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For many people, the name Halkeginia doesn't say or mean anything in particular, but for me, Hiraga Saito, it holds a special meaning. Yes, I was just an ordinary human on planet Earth and I thought I would die as one. But then one day my life got turned upside down when I was summoned as a familiar by a very peculiar mage, Louise Francoise Le Blanc De La Valliere. At first I couldn't think of anything other than returning home-until the most marvelous emotion took me over.

At that moment I realized that returning to earth without Louise would be meaningless. Without her I would just be an empty shell, having no purpose in life. Someone might be thinking that she used some kind of spell to control my emotions. But the only spell she ever used to conquer me was just honestly being herself. Her smile is enough to put my mind at ease and when I am with her I feel blessed. Then when I kiss her my body stiffens up and my arms embrace her so strongly, as if I am worried that a wind might blow her away from me.

And then the moment of truth came and I was prepared to ask her to marry me. But my body froze up and it felt like there was a dam blocking the stream of voice coming from my throat. I was like a statue, except my mind was falling into a state of chaos. It felt like I committed a crime and hell yes, I did. If I don't correct my mistake soon I think the memories will forever haunt me. But the day the "Great Parade for Victory over Ancient Dragon" was finally held the scoundrels appeared. By 'scoundrels' I mean the suitors.

Yes, after it became official knowledge that we slew the mightiest beast of all time, The Ancient Dragon, I believed all the hardships for us were gone. All our past adventures would become only memories. The past had not been a bed of roses for us, having felt the cold emotion of a near-death experience-seeing a close person getting hurt, or even worse, having to watch a person enter the realm from which no living being can return. When I lost my magical sword, Derflinger, I realized how important he was to me. Derflinger tutored me, sharing his wisdom with me through many strange phenomena of this magical world, Halkeginia.

Still, in the end, despite many friends, honorific titles and the fame I have got in this world, the only thing that will keep me living me here is Louise. Louise, who has many sides: she can be as sweet as a holy maiden, but when she is mad she makes even demons pale in comparison. I had a chance to ask her to marry me but I couldn't do it, and now I have to suffer the consequences. And I must be fast because the flies keep buzzing over Louise, and even some well-known noble families are interested in developing ties with the Valliere family.

But no matter what the situation, there is no way I would give up on Louise. I will face the worst they can do and overcome it. Whatever the future brings for me, I will never abandon Louise. That is why I, Hiraga Saito, live in Tristainia. And when I visit Earth the next time, I will surely take my future wife, Louise, with me. Yes, those are my dreams.

If I had only known what was about to happen next.

*Somewhere in the Albion*

"Sir, I never knew you were such a brilliant strategist: to first summon the Ancient Dragon, and then to use it as a way to observe their powers, searching for weaknesses," the mysterious figure said to a man who was dressed in a full-body, red robe.

"Actually, I had told them a white lie because the original plan was that the Ancient Dragon would terminate all the void mages and the kingdoms. They were stronger than I expected, but that just makes things more interesting for us. Because the realization of my dreams is drawing near! Finally, we can set this world free of this miserable state. Beware void mages: you will soon experience the true power of what love can do," said the man in the robe before he released a maniacal laugh.