Takato Wong

Phase H: Evil, Version 2.0

From the second floor of the Shoma Café, Takato was out staring through the curtains covering the glass windows. These curtains tended to collectively display a digital image of a waterfall, to captivate the customers in a rural Asian setting of old, but Takato was too mindful of technology to not conform to such false nature. Nami was out apparently with the assumption that something got on her ruby dress, and Takato didn't mind; women were synonymous with cleanliness….weren't they? Magenta eyes through the glass, he looked down from hundreds of feet away, where a lonesome minivan, resembling quite a lot like his father Janyuu's, made its way across the shiny granite as several passerbys of the road walked their way to the flimsy meadows.

Takato frowned as he stared dead-center at those passerbys. Crazers, they had to have been. Your typical spawn of anti-socials and misfits enacting in their own fantasy world and then utilizing it incompatibly against the illusory norms of the city. Takato knew such especially by their leader, a mighty giant man hidden by shadows, and by his shape he was forgetting that Halloween was 6 months away, or 6 months from now…. Actually having mastered the runes of mathematics by the final years of high school (for once), Takato can perceive the ringleader to be almost 7, 8 feet tall….Henry had once told Takato that most people in Shinjuku tend to be short thanks to the Asian dieting scheme, one not too familiar with the proteins and the like that set forth the taller, heavier Westerners. But this individual Takato was staring at could defy world records, and just maybe garner an attention that would be less harmful compared to what he and his dusky allies were concocting at the moment. The Crazers were trodding in the direction of the café. Well, as the maître d would be saying, rough and dirty isn't service-worthy.

"Problems, Takato?" Asaji's voice led the boy's view back out of the windows.

Takato dropped a blind and let it drop, concealing the outside world completely in illusion once again. "Just hoping my dad would be okay. He's taking it hard."

"Hard? Family? Money?….Oh, I'm sorry there, Takato. I'm pushing it."

"It's none of that, really….But remember how Janyuu tends to see things before they come? Well, he hasn't really…."

"What's….going on? You're so worked up, Takato, relax."

"Yeah, yeah…I should relax. We shouldn't be worried about that. There's more important stuff we've got to think over for the moment."

"And that would be….?"

"Uh, dessert!" Takato popped up, albeit in a disturbingly lithe manner. "The waiter must've forgotten our order, she's taking an awfully long time."



With those noises cutting through the elitist music and serene drip-drops of water fountains, the Shoma Cuisine shook its foundations in an panicked frenzy, an expression quickly shared by a crowd of screaming customers dashing their way down the stairs and elevators. Tables collapsed like ghosts had punched through them, and the jade fountains cracked, gushing springs of water across the marble floors.



Another rumble shook, showering the finished platters and tablecloth over Takato Wong. Takato grumbled as if trouble kept knocking by his door while red-hot fingers threw the tablecloth off his face. His magenta eyes and jaw went wide as he barely glimpsed a couple of well-dressed eaters collapse a stairway that crumbled down the first floor in a volatile cloud of smoke. The collapse of wood and the silenced screams were the evidence of the worst. Before Asaji could speak something in reference to someone above, the smoke flew across the rooms and shadows became discernable.


"What the hell?!" screamed Henry as Shoma's cooks nearly trampled him over, ash having festered on their beautiful aprons. The cooks' only thoughts for the present were of escape from the new breeding nest of insanity. One accidentally kicked Rika's apron-less back with a hard shoe, and the young Nonaka angrily retaliated by kicking his feet off the ground and pulling his collar, almost tearing the fabric off in her knuckles, in fact.

"What happenned, the kitchen went off?!" Rika questioned to the cook, actually more like yelled, which one could tell by Henry shutting both his ears.

"It wasn't us! There were these weird-looking freaks and they suddenly had these explosions with them, I don't know. Just let me go, I'm just a part-timer!"

Henry gasped incredulously. "Crazers?! Of all the wonderful places where they could make a statement....!"

Rika threw down the cook in her grasps and didn't care that he was leaving on all fours. "I hope you brought Terriermon with you, Henry. We can't stop them so easily," she urged urgently.

"For once, I'm glad he's with me," Henry spoke as he pulled up the Digivice from his black jeans. "Gotta get in the restaurant, though. Terriermon's still inside-OH!"

