Pairing: Asami/Akihito

Spoilers: None… I guess?

Disclaimer: All familiar characters belong to Yamane Ayano.

Author's Note: Wrote this between reports, so I think it oozes with OOC-ness. Sorry for that. And yes, it's still unbeta-ed… so beware? Please enjoy~

The Forgotten One

He screamed. He trashed. And screamed, yet again. He wanted to get out. He wanted to go anywhere … anywhere else but here. He was trapped in a white unfamiliar room with nowhere to escape. His heart couldn't remember the last time he had felt so lost… so hopeless… scared out of his mind. Anyone would be scared shitless if they found themselves in his predicament.

The last thing he remembered was waking up in an unfamiliar bed with a stranger. And as if that wasn't enough to baffle him, it was a man to boot! (But damn, the guy was undeniably gorgeous!) He must've been way out of his mind to sleep with a man (or dead drunk!). Yes, from the way his body ached, he knew they've done it. And if that wasn't proving enough, there were hickeys all over his body! He'd prayed there were none of those marks when he let his eyes travelled downwards… but could only groan out loud when he was proven otherwise.

The stranger beside him stirs awake from his obvious discomfort before flashing a smirk that made him feel… funny? (For the lack of better word. He really should improve his vocabulary. After all, the university entrance exam was just around the corner. And here he was, waking up after a hangover, most probably his friend's fault, right before his big day. Oh… he was so screwed, in more ways than one!)

He was deep in thought when the man warped his arms around him, kissing his neck gently. The notion of the man sends electrical shivers down his spine that jolted his groggy half-awake mind to full alert. He pushed the man in reflex before jumping out of the bed, dressed hastily to cover his naked body before raising his hazel eyes to meet with golden ones.

He was confronted by the man's obvious surprised face before it was masked by concerned. Well, what can he say to the man? This was obviously a one night stand for him. The man couldn't possibly think he would stay and snuggle up with him the morning after! God, how old was the man anyway? Not that he minded since the man secretes pheromones and aura that screamed "sex god" all over him. At least he must've enjoyed their play… even though he can't seem to remember the details. Actually, fuck… he can't remember how exactly he got there. The alcohol must've done him good.

"Sorry buddy, it's better this way. I don't know you, and you don't know me… so we're good" he said awkwardly, spotting the bedroom door. There it was his chance to split out for good.

To his surprise, the man grabbed onto his arm before he could bolt straight out of the room. He squirms from the man's grip, shouting his obvious irritation towards the clingy man. The man ignored his needless protest, pushed him against the bed before a phone materialize in his captor's hand. The next thing he knew, the door was slammed open and he was manhandled by two big suited goons like a sack of rice, thrown into a BMW (he would be amazed if he wasn't in that situation) and shoved into a white room to come face to face with three men in white garb.

The goons' grip restricted him from resisting when one of the men in white fished out a syringe from his pocket. That's when he knew he was in deep shit. These guys were trying to drug him! He struggles effortlessly, frantically trying to squirm out of the grip as the needle poked his skin. It took only a moment before his eyes dropped sleepily and darkness came to greet him.

"We'll save you, Akihito-san. It's a promise" he thought he heard as he was lost to the world.

That's how he found himself waking up, chained to a bed in this freaking white room. The whiteness of the room sends shiver down his spine. It doesn't help him that his mind was starting to conjure up images from thriller movie. He was convinced his captors were up to no good. There was a one way glass big enough for him to know that they were observing his every move. Creepy fucking psychopaths! He'd screamed for help countless of times. And when it doesn't work, he curses loudly to anyone who came into the room. They had given him injection which made him sleepy all the time. Maybe it was a lethal injection?

Who knew what his captors had in mind. His mind was so drugged up that he can't even remember what happened five minutes ago. And as time goes by, he was slowly forgetting his own name. What was it again? He knew it started with an "A", but he couldn't just seem to remember it.

"Fuck you!" he screamed again for god knows how many times. "Who're you guys? What are you planning to do to me?" he tried pulling his wrist from the restriction.

"Stop messing with my head! What more do you guys want? I can't even remember my own name anymore!" he screamed at the glass for the last time before breaking into sobs. He couldn't take it anymore. This was too much. He was scared and he felt… empty. His mind was devoid of memories now. He couldn't remember a freaking thing about his past. He knew he had a life, he was sure of it. Somehow in his heart, he knew he had a happy one. But his captors were erasing those memories from him and all that was left was the recent ones. The horrible ones. The one where he was a captive to these… these heartless creature!

