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For a moment he just watched her. This woman had given him two beautiful daughters and there were no words to describe how much he loved her


There was something so comforting to have the feel of his young baby nestling against him, even though she had kept both him and Fiona awake for the last few hours. Lifting her to his shoulder he patted Meaghan's back lightly, hoping that the gentle rhythm would relax her enough so she would drift back off to sleep.

He had watched every moment of her development with as much fascination and wonder as Fiona had. The day Meaghan looked up at them both and smiled they had spent the next hour trying to make her do it again. Little did they know that all it would take was for their eldest daughter to play peek –a-boo with her to lift her lips into a smile.

Now, even though he and Fiona were totally exhausted he didn't think he would ever change this whole experience for anything. They'd both taken it for granted that Caitlin came to them already having gone through all of the early stages, so experiencing everything with Meaghan made their love for both daughters all the more special.

"Hey," Fiona's voice sounded behind him and he turned around slowly to smile at her adoringly.

"I thought you were going to get some sleep."

Meaghan mewed against him and he nestled her closer, her warmth sending a surge of love through to his heart. He had no idea that having a small baby would render him powerless or incapable of leaving her for any amount of time. Since her birth he'd become virtually inseparable from his three girls, and he didn't even want to think of a time when he would inevitably have to leave them, albeit briefly.

"I managed a few minutes," she told him with a smile as she moved up behind him to kiss him in between his shoulder blades before placing a soft kiss onto Meaghan's head.

Moving around them she took a glass out of the cupboard and walked across to the fridge to pour herself some orange juice. Gulping the liquid down she kept her eyes on the man she loved. He was gently rocking back and forth, his movements settling the baby cradled against him. He'd been a calming influence on all of them, especially now that Meaghan was approaching her eighth week of being in the world.

Fiona still kept looking over her shoulder whenever they were out and she sometimes felt that she was being a little too cautious. Her eyes drifted towards the drawer in the kitchen where she'd stuffed her mother's congratulations card, still unopened. She just couldn't bring herself to pull the flap open and read whatever words her mother had conjured up in an effort to try and bury the past…she just wasn't ready.

She was so lost in thought that she didn't even notice Michael's approach until he placed a hand on her arm. "Hey, you okay?"

Her eyes shot to his and she nodded quickly, swallowing the lump in her throat. Placing her glass into the sink she turned back around and smiled up at him. "You want me to take her?"

Michael's eyes drifted over her tired face and he knew she was far from okay. "She's asleep again," he told her in a whisper as he glanced up at the clock. "We've got a couple of hours before Caitlin's up…come on, we could all do with some extra sleep."

Nodding Fiona held onto his hand as he led her back towards their bedroom, the contact causing her to feel a little more connected to him. She knew they were both far too exhausted for anything intimate and she hadn't felt ready to embark on anything physical…she just missed… him.

Once they got back to their bedroom, Michael placed Meaghan into her crib and gently pulled her covers over her before he turned back to the woman who was climbing into bed.

For a moment he just watched her. This woman had given him two beautiful daughters and there were no words to describe how much he loved her. Moving across to the bed he pulled duvet back and climbed in beside her, shuffling across so that they were face to face.

"Hey," he whispered with a smile, moving closer to place a soft kiss onto her lips, keeping his touch light.

Fiona's lips lingered against his as she sighed into him. When he slowly pulled away she gazed across at him and smiled before she wrapped herself around him and laid her head against his chest. His warmth seeped into her and she took a few moments to lose herself in the feel of his skin against hers.

Since she had been so big with Meaghan she had missed the physical contact with him. She hadn't been overtly responsive in the lovemaking department in the latter part of her pregnancy, and now that she had her body back she wanted to feel that connection with him again.

"Are you okay?" he asked in a whisper as his fingertips danced over her arm. He knew something was bothering her, even though she always insisted that there was nothing wrong, but she seemed…distracted.

Fiona sighed against him and nuzzled her cheek against bare chest before she lifted her head to look up into his eyes.

"I want to be…me again," she told him honestly as she slowly lifted herself up onto her elbow so she could see him better. "I just…want us to be…us again, I guess."

Lifting his hand he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and moved his head upwards to press his lips to hers in a brief, soft kiss. When he pulled away he smiled up at her and watched the slow smile blossoming over her lips before he pulled her down to him, kissing her again.