"Come on! There's a few fire escapes those bonehead cooks forgot all about!" Rika breathlessly dragged the blue-haired Jenrya into one of them, whipping off the smoke as they went in. "I'll try to get the people escaping, there's not much else I can do."

"Do that. I'll get the Crazers thinking twice about being crazy."


Takato saw the shadow coming closer to him, and like subservient members to the shadow, the dust gave way to make the being less conspicuous. He gasped as he realized this was the same exact man, the same exact giant who was leading those Crazers! The giant was a blondie, but he also donned a dull red mask concealing his true face, giving way to immutable green eyes. He wore a huge suit that almost made him seem to be wearing a portion of the darkest ocean as it waved about in bizarre aggression, a blackish blue that at first resembled nightmarish waves, but quite clearly were inspired by the frightening wings of a maximized bat. The man stared down in a disappointed frown over the mystified Takato, staring over to a corner with his Crazers following.

"He's not here! Keep your eyes on watch."

"Yeah, right," muttered one Crazer, "like we can see through your sturm und drang."

"Hey, boss! Myotismon! There's the Takato boy!"

"Idiot!" Myotismon whipped his neon red whip, snaking it so it exploded a table to splinters. A few customers whimpered, their feet shivering but glued right to the floor in irremovable fear. "I've no time to mess with boys! Speak once more and-"

"But boss, didn't you see the photos in the minivan?! That loser by the table, he's Takato WONG. He's a son of the man we're after!"

"Janyuu?!" Takato whispered to himself, his face now paling in fright. "Oh, why would they want you?"

Like a hungry boa from an unseen tree, the whip latched itself around Takato's leg, its lazer emittance corroding through Takato's Italian-made rental. The boy screamed in agony as he was flung closer to Myotismon, laying down before the giant on one wounded knee, which Takato squeezed, fighting back tears of pain.

"TAKATO!" yelled Asaji, who leapt up until her face stared at two Crazers' giant arms, metal guns with holes pointing at her and coughing the arid stench of gunpowder to threaten her to not tread an inch. She backed up to the table where the date had been proceeding.

Myotismon bared shiny white fangs in satisfaction over the apparent consolation prize. "So, you are the son of the man we seek! Well done, Marc, you truly had an eye out for this mission!" Myotismon haughtily raised the boy up by his burning leg. Shaking his hands as if hopes of whipping one over the vampire wannabe, Takato whimpered as the bruise received a most malicious pressure, causing him to writhe further, like a prey caught fresh from a cruel trap. Myotismon raised the whip once more so Takato can see it clearly. "Better for you to take it like a man, Takato, if you want to leave this restaurant ever again!" Myotismon urged, a voice of strange reason emanating from him.

Despite his upside-down state hindering his endurance, Takato decided to suck it up. The best way was by talking it over. "What do you....want with my dad? He doesn't want to stop you Crazers," he spoke through teeth gritted in pain.

"Indeed he wouldn't," Myotismon smiled, and then he called over the restaurant and scared the customers again by roaring. "JANYUU WONG! Surely you see now it is useless! For now I have your son, your 'Takato' in my grasps! Join me and the Crazers to the Digital World. Henceforth, your son will be spared. Don't try and prolong an escape at the expense of who you hold dearly!"

The weeping and moaning from everyone BUT Janyuu Wong made the unsettled Crazers sick to the stomach, and they fired sparking bullets to the ceiling to shut them up, bits of masonry falling off and bonking some of their own heads. "Myotismon wants you, Janyuu!" They called out in precise unison, as if their minds were bent under Myotismon's influence alone. "We know you're here!" they said-sung.

The dust was still circulating in the room of nowhere, until a father's voice started clarifying. "Alright, Myotismon, you won. I will go." Janyuu slowly walked towards Myotismon, who was still holding the wounded Takato. "As long as you won't trouble these people, I will go..." Janyuu spoke, his eyes crossed towards the vampire, but only slightly due to the despair that he was forced by the lives of threatened, including his beloved stepson.

Takato was dropped to his knees and Asaji was permitted to grab ahold of him. Takato was too involved however to accept the hosptality. "Dad, what's going on?! What do you mean go to the Digital World? It's inoperable!"