He tossed, screamed and cried. He'd cried too much that his eyes drooped sleepily. He'd cried himself to sleep like a helpless child. In his dream, he felt tender hands wiping his tears away. For a moment in a very long time, he felt safe for a change.

For some reason, he was no longer restrained to the bed. His captors had provided him more freedom to walk about the room. He was no longer spoon fed by one of the men in white. He could finally eat by himself. He didn't know how many days (or was it months) since he was trapped there. Try as he might to find a way to escape, it was useless.

He did once escape miraculously out of the forsaken room, but he was caught and dragged back in the end. The last time he escaped, he tried to jump off the roof of the building he was in. The moment he was caught, he was chained back to the bed and they didn't move the restrain until he begged them to. Promising to compromise with their needs. They finally did, and for once he was obedient.

The men in white continuously monitored him around the clock. Asking question, injecting drugs into his system, giving him IQ quizzes… he didn't know what to feel. It was just plain weird in his book. They didn't seem to hurt him (well, aside from erasing his memories, which was quite a big deal since he felt like there was a deep empty space in between his past and now. That bugged him more than he thought it would!)

If that wasn't enough, most nights he experience lucid dreams that moved him deeply. The dreams didn't make sense, but it felt real. Like he had gone through those events once upon a time. Some nights, his dreams were the nice ones. He could sleep all day, willing himself to indulge in those dreams. He was happy in those dreams. The setting would always change. At one part he was in a ship with someone he felt like he cared for, the next he was into thrown into a passion love making scene that would make him blush every time he woke up (which lead him apologizing to the men in white for running his sheets. Oh god, that was humiliating!)

But really, a good dream doesn't always linger around often. Some nights he would wake up screaming, terrified out of his mind. In those nights, he would be engulfed by arms he felt so familiar with; soothing and coaxing him gently back to sleep. It was too much for him to handle that he would forgot what he'd really dreamt about the next day. Unfortunately for him, his captors seem interested with his predicament that they persuaded him into writing every little dream he had.

And here he was, writing a diary like a child while being kept away from the world. The world that he didn't seem to remember much.

Journal Entry: Day 1 (well, it's not really 1… but you get my drift)

So these pricks wants me to keep a diary of my dreams. Like really, is it not enough messing around with my mind? Seriously, give me a break! Now they even want to pry into my dream? Like I could write what actually happened in those good ones*rolling eyes*. That's kind of private… *blush* and I don't even remember the guy I'm with anyway. *Small voice* But it does feel good….

Well… anyway, I could only remember pieces in the bad ones, but not the whole event *confused*. I could pretty much recite what I did in the good ones, but the bad one is just… I don't know how to explain. But I don't feel good trying to remember those dreams. It's better off not remembering them anyway. I have a feeling that I won't stay sane if I somehow recalled them. That's how much the bad ones scare the hibigeebies outta me. Not like I have any other memories I can compare to. And whose fault was that?

Journal Entry: Day 5

Surprisingly, I got a visitor today. And it was none other than that prick. God, if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have been stuck here! I guess I was just angry that I didn't realize I'd slapped him across the cheek… *guilty* His goons seemed angry with me, and I was in deep shit yet again. But the prick didn't seem to mind much. Maybe he was made out of steel?

I did hit him pretty hardly *scratch head* I would be mad if someone slapped me like that. But the thing is, more than angry… the prick looked sad, somehow. Well, we sat and talk… and apparently the prick wasn't such a prick after all. He's quite… nice? But then again, nice people don't lock up a person like this. I wonder what he wants from me *clueless*

Oh yes, he said his name was Asami. I'd asked for his full name, but he said I should know it myself. Yeah right… *rolling eyes* Maybe he did tell me that night before I was thrown here. But fuck... must've been drinking too much that night? *confused*

Journal Entry: Day 13

Asami came for a visit, yet again. Sometimes I wonder why he even bothered coming. It's not like our conversation had any improvement from a simple "How are you doing?" which I would reply with "Fine" or just "Hnnn". I doubted that he even enjoyed talking to an empty brain like me. It's not like I remember enough what happened in the past to talk about the world. And yes, what is the world anyway? I guess they've fucked up my mind way too much….

Wait, am I their test subject of an experiment or some kind? Like seriously, why I haven't thought about this possibility sooner. Fuck… there goes my brain.