Fiona felt her whole insides melt when his fingers skimmed her sides, the movements causing her to deepen their kiss. She wanted this intimacy with him again. She wanted to feel connected and she just couldn't explain the sheer force of feelings that flowed around her right now. This was more than knowing he loved her, this was all about feeling it too.

Pulling his lips from hers Michael tried to slow things down and skimmed his fingertips across her cheek.


"It's stupid I know," she sighed heavily, laying her head back down onto his chest. "I just feel…I don't know how I feel."

Kissing the top of her head, Michael pulled her a little tighter, hoping their closeness would ease her worries away. His mother had warned to him that this could happen before he brought Fiona and Meaghan home from the hospital. He could still hear her words resounding inside his head and it seemed that now what she'd told him was right.

He'd known something was wrong weeks ago when he'd woken in the middle of the night to find the bed empty. When he'd gotten out of bed and gone into the family room nothing could have prepared him for what he'd seen in there.

"Fi, what are you doing out here?" he asked as he moved further into the room to sit down onto the couch beside her.

"She wouldn't settle," she told him through a shaky voice when she looked down at the baby in her arms. "I didn't want her to wake you."

His eyes skimmed over her tired face, noticing instantly the dried tear tracks that highlighted her skin. Shifting a little closer he placed a gentle hand onto her shoulder and squeezed it to gain her attention.

"If she woke me it wouldn't make a difference," he told her softly when he looked down at their sleeping daughter. "I don't want you sitting out here on your own."

Fiona's sudden tears startled him and for a few moments he didn't know what to do. Acting on instinct he slipped an arm around her and kissed the side of her temple, hoping his closeness would soothe her but it didn't.

"I came out here to feed her…and when she wouldn't settle…" shaking her head she sniffed back the tears and swiped across her eyes with the back of her hand. "It's going to sound stupid but I…I wanted to be in there…with you…"

"Then let's go back to bed," he told her softly as he moved off of the couch to take Meaghan from her arms to hold her against him.

Fiona nodded slowly and pressed the palms of her hands against her eyes, wiping the moisture away. Standing up she followed him wordlessly, peering into Caitlin's bedroom first before she made her way into their room.

He'd held her against him for a long time afterwards, spooning against her back with his arms encircling her waist. Their closeness had seemed to be what she'd needed that night because she'd awoken a few hours later with a sparkle in her eyes.

"We're still the same people," he whispered against her ear when he pressed his lips into her hair. "Nothing's changed…not for me."

"I know," she sighed as she turned her head to press a kiss onto his chest she tugged him closer and closed her eyes. "It just seems so long since…we…"

"It's okay," he whispered, finally understanding what all this was about. No they hadn't made love in months but that didn't matter to him right now. Holding her tighter against him he nestled his lips against her temple and sighed into her hair. "None of that matters to me."

Closing her eyes, Fiona sighed against him and relished the feel of his arms around her. Opening her eyes again she focused on the underside of his chin, "I…miss you…"

Her words surprised him and he inclined his head so that he could see her face. His eyes met hers and for a moment he was lost in her gaze. Lifting his fingertips to her cheek he laid his palm against her face and smiled. "I'm right here."

"I know."

"I'm not going anywhere," he told her, repeating the same words from months ago. "Fi—"

"I know," she told him again, her breath coming out on a sigh. "I don't know what's wrong me. I never experienced anything like this after Caitlin."

"You never had a chance to," he told her softly. "It's different now; you'll never have to go through that again."

"Try telling that to my paranoia," she told him lightly, her lips lifting into a tight smile. "I watch everyone just in case they're friends of hers."

"Paranoia?" he chuckled, taking this lapse in her mood as a good sign. "You're starting to sound like me!"

"Yeah, that's what your mom said," she grinned. "She didn't exactly word it that way…"

They slipped back into silence again when he danced his fingers over her skin. Her warmth seeped into him causing him to relax his hold as a sudden thought came to him. "Maybe we should go out somewhere."

Fiona's hand stilled on his chest and she lifted her head to look up at him incredulously. "Meaghan's a little young for an outing. I—"

"No, I meant just the two of us," he told her with a smile. "You know, like—"

"A date?" she grinned, her voice cutting through his.

"Yeah, okay…a date."

"You and me?" her smile was infectious, the sadness of only moments ago all but forgotten. "Do you think your mom could handle the girls on her own?"