Myotismon taunted a self-satisfied glare at Janyuu, almost beckoning the scientist to stareat his son and shake his head regretfully, his tone of voice still somber. "Takato, remember when I told you 80% of the Digital World was retreivable? I never told you about the remaining 20%. This digimon has the 20%."

"Oh my god," was all Asaji could say. Takato squeezed his eyes in enraged disbelief. The leader of the Crazers, the leader of the anarchists who strived for digital intervention on earth, was a digimon....

"Yes, and that is not all!" Myotismon spoke, clearing his throat in preparation of boasting his as-yet unspoken endeavor. "Come now, Janyuu. Don't regret losing your son for a few days, you'll rejoin him soon enough. Besides, while I was in pursuit of you, I picked up a good friend of yours. I think he's been feeling lonely right now."

"You kidnapped Yamaki!" Janyuu suddenly realized, as did Takato while Asaji lost words, having heard nothing of Yamaki's disappearance. "I can't believe all these years you plotted this!"

"Years?" Takato spoke baffled.

"Yamaki and I went long ways," Myotismon replied, "your friends at Hypnos knew all about me. But enough about me. This is all about me and daddy. Business is about to close. Crazers!" The final word spoken in urgency, the armed teenagers stormed around their tall master. Myotismon pointed to one. "Marc, take Takato to his new room for the time being."

"With pleasure," Marc grinned as he pointed his gun at the helpless Takato, cocking in fresh ammo and all.

"NO!" Janyuu cried as Myotismon laughed to the unseen ceiling.

"Gargo...Whatever!" came an exuberant cry as glowing screen sparks sent Marc's gun bursting into a fireball. Engulfed in the midst of mischieveous fire, the raggy Crazer screamed in pain as he scrambled over to the nearest fountain.

"What?!" Myotismon demanded, his group of gun-toting Crazers cocking their weaponries in unison to feign their bravery. But their bravery was as alive as the smoking guns they nursed in their arms.

"Let's play 'Lethal Enforcers'!" shouted a gargantuan, emerald-headed rabbit from out of the first floor, unleashing a pair of reloadable cannons for arms. Thus stood Gargomon, the evolved form of the dastardly rabbit Terriermon! "I've got two arms. Don't make me use them!"

"A digimon, here!?" Myotismon shouted, staring sideways to a smiling and confident Janyuu, who suddenly threw a metal box towards Takato's direction.

Still on one knee, Takato grabbed the box and opened the lid, revealing a handle and a trigger on the bottom-most corner. Two Crazers pointed their guns at him but Takato fired, unleashing a nearly invisible wave of energy that defused the lights off the gun, the shining beam from Myotismon's whip and the lights of Shoma Cafe itself. The emergency lights of soft red now shone over the restaurant, red being a perfect color to fit the Crazers' tones, now that their toys were rendered useless, the triggers clicking but the fire missing, and they could just bitch and moan. But Myotismon's leadership called for an end to their uselessness. He sighed and put hands to his pants in utter wonderment at the limits these measley humans were acknowledging, limits he owned. He stared at the ground in slant eyes.

Myotismon paid no heed to the droves of customers making their way out to the scene. His men impulsively rose up their useless weapons but considering the number they had to threaten, that idea was thrown to the proverbial wastebasket. All that was left was still the primary quarry.

"You're twice as clever than the web would lead me to believe, Janyuu," Myotismon complemented, before raising his face up to Takato. "However, I am not limited to technology alone. As you can see, the EMP didn't even scratch my suit!"

"You're not a digimon! You couldn't be!" Janyuu seized a palm over his head, wondering what it took to nail a stake on this vampire.

"Ah, but I am, Janyuu. But since you refuse to come to the Digital World, I must up the ante!" Myotismon yelled as he thrust dual projectiles whizzing against clouds of dust intermingling with the sparse oxygen.

Takato rose up the EMP accelarator again but could hardly make of any circuitry involved. "Takato!" Asaji pulled the youth to the side. The gun was hooked in midair by one whistling metallic disk and cut in half, it burst into a cloud of its own, spiralling bits of shards into the signal Myotismon most desired for the cronies willing to serve as his subjects.