Journal Entry: Day 16

As much as I want to escape out of this place… sometimes it scares me to think of the outside world. I don't remember a thing about the "outside". As far as I'm concerned, I've been stuck here ever since I could remember (like literally!). I wonder what happened in my past. Do I have parents? Friends? Lover… perhaps? *snort* Yeah right, scratch the last one out of the book. It doesn't seem possible.

But then again, who the fuck was that sex god in my dreams? *blush*

Journal Entry: Day 29

I can't take this anymore… the dreams… it's getting real every freakin night! *cries* Please, just make it stop. I don't want to have these… these awful feeling in my chest. It's terrifying enough that I feel somehow involved in them. Please…. Just…. Make it stop!

Journal Entry: Day 42

Did I just killed someone? No… it was a dream. I'm sure… like really? It felt so real… the stench… the smell… the blood…! Just no… is this really a dream? Or… was it my memory? No… it can't be… No… NOOOO!

He threw the book at the door and started to sob pitifully. He didn't know what to believe anymore. His dreams were merging with reality that he was starting to doubt himself. Maybe they were restraining him due to his violent nature? Was he a murderer?

He was screaming frantically before the men in white restrained him and gave him an injection to calm his nerves. Through his lidded eyes, he thought he saw Asami standing beside him, desperation in his eyes… before falling deep into a never ending dream.

"You bastard! How can you do that in front of my parents?" Akihito huffed angrily in his seat. Not believing that the bastard had just proposed to him right in front of his parents! As if that would help him explaining his sexuality without his parents screaming at the top of their lungs. Now that Asami had dropped the news (a bomb more likely), how the fuck can he explain now?

"I just helped you to explain your sexuality in ten seconds tops. Didn't you even say 'yes'?" Asami nuzzle his nose across Akihito's neck, sending pleasurable shivers down the boy's spine.

"Well… I can't possibly…" Akihito tried to deny.

"Can't… what?" Asami asked mindlessly, venturing towards Akihito's thigh. Akihito could only moan in reply.

"Are you married?" Akihito was shocked out of his musings when a voice asked out of the blue. It was from the waiter who attends his table. He frequents the café, but he had never noticed the guy before. He must be new.

"How did you know?" Akihito asked dumbly, and the guy eyed the platinum ring around his fingers. "Ah… yeah, um… sort of" he continued with a goofy grin.

"Congratulations!" the waiter said cheerfully. "I think a celebration is at hand. Our barista brew this especially for you" he winks at Akihito. "It's a special blend, caramel latte with maple syrup topped with whipped cream. A special drink for a special day! It's on the house."

True enough, his favorite barista waved cheerfully at him from behind the counter with a group of disappointed waitresses that seemed to love gossiping about his sexuality. It seems like the ring in his finger had roused enough attention and interest. From the looks of it, they might've thought he'd settled down with a nice girl. Maybe he shouldn't admit he was married to a man, none other than the famous Asami Ryuichi.

"What is this stuffs?" Akihito asked with a blissful sigh as he sipped on his favorite drink, sitting at the counter. His favorite barista was nowhere to be seen, but Eita (the waiter guy) was accompanying him while he drowned the whole cup down. Ever since he had a taste, he would frequent the café more regularly now.

"Caramel latte with maple syrup" he said.

"You sure nothing else? Because really… it's addicting!" Akihito said in disbelief.

"Well, you can always ask Seri-san for the ingredients, but I doubt it. You're her no 1 customer and she'll not lose you that easily" Eita chuckled.

"Whatever it is… it's like a drug for me. Can't get enough of it!" Akihito said cheerfully before exiting the café with a grin. A great way to start a day.

"You've been chugging down that junk for a month now. Haven't you had enough?" Asami raised his eyes from the newspaper he was reading when he saw Akihito at the entrance with a cup of his newly favorite latte.

"It brightens my mood to drink this at the end of the day" he replied with a goofy grin. "You have your scotch; I have my latte… which is more practical than yours, by the way."

"You should give it a try before judging" Akihito saw Asami twitch and chuckles. "Oh yeah, I forgot… you can't handle sweet things. How can a major crimelord like you scared of a little sugar? I bet you can't handle it if the world was invaded by candy monsters. You'll be scared shitless!"

"Oh… really?" Asami replied dangerously. "I'll show you what being scared shitless is all about. After all, I devour my dessert before dinner" Akihito couldn't run in time from the clutches of the "dessert monster".

