Author's Note

As you might have noticed there have hardly been any updates lately and the story has not developed in quite a while. I am writing this Author`s note for three reasons:

First: To apologize for the slow updating.

Second: To explain why there has hardly been any updates.

Third: To inform you about the future.

Yes, at first I want to apologize to everyone who has put this story on his/her favorites, followed, reviewed or read the story. I have left this story up in the air for too long, and I am deeply sorry about it.

But there is a good reason for the slow updating; graduating from high school is getting really near for me and for the past months I had to sacrifice the majority of my time to study for the graduation exams. Due to the studying, I have had only a small amount of time to spend on the story. That is the reason for the slow updates.

But now, as I have completed the first part of my graduation exams, I am free from the massive amount of pressure and I can start writing again. So now there will not be long breaks between updates, at least for a while. Thanks very much for hanging with the story, even if the updating has been slow. I am going to do my best to get the next chapter done as soon as possible.

Thank you for understanding.