"You're kidding right?" he grinned, his lips grazing her temple. "She's been throwing hints every time she's over here!"

"Yeah she has hasn't she?" Fiona smiled. "Maybe we could be okay to leave her with them for a few hours."

"And I'll ask Sam," he nodded, his mind already formulating what he was going to say to his friend when he felt her shift beside him again. Looking down at her he smiled when she reached for his hand and pressed a kiss into the centre of his palm before she turned onto her side, pulling him with her. Shuffling closer he moulded himself against her back, holding her against him and focusing on the sound of her breathing until he eventually closed his eyes and waited for sleep to claim him.


"Mammy look at Meaghan she's splashing me," Caitlin squealed when her baby sister kicked her feet into the bath water they were sharing.

Fiona grinned as she held onto her youngest child who kicked at the water harder, the splashes covering Caitlin who pulled a face when water dripped from her hair. Fiona leant over the tub and transferred Meaghan onto one arm, holding her securely while she scooped bath water up in her free hand to rinse the baby soap from her delicate skin. Meaghan slammed her foot down into the water again to send another large splash upwards, this time covering Fiona. Glancing up at Caitlin she met her smile with a bright one of her own. "It looks like she's getting me wet too, baby."

Caitlin beamed a smile up at her mother and picked up a plastic duck from behind her and laid it onto her sister's belly while she poured bubbled water into several empty bottles. She looked back at Meaghan who was watching her every movement while she smiled at her.

"Do ya want one a me bottles?" she asked as she picked up an empty one and put it into the water for her sister.

"She's a little too young to play yet sweetie," Fiona told her softly. "Maybe in a few weeks when her muscles are stronger."

"Okay," Caitlin sighed, slightly disappointed that her baby sister couldn't do many things yet. "Can I help ya ta wash har hair mammy?"

"Of course," Fiona told her with a smile as she manoeuvred Meaghan around so that her head was facing Caitlin. Peering down at Meaghan from behind, Caitlin's bright smile caused the baby to reach for her. Meaghan squealed with delight, something that surprised both Caitlin and her mother. They both shared a look of amazement that quickly melted into laughter when Meaghan reached up for her big sister, grabbing hold of a clump of her hair to pull her down towards her. Caitlin giggled and kissed the baby, pressing noisy raspberry sounding kisses all over her face until she untangled her hair from Meaghan's fingers.

"She laughed at me," Caitlin beamed when she looked up at her mother with wonder in her eyes. Holding her palm out she watched intently when Fiona squeezed a blob of baby shampoo into it before she carefully splodged it onto Meaghan's hair and massaged it gently over the baby's soft scalp. "Do ya think she's goin' ta have hair like me?"

"I think so baby, you both have your daddy's hair," Fiona told her with a smile when she carefully helped Caitlin to rinse the shampoo off.

"Didn' daddy need it anymore?" Caitlin's voice was full of innocence when she carefully scooped water up and poured it over Meaghan's hair, unaware of Fiona's soft laughter.

"I meant you both have the same colour hair as your daddy," Fiona smiled despite Caitlin's confusion and she didn't think she would ever tire of her daughter's questions.

Caitlin had been a huge help and she adored the new baby, she just hoped that as they both grew older they would share the same bond that she'd had with Claire. Moving onto her knees Fiona sat Meaghan back up and watched her two daughters interact, feeling more contented than she had been in a long time.

When she'd got up that morning she'd felt so much more relaxed than she had been before. Michael was running errands for her and she was feeling so much more at ease with everything else. It had been almost eleven months since she'd last bid a hasty farewell to her mother and Marie, and since then the only contact she'd had was when she received the card from her a few weeks ago.

Meaghan had only been just over two weeks old then but when that letter had arrived just the sheer presence of it set her whole body on edge. She knew Michael hid it away from her, and he never mentioned it again after that until he was rooting for some pens in the drawer and found it.

She'd forgotten all about it until one Sunday afternoon when she was in the family room with her two little girls tucked within her arms. Caitlin had her school book open in her lap and was following the words with her finger as she read, totally oblivious to what was going on around her.

"Hey, Fi," Michael spoke her name and pulled the sealed envelope out of the drawer. "Your mother's letter's still in here."