Akihito seems to forget things easily lately. He'd never missed an appointment before, but he just did… an hour ago. What the hell is wrong with him? Sometimes he catches himself wondering what day is it when he'd just flipped his phone to look at the time. He even forgets what kind of lenses he should be using in his stakeouts. It was getting weirder by day. He never mentions it to Asami, well… the older guy does seem to overreact sometimes. Maybe he's just tired. He should visit his favorite café to improve his moods. Nothing can get in between his latte and him.

"Don't think this is over, Asami!" Akihito watched in horror as the bloodied man (whom he'd known as Eita for the past month) laughs maniacally at them. His eyes trailed dangerously towards Akihito.

Asami stepped in front Akihito, blocking him from Eita's (or whatever his name was) view.

"Oh, I think it already over" Asami said coldly. But for some reason, Eita didn't seem to notice his predicament. The guy was shot in the chest for crying out loud! And the one who'd bestowed it was none other than Akihito. The boy was shaken, but he'd done so to protect his life.

"The target was never you, Asami. It never was" Eita chuckle, coughing blood in return. "It's easy to overturn someone… even some powerful man like you, if their weakness is manipulated."

Asami cocks his gun dangerously over Eita and before he could say a word, Eita glance directly at Akihito. "I'm glad you like my latte… I'm sure you've noticed the changes in you" he added with an evil smirk before a shot rang through the alley.

Akihito blinked dumbly as if waking from a long dream. He was holding a chopstick and was apparently eating with someone. But who? And how the hell did he get here?

"Akihito?" the man in front of him called out. "Are you okay?" He strained his eyes to get a better look of the man, but he couldn't seem to recall his name. But his heart was nagging that he knew this man. He knew him. But… who was he again?

"Who're you?" Akihito couldn't help asked in curiosity. The moment he uttered those words, the man immediately stroll towards him urgently. His chin was tilt gently as the man stared into his eyes. Worry and concern evident his golden orbs. But Akihito could only blink in reply. He didn't know this man… he didn't…

As if emerging from cold water, Akihito chocked on his saliva as he realized who the man in front of him was. His husband… the love of his life. Sobs broke out of his mouth as he embraced Asami, holding him tightly. How could he have forgotten about him? How could he?

"I'm sorry…" Akihito said between sobs. "I didn't mean to…"

"Shh… it's okay…" Asami tried to calm him. But his words broke something in Akihito's heart.

"It's not okay!" he pushed Asami roughly, trying to squirm away from the man, but Asami's hold was firm. Tears trailed down his cheeks as he bit back his sobs.

"I can't seem to remember things like I used to… days, events…" Akihito chuckled miserably. "But the worse of all…" he stared deeply into Asami's eyes "I'm forgetting about you!"

"I'm afraid… of waking up one day, not knowing anything! Pondering who's the person sleeping beside me… not knowing that he's my own husband!" Akihito was frantic, but Asami kept on holding him tightly, his eyes showing how much the boy means to him.

"This feeling… I can't not live on without not knowing them. Because Asami…" he trailed off "no… Ryuichi" he stared, searching deeply into the golden orbs. "I love you" they kissed deeply before Akihito completely broke down.

"I would never admit it before, but…I love you more than I could ever imagine… but I'm forgetting it, Ryuichi. I just… I can't…"

"The drugs Eita pumped into you will be flushed out, Akihito. I'll make sure of that…"

"What if it doesn't work? What if I never could remember you again?"

"It'll never happen…" Asami traced his fingers along Akihito's chin. "But if it so happens… I'll remember the worth of our love for the both of us. I'll remember your love, Akihito. Every bits of it…" Asami kissed his tears away.

"I'll get through you even if it defies God, Akihito. Believe me" the intensity of Asami's gaze melted Akihito's heart and he wished he would forever remember this moment. But he knew, the day would eventually come when he can no longer remember this man. Akihito knew, but he believed the man's word and nodded his head in reply before sealing their promise with tender kiss.

Akihito woke up with a start. He was greeted with the most beautiful pair of golden eyes he had ever seen. The intensity of those eyes, he can finally feel it. He can finally remember it...

He touched the man's cheek… the cheek which he had ruthlessly slapped almost two months ago. He bit back a sob, trying to hold back the tears away. The golden eyes stared deeply into his soul, surprised at first before gaining understanding.

"Ryuichi…" Akihito breathes the name, full of love. "I'm sorry…"

"Sshh…"Asami soothe him calmly. "It doesn't matter. Nothing else matters."


Hurm… I think of writing this one in Asami's POV next time. (If I have time hehehe :D)