Luce lay in her bunk that night thinking about Daniel. They had sat for hours by the peonies talking. Just talking. And it was wonderful. Luce knew Nora would think she was frigid and a prude for not kissing him right there. But Luce didn't care what Nora thought, this guy was special. After all those hours of talking Luce hadn't even gotten his number, she cursed herself. What if she never saw him again? What if the next time he saw her- if her ever saw her again- he didn't remember her? "Stop being stupid," Luce told herself under her breath. Just as Luce reached over to turn off her bed side lamp, someone knocked on their door. "What the-" Luce swung the door open, expecting a drunk Nora. Instead she found Daniel, staring at her fuzzy pink ugg boots. He had an amused smile on his face, making his violet eyes sparkle. Luce stood, frozen in the door way, realising she was wearing her pyjamas and her dreadful retainer. Luce could feel the heat rise to her cheeks and she knew she would not be the one to break the silence.
"Nice ugg boots," Daniel said, still smiling at Luce.
"Shut up, if I knew you were coming I would have-" Luce stopped herself, knowing she wasn't going to rattle off all the things she would have done if she knew Daniel was coming over.
"No really, I love them," Daniel responded, trying not to laugh but failing.
Daniels laugh was contagious and before she knew it, Luce was laughing too.
"Umm, are you gonna-?" Daniel started to ask after they had finished laughing over Luce's ridiculous slippers.
"Oh, right. Sorry." Luce moved out of the doorway, walking over to her bunk bed.
Daniel walked through the door and sat down next to Luce. He sat with his hands tucked into his jumper pockets and Luce sat with her legs crossed at her feet. And they just sat.
"Did you come for a particular reason or-?" Luce began to ask.
"Oh, right," Daniel began, looking nervous, "Well I was just passing by and-"
"Oh, yeh! How did you know this was my dorm?" Luce cut him off.
"Well.. I-I, umm," Daniel stuttered not knowing how to say he followed her up here.
"Okay, don't worry," Luce saved him, "What are you doing in my dorm at 2.30 in the morning?"
"Well, I realised that we didn't exchange numbers or anything."
Luce looked at Daniel, astonished. Had he honestly come up here just because he wanted her number? Daniel looked at the floor and continued his explanation, "I was also wandering whether you would want to go out with me tomorrow night?" Daniel finished looking up at Luce through his dark eyelashes, a nervous, lopsided grin on his face.
Was he asking her out? He didn't even know her. She didn't know him! This guy is a stranger- he doesn't feel like a stranger. He could hurt her- but he won't. Luce argued with herself until she realised Daniel was still staring at her with his amazing violet eyes that made her feel like jelly.
"Yes." Luce replied a little too enthusiastic, "I mean, I think I'm free."
Daniel grinned at her, his violet eyes sparkling, not caring or noticing, Luce's embarrassing over enthusiastic response. He got up off the bed and walked over to the door in two long strides.
"Well, good night," Daniel opened the door and stepped into the hallway. He turned around and flashed Luce a grin, "I'll pick you up at 8." He swung the door shut and left Luce sitting on her bed. She bounced up and down, giddy, until Daniel opened the door and stuck his head in, the amused smile finding its way onto his face.
"My dorm room is number 24, in the building opposite you. Just in case you want to stop by," He winked at Luce and flashed her a cheeky grin. And with that he left, leaving Luce to snuggle into her pillow, smitten and overwhelmed with feelings for this mysterious boy.

The next morning Luce awoke still tired. Nora had come back into the dorm at 4 in the morning, bringing with her a loud, drunk soccer player, Luce guessed. Nora and her male friend had passed out as soon as they hit the bed, but Luce didn't enjoy the fact that she was sleeping with a boy in the room. When she woke the boy was gone and Nora was still fast asleep even though it was 12 in the afternoon. Luce didn't want to wake her, so she changed quietly and slipped out of her dorm and into the hallway, almost running straight into Max, the attractive guy with the crazy girlfriend.
"Sorry!" Luce said, trying to hurry away quickly.
"Yeh, you should be. Watch were you're going next time." So much for charming. He turned around and started to walk off.
"Excuse me? Maybe you shouldn't be standing right outside my door!" Luce retorted, angered by this guy's ignorance.
"You're right. I'm sorry." Well Luce didn't see that coming.
Luce turned and started to walk off, "Yeh, well just be a bit more considerate next time." She yelled over her shoulder, as she hurried down the corridor.

Luce found herself at the library. She walked down the long rows of books, not really looking for anything, but thinking of Daniel. Luce was excited about her date tonight, but she thought she should be more nervous. Daniel was so.. Amazing, mysterious, attractive. But she felt like she knew him already and could only feel excited. Lost in her own thoughts she walked straight into the librarian.
"Oh! Hello, sorry I- do I know you?" Luce was overwhelmed with feelings of sadness, anger, love and hatred.
"No dear, I don't think so." The old librarian replied. She had auburn hair and sparkling eyes that made her look younger than she was.
"Sorry, you just look familiar. I'm Lucinda."
"What a lovely name. It's nice to make your acquaintance. You can call me Dee."