Looking down at the baby in her arms she lifted her eyes up to his and suddenly felt her body grow cold. Shaking her head she unconsciously pulled Meaghan and Caitlin closer to her, resting her cheek on the top of Caitlin's head.

Her reaction was enough for Michael to look down at it and contemplate just throwing it in the trash but he didn't. Instead he stuffed it back into the drawer and buried it under a pile of papers, hoping she would forget that it was in there.

Meaghan's soft coos brought her back to the present and she couldn't help the smile that littered her face. These two little girls were everything to her and she had survived through it all, despite all of her family's interference.

"Time to get you out," Fiona beamed when she lifted Meaghan out of the tub to lay her on her towel covered changing mat. Lifting the edges of the towel over Meaghan she grinned down at her baby daughter who was too busy looking up at her big sister who was peering down at her from the side of the tub. Meaghan kicked her legs and squealed loudly every time Caitlin disappeared only to pop her head over the top again.

"I'm here…" Caitlin grinned when she reappeared over the top of the tub again. Meeting her mother's eyes she grinned across at her and smiled as she rested her chin onto the top of the tub. "Do I have ta get out too mammy?"

"You can stay in until the water drains," she grinned, knowing that Caitlin liked to slide around the bath in the bubbles when the water had gone.

"Yessss," she giggled when Fiona pulled the plug, instantly splashing into the remaining water that hadn't drained away.

Shaking her head, Fiona turned her attention back to her youngest child and broke out into a bright smile when the baby beamed up at her. Lifting her upwards Fiona held the baby against her, placing kisses onto her cheek as she grabbed hold of the edges of the wet towel and whipped it away before reaching for a dry one to toss it over the mat.

She heard Meaghan cooing and glanced down at her to see her eyes fixed on Caitlin who was sliding backwards and forwards in the bottom of the bath. "Are you watching your big sister? What's she doing huh?"

Caitlin lifted up onto her knees and leaned her elbows onto the edge of the bath, moving towards her sister to kiss her. "Boo," she grinned as she moved backwards only to move forward again, kissing Meaghan before she could make a grab for her hair.

Lifting the baby upwards Fiona held her a little way above her and then lowered her down to kiss her soundly before she laid her back onto the towel. Grabbing some baby talc she peppered some over Meaghan's stomach and legs before she started to rub it over her skin, tickling the little girl as she did.

"Has the water all gone yet baby?" she asked when she placed Meaghan into a clean diaper. Glancing over the tub she watched in amusement when Caitlin slid along the bottom of the bath, bubbles all over her.

"Not yet," she giggled pretending that the bottom of the bath was too slippery. "I'm slidin'."

"I can see," Fiona told her with a smile as she returned her attention back to Meaghan and took hold of a tiny foot to rub baby talc in between her daughter's toes. "You'll have to come out soon," she spoke without looking up. "Daddy's coming back with nana and Uncle Sam."

The second she heard Caitlin stop her movements she knew that Sam had peaked the little girls interest. Reaching across to the pile of towels she pulled one across to her and held it open, knowing that Caitlin wouldn't be far behind.

Caitlin stood up and started to climb out of the bathtub before stepping into the fluffy towel that Fiona held out for her.

"Can you dry yourself for me baby," Fiona asked her with a smile. "I'll go and get your sister dressed."

"Yep, I can do it meself now mammy," Caitlin beamed, her eyes bright with determination as she wrapped herself in her towel. "Are we goin' ta see if Meaghan wants ta eat real food today?"

Fiona stood up and scooped Meaghan up in her arms, kissing her cheek. "Not yet baby, she's still a little too small for that. She doesn't need anything extra to eat yet."

"Did I like ta eat food when I wa' little?" Caitlin asked as she dried herself, too distracted to see the flash of sorrow flare in her mother's eyes.

Holding Meaghan to her Fiona tried to control her breathing when she looked down at her eldest daughter. She hadn't been there with her for those early years and even though it had been out of her control, she still felt guilty none the less.

To her immense relief she heard the front door open and familiar voices floating into the room. Caitlin looked up at her mother and moved towards her, hurriedly drying herself.

"Daddy's back," Caitlin told her excitedly as she struggled to keep the towel wrapped around herself. Looking up at her baby sister she moved forward and kissed her bare foot. "Come on mammy, we need ta get dressed."


