Disclaimer: I don't own Malcolm In the Middle.

Honestly, Malcolm… What overcame you on that very night? On the day your mother denied you a chance for a decent job and a prepaid school, before she, along with the rest of your whole family, revealed their whole plan for your life during dinner? Yes, even Francis, your oldest brother, who himself recognizes her for who she is, and once called her out for the way she raised him, and should logically have empathized with you, was in on the whole thing. Who, with any self-respect, gives in to such demands?

Did they really expect you to know all these years? Don't you think at least she should have told you, that one time? Y'know, the time you worked up the balls, and gave her a big, fat, NO!, and began to question her authority, after she told you for the nth time to sit on your cot and interact with no one, after humiliating you by telling everyone you were being punished, no less? And she could barely bring herself to so much as spank you. What happened to the nerve you worked up then?

Not to mention that, as you know only too well, that was just one of the many horrible things she's done to you all your life. I probably need not to even get started with everything else she's done to you. Do you really love her, and care about her, and feel like you owe her so much for having given you a living? She has given you little beyond your basic needs, such as food, clothes, and a house to live in.

Oh, and entry into such a prestigious school as Harvard, which is probably even better than the one you almost had access to. Not to mention that you finally don't have to deal with her or the rest of your family for a good few years. Admittedly, you do owe her a lot for that, and at least that will get you somewhere better than that miserable crapshack in Alaska where Francis ended up, given his lack of any college education.

That said, I guess you actually should see Harvard through, and do what you need to do to ensure that a certain alternative—that being Lois cutting off your college funds—doesn't happen. Assuming she even is funding your college education, instead of expecting you to pay the whole thing off while you also pay what you earn to your family to help them support themselves.

After that, though, you need to put your foot down. Isn't the whole point of life specifically to pursue happiness? Why must you play their game, a game you cannot win, instead of taking control of your own life? You owe nothing to the very people who deprive you, humiliate you, control you, exploit you, render you socially awkward, and in the end, told you very outright that they want you to be as unhappy as possible. Honestly, how could you possibly love them any more than Francis does, let alone with every fiber of your being?

Are you afraid that your parents will disown you if you don't meet their expectations? Frankly, you should actually disown them, just like Francis did, and live by your own rules.

Life is short. I hope you'll reconsider your destiny. It's your life, not mine, and certainly not theirs!