"Know Your Stars: The Total Drama Edition"

Rated T

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Bonus Chapter 4: Anne Maria, Part II

"Know your stars... know your stars... know your stars..." The announcer echoed out once again as the hot Jersey babe, Anne Maria took her spot once again in the hot seat.

"You know dang well that Anne Maria's here again!" Anne Maria said right to the announcer as she was still spraying her hair. "And you betta' not thrash me again! Or else, it's gonna get worse!"

"Anne Maria... she's compared to Nicki Minaj."

"Um, you gotta be kidding me..." Anne Maria said as she rolled her eyes backward, "I'm actually compared to Snooki from tha 'Jersey Shore'. You know, we like hot guys and we like to get major tans and such. But there is no way, absolutely no way I'm absolutely compared to Nicki Minaj!"

"I got one... both of you dress like whores." The announcer smirked as Anne Maria felt a little annoyed.

"What didya call me? There is no way I dress like a whore just like Nicki Minaj! Just because we got awesome boobjobs, nice butts and freaky hair, that doesn't mean you can go around calling us whores for the fun of it. We deserve to be respected!" Anne Maria demanded before the announcer wen't on again.

"Anne Maria... she likes Lightning!"

"Are you sick? I like Vito, not Lightning!" Anne Maria exclaimed as she stood up from her seat, "Sure, Lightning's kinda handsome, cute and strong but there's no way he's more manly than Vito! And I want him back from that red-headed harlot, Zoey!"

"Hmmm... well, if you like Vito, then how come I found his photo of you and Lightning making out by the pool a few nights earlier?" The announcer smirked right at her.

"You have no proof!" Anne Maria exclaimed in accusation.

"Well, take a look!" The announcer exclaimed as Anne Maria looked at the doctored photo of her sitting on Lightning's lap and playing a game of tonsil football. It was so hot and steamy and Anne Maria was wearing her finest tight thong just to impress Lightning. Or was it really her?

"Yeah, right... that's nothing but photoshop! You've been pulling this photo nonsense on everybody, have ya?" Anne Maria spoke to the announcer as she was busy cracking her knuckles.

"Ummmm. Ergg..." The announcer said as he was struggling to form words before he decided to become the chicken that he was by moving on with the facts, "Anne Maria... She's a porn star in real life!"

"No, I don't think so!" Anne Maria objected as her Jersey anger went way through up the roof, literally. "I told ya once and I told ya again! I am no whore nor do I look like a porn star! What are ya, a perv?"

"Heh, maybe!" The announcer exclaimed with a smile, "I even got one of your DVD's! It's called 'Jersey Sluts on Black Sticks!'"

"Really? I got a nice title for a movie! How about: 'Anne Maria Rips Up The Announcer's Balls and Stuffs Them Down His Throat'? Would ya like that? Huh?" Anne Maria spoke to the announcer as if she was threatening him.

"Now you know... Anne Maria! Starring in the next skin flick entitled, "Lesbian Snooki's!"

"Oh no, you don't! You get back here!" Anne Maria exclaimed angrily as the camera started backing away from her, "I ain't finished with you! You just wanna run away like the chicken-hawk coward that you are, fine! But be assure, I'm gonna get a knife and cut yo balls off so I can make you chew 'em like bubblegum! You hear me! Just like bubblegum!"

I guess with the outfit that Anne Maria wears on every episode, it looks pretty much like it...

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