Michael was placing fresh blueberries into the fridge when Caitlin came into the kitchen and spotted her Uncle. Squealing Sam's name she ran towards him and threw her arms around his neck when he scooped her up into his arms.

"Hello to you too li'l darlin'," he grinned as he kissed her cheek soundly before pulling back to look at her. "You get prettier every day."

Caitlin giggled and placed both of her hands on either side of his face before she moved in to kiss him before pulling back to look at him.

"Meaghan can laugh now," she told him excitedly. "She kicked water all over me an' laughed."

"She did huh?" Sam asked incredulously. "Is that why your nana's taking so long with your mom?"

"Nope," Caitlin grinned as she shook her head. "Nana's playin' wit' Meaghan so mammy can get dressed."

"Caitlin, there's some blueberries here for you," Michael told her when he tipped some into her favourite bowl. "You want any cereal?"

Lifting his eyes to his little girl Michael could already feel himself melting when he saw her. She was so much like her mother in every way, even down to her mannerisms. She had already wrapped Sam so far around her little finger and he knew she only had to flutter those long eyelashes of hers and he was putty in her hands.

"Can I just eat tha blueberries?" she asked with a smile when she pressed her cheek against her Uncle's, her eyes sparkling with adoration.

"Sure," Michael nodded and shook his head in amusement when his friend had seemed to lose all train of thought from what they'd been talking about just moments ago.

"You know honey, you'll start looking like a blueberry one of these days." Sam told her when he placed her back onto the floor so that she could move around to her father and climb onto the stool.

Turning to look up at Michael, Caitlin picked a blueberry out of the bowl and held it up to him, grinning when he bent his head for her to push it into his mouth. As soon as he placed his hand on her head briefly and started chewing she turned back to the rest of the fruit and picked one out for herself.

Sam watched her in fascination. She had only been with Michael and Fiona for a little less than a year, yet he couldn't remember the time when she wasn't here. She had impacted all of their lives in so many ways, her presence changing the man he had always regarded as his brother.

Watching silently he had witnessed so many changes in Michael over the last few months. He'd gone from the man who had thought only of the things he had wanted to the man who wanted things for his family. Sam never thought all those years ago that he would have ever seen his friend settle down.

Madeline's voice accompanied by Meaghan's cooing caught Sam's attention and he turned to look in their direction. Moving forward he grinned down at the baby in Madeline's arms and reached out to stroke her cheek.

"Hey sweetheart," he told her, his eyes shining with adoration when the baby looked up at him. "There's that smile."

"You want to go with Uncle Sam?" Madeline asked her softly as she carefully transferred her into Sam's arms, noting how he immediately started rocked her from side to side. Shaking her head incredulously, Madeline turned her attention onto Michael who was currently placing a kiss onto his eldest daughter's head.

Caitlin inclined her head backwards and smiled up at him when he moved forward again and kissed her on the forehead before he stepped away and pulled one of Fiona's cups out of the cupboard.

"Are ya goin' ta come to tha shops with me an' mammy taday nana?" Caitlin asked excitedly. "We're goin' ta buy Meaghan some new clothes."

"Well honey how could I resist that invitation?" Madeline asked her with a smile. "We could stop for ice cream, my treat."

"Yessss," Caitlin climbed down from the stool and moved towards her grandmother, bouncing on the spot. "Can I have strawberry?"

"I think we could arrange that," Madeline told her with a bright smile before she caught the gleam in her son's eyes and she couldn't ever remember seeing him looking so content before.

"Mammy, nana said we can get ice cream," Caitlin gushed when her mother breezed into the room looking totally refreshed.

Michael lifted his eyes to hers, every other thought vanishing from his mind when he saw the woman he loved. She was wearing a white sundress that hid all traces of her recent pregnancy. His eyes drifted over her body as if he was seeing her for the first time, he'd forgotten just how beautiful she actually was.

Fiona held out her hands to her eldest daughter and linked their fingers as she moved from side to side. "Ice cream huh?"

"Yep, an' I'm goin' ta have strawberry."

"Now how did I guess?" Fiona grinned. "Did you have your breakfast?"

On Caitlin's enthusiastic nod Fiona bent down and kissed her soundly before smiling at her. "Go and brush your teeth baby and then you can put your shoes on."

"Okay," Caitlin beamed excitedly as she let go of her mother's hands and dashed off towards the bathroom.

