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Kono's POV:

Standing outside and hearing the constant beep of the monitors, unrelenting at most. Like as if it is taunting me, telling me don't even bother holding out hope for him to survive. Keith was putting his hands on the glass window as if subconsciously trying to hold his fathers hand. Looking at Steve and looking at Keith I realized how much losing Steve would shatter Keith. My whole life with Steve was running through my head, the day we met, the day we got married, the day Steve said goodbye to me because he knew he was walking into a death trap for one of his missions, but survived, the day we had Keith, the day we had Hilary, the day the kids grandfather was killed, the day he went into the reserves, the rough patch we been through, and finally everything we had. Everything was racing through my mind, and the next second the doctor came out of the room and told us that Steve didn't make it. I started to crumble right in front of Keith, it should have been me being strong for my son but instead it was the other way round. The next second I realized I literally fell to the ground because my legs could no longer support me. I knew I was scaring Keith for the way I was acting but he seemed unfazed, instead he just sat down with me and held me in his arms comforting me. I can't believe Keith would have to grow up so fast now, knowing that he would be the only man in the house now. Steve McGarrett the Navy SEAL is not as bullet proof as everyone suspected.

Keith's POV:

Seeing my mom on the floor crying her eyes out scared me to death. I was close to crumbling myself but I managed to hold it in and be there for my mom. I really wanted to go in to the room and say goodbye to my father but I decided against it. I held my mother close to me, feeling her heat and beating heart against my body, that always had an effect on me to calm me down whenever I was scared when my father was on a mission, and it seemed to be sort of working now.

After some more time we were ready to head into the room and say our final goodbyes to dad before Max comes and takes him to the morgue. Walking into the room and seeing his lifeless body laying on the bed and knowing that I will no longer see his smile, his adoring looks towards mom and just being around him, no longer being able to tell him I love him, what hurts me the most right now is that Hilary will never get the closure she needs with this final goodbye. I wish she was here with us right now.

When mom walked towards dad I saw in her eyes how much she wished that this was all a dream, how much she wanted him back, how much she wished she had a chance to see his smile, how much she wanted him to hold her. I knew mom was suffering and I couldn't do anything but to watch her talk to dad quietly.

I couldn't stand to be in the room anymore so I decided to head to Uncle Danny's to tell him about the news and so they could say goodbye themselves too, and then I realized how hard that is just to walk to his room and seeing Gracie holding her dad's hands both praying for my father, both not knowing that no matter how much they pray now wont bring him back, that it was too late.

I sat down next to Gracie and quietly told them and they couldn't believe it themselves, Grace immediately jumped up and ran towards dad's room.

Grace's POV:

As soon as I heard from Keith that Uncle Steve passed I couldn't believe it so I jumped up and raced towards his room, but before I entered I noticed Auntie Kono sat on his bed, with puffy red eyes, I knew at that moment me and dad would have to be there for the McGarretts, I slowly opened the door and peeked inside some more, trying not to disturb Auntie Kono, but I failed miserably, Auntie Kono spotted me and turned around, where I saw the full effect of Uncle Steve's death. Not only did she have puffy red eyes but also she looks half dead herself, she looks unhealthy, like any moment she could pass out. I wanted to get rid of that pain in her eyes so much, but sadly I didn't know how anything I do will make her feel better. She just lost the love of her life and nothing can change how she feels now, above that Hilary is also missing.

I walked towards the bed and the best thing that I thought of was to give Auntie Kono a hug, without words I told her that I would be there for her. She then stepped out of the room and out of my sight; I guess she went to find Keith.

I bent down closer to Uncle Steve and I said my final goodbye, I don't even know what I said but something on the lines of "I will make sure your family is in good hands, to make sure that Hilary remembers how great her father is and I love you" the next thing I know I am outside of his room and everything went by a blur. Tears were streaming down of face and forever staining my cheeks, I too seem half dead.

Kono's POV:

When I left Steve's room went straight towards five-0 HQ to question the perp who shot Steve. I knew Chin wouldn't allow me to enter and question him but I had to get closure. Just saying goodbye to him was not enough, I had to make sure that the shooter faced uncertain death, though I knew I couldn't go that far for the fact that if I did my kids won't have either parent.

