire, but now they looked dull and hollow. He spoke, his voice a ragged and whisper-y whimper.

"p-please...don't hurt me." while his appearance made him seem like a much older, his voice betrayed just how young he was, Jenna guessed he may be younger then her.

"what reason could I possibly have to hurt you?" Jenna asked bewildered and a little hurt by the assumption.

"I don't know, but I couldn't think of why the others would of either."

It struck Jenna, not just the statement, but the way he said it, it was devoid of hope, caring, even fear, in truth, it was almost like it was devoid of life itself. It took her a few seconds of standing there awkwardly while he laid there, watching her with eyes that didn't seem to see at all.

"I'm not them, and I'm sure whoever they were, their long gone." Jenna tried to say it soothingly.

"of course he is, he's dead, I killed him." He replied calmly.

Again, Jenna was taken aback, she stood with her mouth gaped open. She shook it off quicker then last time, she couldn't really blame him, the wolf-dog was covered from head to toe in bandages, what choice could he of had?

"Then there you go, he's gone, you have nothing to worry about." with that Jenna took a step forward.

Suddenly the wolf-dog was alive again, as he leapt.

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