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Since Pepper, Natasha, and Jane were off shopping, the men decided to go for schwarma again. Thor's booming laugh, at something Tony had said to Bruce, came from Clint's left. To his right was Tony, then Bruce, and then Steve.

I'm not trying to be the hero... I don't wanna to die...
But right now, in this moment, you don't think twice.

You just do what you gotta do... to defend your own.

Out of long habit Clint's eyes scanned the area for dangers as they walked out of Stark/Avengers Tower. He saw the glint of sunlight on a gun barrel. His skill allowed him to realize exactly who in their group was being targeted. "Gun!" He yelled, even as he took Tony down, using his own body as a shield. The bullet ripped through his upper arm, and missed Tony by inches.

Thor and Steve went after the shooter. Bruce, eyes emerald green, worked to focus on checking Clint, and not letting the Other Guy out to smash the shooter. Tony was almost frozen, his mind flashing between seeing Yinsen shot up and dying to save him, and Clint, bleeding from a bullet meant for him.

"It's a flesh wound. I'm fine. Just needs a few stitches," Clint said.

"Let's get you back inside the Tower, and I'll stitch it up," Bruce said.

And I would give my life... I would make that sacrifice.
Cause if it came down to it, could I take the bullet, I would.
Yes, I would, I'd do it for you... I'd do it for you.

Tony helped Clint stand, then made eye contact. "You… You took a bullet for me."

"It's not that bad an injury, Tony."

"It would have been a fatal injury for me. And when you knocked me away, you didn't know it wouldn't be fatal for you. Thank you, Clint. I owe you my life…"

"Well, you've saved mine a few times, flying around in that suit of yours."

"That suit is bullet proof. You aren't even wearing Kevlar," Tony argued.

And I would give my life... I would make that sacrifice.
Cause if it came down to it, could I take the bullet, I would.
Yes, I would, I'd do it for you... I'd do it for you.

"Guys… Finish this later," Bruce cut in. He wanted to get Clint inside, and stitched up.

Steve and Thor returned, having turned the shooter over to the police. "They'll want a statement from you later, Clint," Steve reported.

Inside the Tower, Bruce gave Clint a local anesthetic to numb the area, then stitched the wound. Just as he finished both Clint and Tony's phones rang.

And in his pocket just like mine... he's got a photograph.

"Hey, Pepper," Tony answered.

"Are you okay? Is Clint okay? We're on our way back… Are you at the Tower or a hospital?"

"Pep, calm down. I wasn't hurt at all, and Bruce just finished the stitches for Clint's arm. We're at the Tower."

"Clint?" Tasha asked.

"Grazed my arm. Bruce did about a dozen stitches. I'm fine. No other injuries," he reported.

"How did you find out?" Tony asked.

"A reporter called me, wanting a statement. Some witnesses had cell phones, and posted the video and photos online."

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From his nest, Clint saw that Steve was in trouble – facing more than a dozen opponents. He quickly began firing.

"Hawk…" Tasha's voice over the communicator held concern and warning.

Hawkeye ignored her, and kept shooting. Soon, other enemy troops turned their attention to him, and began firing up at his location, moving towards him. He ignored the shots landing close by, and kept firing.