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~Natsu's POV~

"Natsu!" a voice called from underneath a table near the pink-haired dragon slayer. I blinked, looking around for where the voice had came from.

"Lucy, where are you?" I asked, smelling her intoxicating vanilla scent fill the air, she was close-by, he knew that much.

"Natsu... I'm under the table, and would you not be so loud?" she responded, a hint of shyness filling her voice.

"Under the table? Why!" I laughed, trying to follow the request of not being too loud, but it was harder than it looked. I couldn't think of any reason as to why she'd be under the table.

"Just... come here! No questions asked, understand?" her commanding voice answered, not giving me much of a choice.

"Fine," I responded, jumping down from the stool I sat on. I looked under the table I guessed she was under and found myself face-to-face with Lucy.

I held my breath suddenly, as if it was important I didn't breath on her. I could feel my heart beating faster and I felt a warm sensation rush to my cheeks, but I couldn't figure out why. "What in the world is this feeling? Weirdo Lucy, she must've cast a spell or something on me..." I concluded in my mind, not daring to speak.

I backed up slightly, as reality sank in again and it hit me how close we were. "Lucy, what'd ya want?" I asked, deciding to increase my body temperature to match that of my face.

"Natsu! Don't make it hotter, it's really stuffy under this table!" she complained, still not giving me an idea as to why she was hiding. "Listen, you have to help me out here! I made a bet with Gray and Erza that I could avoid them all day long, and now they are searching for me everywhere, I just barely managed to avoid them!"

I nodded slowly, trying to figure out why she would make such a weird bet with the red-haired demon and ice-for-brains.

"Right now, Plue has somehow managed to lead them away from the guild, but I don't know how long that will last... Natsu, help me, please?" she asked me, pleading with her soft chocolate-brown eyes.

I couldn't refuse, the thought of telling her no made my stomach twist and left me with a weird feeling. "She definitely put some kind of spell on me," I thought to myself as I pulled her out from under the table.

~Normal POV~

Natsu pulled Lucy out from under the table carefully, making sure she didn't hit her head on the stool that he hadn't moved out of the way.

"So, where ya going to hide now?" Natsu asked, obviously relaxed as he put his hands behind his head.

"Well, Plue told me that they had already went to my house, so I wanna go there," she explained, as if she could understand the shaking spirit.

"Uh-huh," Natsu answered, unconvinced that this was the case. He let his eyes wander to Lucy's eyes and he noticed himself not able to pull his gaze away, and after what felt like forever, he yanked his gaze away from hers and focused on a small bug.

"Oh, you have any wise ideas?" Lucy responded coldly, doubt that the fire mage could actually think of anywhere in her voice.

"Hah! I do, thank you very much!" Natsu responded triumphantely, holding his fist slightly in higher in the air, he was basically shouting.

"SHUSH!" Lucy scolded, covering his mouth with her hand and pushing him out-of-view from the guild.

"Wskdf awons oowcy?" he mumbled, words being mixed together and unable to be understood.

"What?" she hissed, pulling her hand away from his mouth quickly when he gave it a light lick. "What was that for you jerk?"

"Jerk? You're weird, Lucy, you're the one who had your hand over my mouth, I had to get you to move it somehow!" he explained, his lack of brains becoming obvious to her. He had clearly missed the option of pulling her hand away with his hand.

~Natsu's POV~

Lucy glared at me harshly as she cleaned her hand off from where I had licked her. I pretended like she had a sour taste to her as I acted like I felt sick by holding my hand over my mouth. "Great, not only does she smell good, but she tastes good too," I thought to myself, angry with myself for liking her taste and smell.

"Well, what were you trying to say earlier?" she asked, still angry from how I reacted to her covering my mouth.

"Oh, that! I was asking what was wrong!" I snickered, and added, "You're acting like the whole guild is on Erza and snow-cone's side."

"They are!" she answered harshly, glancing once or twice over her shoulder.

"That's not fair," I mumbled as I let my eyes wander around the guild.

"Huh?" Lucy asked, having not heard his remark.

"Eh! Nothing! Luce, let's go, I'll show you the best hiding spot in the world!" I pratically yelled, dragging her quickly by the wrist.

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