Light surrounded Luce, announcing dawn. She rolled over on the cold ground. Sand covered her, sticking to the disgusting green slime that was demons blood. She had run from hell. She didn't think it possible, but it was. She had survived. An image swirled in her mind from the day before. A man. She was suddenly overwhelmed by the desire to fall asleep. She collapsed onto the caves floor.

Shadows danced on the red walls. The demons were closing in on her. Her heart pulsed against her chest, the beat throbbing in her ears. She clutched her knife. There it was! The opening. She recognised the huge door. She sped up. A sharp pain rang through her left leg. Her breath left her body as the pain spread through her. She tumbled to the ground, rolling over and over. She lay on her back, scared to move. Finally she was forced herself to assess the damage in her leg. She turned. Before her stood a man. Her first thought was, feral. The man was dressed in nothing but torn rags. He reeked of sweat and something else, something worse. Death? His beard was a tangled mess. It seemed to be brown but something darker crusted over it. Blood. Luce whimpered. Would he eat her? The man seemed to be stuck in his place. He was staring at her with a sort of admiration. The hunger she expected in his eyes was not evident. All of sudden he dropped to the ground before her. He bowed his head, his fingers forming a triangle on the ground. He was muttering some kind of gibberish. After seconds, perhaps minutes, the mans eyes flitted up to Luces as if he was afraid to look her in the eyes. He started to say something to Luce in a language she didn't understand. Tears streamed from his eyes. He grasped Luces hand and rocked back and forth, his eyes never leaving hers. Luce sat still, shocked. The man pointed to her leg. Oh. Oh no. Her calf had been split open. By a what? As if reading her thoughts, the man pointed to a knife, laying a little ways a way. His tears flowed faster. He shook her hand as if apologising. Luce turned away, her leg begging for attention. Blood flowed freely from the gaping wound. But there was something else. She lent closer. Purple blotches spread from the wound. Not bruises, something else. She reached for the knife, trying to drag herself closer, breaking from the grip of the old man. The man saw what she was doing and leaped to his feet. He grabbed the knife and handed it to her. He continued to stand in front of her, arms outstretched, eyes trained on her. Was he… waiting for her to kill him? She shook her head, but the man stood, feet planted to the ground. Luce looked away, inspecting the inscription on the knife. It was in a language she couldn't understand. That would give her the answer for the rapidly increasing purple, spreading through her leg. She looked towards the man.
"Do you know what this means?" She pointed to the knife, trying to communicate with him. He didn't reply. This was stupid. She felt as if she was talking to a baby. She cursed under her breath.
"Poison." The mans voice was raspy and barely audible, as if he hadn't spoken English in a very long time. Poison? She pointed to her leg. The man nodded. Oh, crap. Luce had to leave now. She needed help. She pushed herself up, using the wall. Her leg burned. She turned to see the purple splodges transforming to a deep redish colour. She screamed. Her leg was on fire. The man rushed forward, swooping her off her feet, just as the world turned black and the pain became too much.

Luce shot up, gasping. Just a dream, just a dream, Luce told herself. As the thought entered her head she began to notice the dull throb in her leg. No. Please, no. She pulled up her jean leg. The sudden motion caused a fresh shot of pain to stab through her leg, echoing through the rest of her body. A dirty shirt had been wrapped around her calf. The mans shirt. She unwillingly unwrapped it, needing to assess the damage. It looked as though her calf had been split in two. But that was not the main concern. The poison has spread up to her thigh. But perhaps she had exaggerated the effect of it in her dream. Luce grasped the wall, pulling herself up. Fire began to engross her leg, creeping up her body until it cut off her screams and she collapsed, yet again.

Another blood trial? He didn't know whether to wish it was Luces and she had escaped, or to hope that she was safely locked inside. Daniel followed his gut instinct. Luce would have escaped. She would have refused to stay in there until he arrived.
"Luces?" Arriane joined Daniel at what they knew to be the entrance to hell. The gigantic mouth of the cave towered over them. The sun illuminated the blood on the ground, showing Daniel the way to Luce.
Daniel began to run. If Luce had been bleeding that heavily he needed to find her pronto.
"Hey! Wait for me!"

Luce awoke covered in sweat, shaking. Not good. Licking her dry, cracked lips, she noticed how thirsty she was. She lifted her head slightly, feeling a slight bump from where she must have hit her head when she passed out. She pulled up her jean leg. The shirt had been soaked through. It was then she noticed the disturbing puddle of blood that she was lying in. Her head began to swirl, the small caves roof falling in on top of her. She wrapped her shaking arms around her small figure. And she thought her dying thoughts before darkness engrossed her once again; at least it's not Daniel.

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