"I'll save-OOF!" Gargomon felt the other disk like a megaton fist to the cheek and his flying weight turned a single room into a safety hazard, food supplies tumbling into total wastes over him. He was lucky to be born a digimon. A disk of such velocity could've decapitated a human.

"Now is the time to even the field!" Myotismon called out to the Crazers, before thrusting a harsh fist to the concerned Janyuu, dragging his body effortlessly with his right. "Distract them while I open the barrier!" His vibrant cowl concealed both his and Janyuu's presence to the dust from the explosions sprouting from a few minutes ago.

"RAAAHHH!!!" Springing out of the renewed energy of one, the league of well over twenty rushed through, disabled weaponry abandoned once more in favor of the furious and indefinite brute of fists and feet.

"Pull me up, Asaji!" the incarcerated Takato yelled, and the red-dressed brunette nodded without complaint, grabbing her ex-student and leaping up before one of Myotismon's disks, resembling for a split second a hectic bat circling itself, sliced through the space where once stood Takato's feet. Asaji glared at the montage of ragged and well-dressed Crazers, and back up at the disk zooming in a particular trajectory. She grabbed a glass of her as-yet unfinished water from the table behind her and flung it on a semi-circular course soaring above and then down into the disk. The disk remained on its own course but the glass bent to its will, ricocheting miniature missles of water and slivers against the Crazers right below the flying disk. The Crazers gagged as bits of glass and water struck their faces, irritated by both the abrupt wetness and the jagged sharpness of this torrential concotion. While a majority of them laid wiping themselves clean, Gargomon cackled and riddled the floor around them with burning holes from his controlled fury of flashing ammunition. The Crazers didn't recognize anything amiss until the floor moaned and groaned to tell them it was about to kiss the first floor and forceably at that. They yelled and grunted as the second floor crumbled into hundreds of dashed boards, innumerable clouds of dust sprouting to the heavens, and tons of mortal flesh tasting the cruel wood.

"Hah! No one ever messes with one half of the CCW Tag Team Champions!" Gargomon exuberantly rose both his arms, firing them rapidly until a thousand-dollar chandelier stomped on him from above. "Doof!"

"Terrier-I mean, Gargomon!" Henry, Janyuu's biological son, arrived to the scene, kicking over the fragments of chandelier in hopes that his own digimon wasn't a series of fragments in himself.

"I'm A-OK, Henry!" An arm rose from the chandelier, then it dropped wistfully down. "Um, is it too late to change my mind?"

"Takato, can you manage!" Henry stared over at his older stepbrother, who under Asaji's aid began rising to the occasion.

"Ur! Myotismon took Janyuu, Henry! Where is he?!"

"INCOMING!" another blue-haired juvenile made the scene by diving headfirst through a window and rolling down the red rugwork before smarting from a tossled back. It was Jarvis Thatch. What was he doing out of the restaurant and back in? "Ooh, I don't know if Big and Bad is a digimon, but he's a tough un! He's got this portal open and him and the Crazers are getting away. He just threw me like a rag doll, a rag doll! Man, I can't get up and I'm not flesh and blood!"

"Takato, Asaji!" Henry's gray eyes spied something more precarious at the moment. "To your sides!"

Takato and Asaji stared and backed a step off just as two disks almost met the two Hypnos employees. The disks ricocheted and skewered to opposite sides, trails of concrete particles following, through the foundations right beneath the duo, and before they knew it, the floor sharply inclined, a slope descending as the concrete split and the disks rose right against the wall, collapsing the slab, windows and all backward to 100 feet below. Asaji's flawless red dress rubbed against the dusty incline but all her focus was bent against her typically soft knuckles hardening by the second, barely at a grasp with the edge of the floor while crude spheres of rock tumbled and knocked her knuckles, urging her to release. She stared around and noticed Takato was gone, and her face white in fright, she looked down 100 feet below, where the ruins were.

But there were no ruins. It was but a yellow halo dominating where the green grass laid. Could it be....the entrance to the Digital World?! Could Takato have gone there, by accident or design?

Asaji stared back up to regain a grip over the second floor, but a large rolling block struck her womanly face, and the last thought out of her mind was whether she entered the yellow halo or the gates to the world above, because soon.......her eyes clouded in black. 

Finally, the moment you were waiting for. The new season begins next month in Takato Wong 2: Son of Sacrifice!