I jumped into my car and raced down to HQ, when I got there I saw Chin working hard on the smart table, I started to cry once more, knowing that even when he is distressed, he is still working his ass off to find my daughter and his niece. I opened the glass door and that got his attention, he turned towards me the minute he saw me he knew something was wrong, I knew I looked like a mess, most likely with a bloodied shirt, and puffy red eyes, from excessive crying.

He ran straight to me and hugged me so tight that I broke down again, I am glad he hasn't asked me what happened but to allow me to cry on his shoulders. Once I calmed down a little he sat me down on the nearest chair and waited till I was ready to tell him, which wasn't that long. It took me 3 minutes in full to tell him one sentence and the minute he heard "Steve is dead" come out of my mouth he stormed towards the interrogation room, straight towards the man who shot and killed Steve.

Danny's POV:

Once I was ready and my head not as pounding as before I got up and slowly walked towards Steve's room with the help of the kids. When I got there I expected Kono to still be there but she wasn't and I have a suspicion that she went to talk some sense to the stupid guy whole decided to rob a store.

I walked towards Steve's bed and his face was dead pale, lifeless like any of those bodies that end up on Max's autopsy table, then the sudden thought of my best friend on his autopsy table had me reeling in disgust.

I sat down next to him and I promised him that his family would be well taken care of, that we will find Hilary and she would be alive, and that his kids would never forget his daddy and how great a person he is, that how such simple things he did touched so many hearts, and that he risked his own life to protect the people of this country, of selfless he is, generous, giving, caring and sometimes crazy, but in the end he would always be a great person and an amazing friend. I will always miss our bickering, no matter how much that annoys me when he evaluate my personal life and values.

I walked back out of the room and nearly bumped straight into Max, I guess he just got here to take Steve away with him, but I told him to hold off for a few more minutes, to allow Keith to say goodbye to his father.

Keith's POV:

I heard Uncle Danny calling me and I turned my head and he told me to say goodbye to dad. I really didn't want to believe he's gone but I knew there's no turning back. As much as I tell myself that I don't need to do this now and here but I knew in the future I would regret that choice so I reluctantly stepped into my dad's room and slowly walked towards his bed. I really didn't know what to say, but in the end I told him that I loved him and that I would do anything to make sure mom and Hilary would be happy, and that I would help mom around the house instead being lazy. I promised him that I will take care of Hilary and never let her leave my grasp again; I promised that I would protect mom and Hilary to the ends of the earth. I then left his room and collapsed against the wall and started crying, everything was finally sinking in and it no longer felt like a terrible nightmare but reality.

Kono's POV:

I saw Chin inside the interrogation room and screaming his head out at the perp who shot Steve. I didn't know what to do, part of me wanted it to continue because he deserved it, but the other part said it was wrong for Chin to question him when he is so involved. In the end I went into the room and held back the urge to punch the crap out of the guy and asked for Chin to come with me.

Once he was out of the room he looked at me like I was crazy, but I knew deep down he knew I was right to pull him out. I told him that the guy is not worth it, that he will rot in an 8X8 cell and never see the light of day. Chin then looked towards the guy and gave him a death glare and went back to the bullpen to calm down and back to finding Hilary.

He told me so far there were no leads on Wo Fat and time was running out. I already had the evidence so it just need 20 minutes to get to the drop off point so I still had 40 minutes before I had to go. During the last minute Chin found something worth checking into, abandoned buildings off the highway by the North Shore. I lighted up immediately with hope.

Chin's POV:

The minute I got something I called for a tactical team to meet us near the building and to not move until my order and while arriving to be silent. Me and Kono then immediately left HQ and sped towards the abandoned building.

Once we got there, there was no movement inside or outside and we were starting to get a little angsty. Adrenalin was rushing through my veins and all I could think of was that little girl and finally being able to hold her again.

We stormed into the building and the minute I laid eyes on a body I thought of the worst but once we got closer I realized that I was Hilary but she was still alive, just dehydrated and pass out, with plenty of cuts, but something was around her that I didn't expect. Wo Fat managed to strap a bomb around her and Kono immediately left and raced towards the drop off. She needed to get Wo Fat and get the bomb off her daughter's body before it blows.

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