Turning back around Fiona felt herself blushing beneath Michael's gaze and for some unfathomable reason she couldn't seem to escape his eyes. Meaghan's cooing caught her attention and she moved towards Sam to lift the baby into her arms before beaming down at her.

"Did you show daddy how you can laugh sweetie?" she asked, singsonging her words to bring a smile to Meaghan's face. Lifting her eyes back to Michael's she moved towards him and leaned into his side, the need to feel him close overtaking her senses.

Michael's arm slipped around her shoulder and he leant in to kiss her ear before he lowered his head to kiss the baby in her arms.

"Are you going to show me how you laughed for mommy?" he asked her, his voice bringing a smile to Meaghan's face. "Are you going to show me?"

The more he talked, the wider Meaghan's smile became. She watched him intently her eyes following him when he moved in closer before she surprised him by making a noise that was between a squeal and a laugh. The noise she'd made caused her to jump until she opened her eyes wider and made the noise again.

"There it is," Fiona grinned, her voice bringing Meaghan's eyes to hers. Fiona gazed down at the baby in awe, her heart swelling with love. Bending to kiss her she pulled back and moved to Michael and handed her to him before placing a kiss onto his cheek.

"What about her feeds?" he asked when he nestled Meaghan against him. "Have we got any formula just in case?"

Shaking her head incredulously Fiona laid her head against his shoulder and bent down to press a kiss onto Meaghan's head. "I think your daddy needs to calm down."


"I already took care of it Michael," she told him with a smile, shaking her head when realisation dawned in his eyes. "There's two bottles in the fridge ready to warm up just in case I'm not back in time…and yes I have my cell phone."

Michael nodded and opened his mouth to ask another question but she cut him off before he could ask it.

"Yes, it's fully charged."

Caitlin came back into the room and hooked a small bag over her shoulder before she came to stand beside her grandmother and held onto her hand. "I'm ready nana."

Madeline smiled down at her proudly and touched the tip of her finger to Caitlin's nose. "Okay, are we ready to go?"


Michael shifted Meaghan against his shoulder and turned towards one of the draws to pull a ten dollar bill out of his wallet. Turning back around he caught his daughters eyes and crooked his finger, beckoning her towards him.

Letting go of Madeline's hand, Caitlin moved towards her father and grinned up at him as she placed a kiss onto Meaghan's hand. "Do ya want us ta bring ya some yogurt daddy?"

"No thanks honey, I have some," holding out the money towards her he watched her eyes drop down to it before her lips widened into a smile. "Go and buy a new book for us to read."

"Any one I want?" she asked excitedly as she took the money from him to look down at it.

"Yes, any one you want," he told her with a smile. "We can read it tonight."

Caitlin surged forward and wrapped her arms around his middle and grinned up at him. "I love you daddy."

Michael smiled down at her and laid his hand atop of her head, repeating the words back to her and watched in amusement when she moved away to pass the money to her mother to hold so that she could open her bag. When she un popped the clasp, Fiona pushed the money inside and watched with surprise when Sam moved forward to push another ten dollars into her bag.

"That's for you to buy whatever you little girls are into these days…pippy pocket or…that kinda stuff."

"It's Polly, silly," Caitlin beamed as she wrapped her arms around his legs before pulling back again to grin up at him. "Thank you."

"You're welcome honey," he told her as he patted her on the head. "Now you girls have fun."

Caitlin waved to Sam and Michael as she grabbed onto Madeline's hand and pulled her towards the door. Fiona picked her bag up from the chair and bent to kiss Meaghan's head before she lifted her head to press a kiss onto Michael's lips.

"I'll see you later," she told him softly, unable to keep the love from her voice.

"Later," he nodded, watching her when she turned away to walk towards the door, patting Sam's arm before she left, closing the door behind her.

Michael shifted Meaghan and gently patted her back before he caught Sam's incredulous gaze. Shaking his head slightly Michael ignored his friend's knowing smile and turned away from him to carry Meaghan into the family room, sitting down into his favourite chair.

"I'm just sayin' it looks a lot like you're domesticated—"

"Just get in here Sam," Michael scoffed, his lips merging into a smile when he held his daughter against him. Dipping his head he nestles his lips against Meaghan's forehead and ignored the comment from his friend who sat on the couch opposite him. Lifting his head he looked down into Meaghan's smiling face before he returned her smile. If this was being domesticated then he would take it any day…