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"I don't know where Wendy went," Carla began, but was cut off by Natsu.

"Darn it! That means I didn't smell her soon enough, no!" he screamed, and charged at the two exceeds.

He was about to charge right into them, but a figure jumped in front, red-hair flying crazily. Erza looked up to face the two of them, a look of success in her eyes. On the other side, Natsu felt the air get cold, and he knew Gray was there. When he looked to his right, he saw Gajeel and Levy standing together, ready to attack if he was going to move.

Lucy looked behind them and spotted a small Wendy backed up by Macao and Romeo. When she looked to Natsu's left, she saw Gray and Juvia standing, ready to move.

"Natsu, we're surrounded," Lucy squeaked, scared of talking when surrounded like this.

When she blinked again, they all charged at them at once, not giving Natsu much chance to escape at all. He looked around, panicked for once in his life, and jumped up, hoping someone wouldn't block him off.

"Lucy, you lose, we found you," Erza said as she watched Natsu leap into the air.

Gray blocked them easily with his ice magic, creating a type of roof so they couldn't get out.

"If you want to get out, Natsu, you'll have to set Lucy down to break it, and you don't want to put her down, do you? Simply because that means we'll be able to grab her and you won't get her back," Wendy explained.

Natsu knew this was true, and he knew that any attempt to get away wouldn't work, but he didn't want them to force Lucy to do something, and the way it seemed, they were going to force her to do something.

"Natsu, it's okay, I've lost, I accept defeat," Lucy said, pulling herself up slightly to make Natsu set her down.

"But, Luce, they'll force you to do something," Natsu said, sadness tinting his voice and worry glinting in his eyes.

"It's okay, it won't be that bad," she explained, smiling up at him.

He didn't want to believe her, but he nodded and set her down, and watched as Erza and Gray rushed over, grabbing her arms so she couldn't escape. It pained Natsu to watch and know that he couldn't do anything, since she had already given up.

Carla and Happy floated up, Carla to Wendy and Happy to Natsu. He landed on his head and sighed relief, as if he had been chasing them for hours.

"Okay, let's get her back to the guild first," Erza said, picking Lucy up on one side, and almost lifted Gray with her.

Gray nodded as he picked what up her other arm, lifting her entirely off the ground. Lucy felt like a sacrificial animal, being carried away to it's death, but didn't fight, knowing that it would all be over with soon enough. Why had she made the stupid bet in the first place?

Natsu watched as Gajeel held him back, not letting him charge after her immediately. Once they were out of sight, he let Natsu go, and Natsu charged off after them.

"I wonder what Natsu thinks they'll have her do?" Levy wondered out-loud.

"Who knows, shrimp, maybe he thinks they're going to try to hurt her or something," Gajeel commented.

"Well, all Lucy has to do is confess to the one she likes, not that hard, right?" she asked, facing Gajeel now.

Gajeel looked down to Levy and responded, "I don't know, never confessed to anyone, besides, if she likes that flame-head, then it just might be hard. He seems like he's too dense to even know what love is. Besides, a dragon-slayer only loves one person, he may like a different person before, but he or she will only love one."

Levy nodded and answered, "I hope Lu-chan doesn't do anything she'll regret then."

~Normal POV, the guild~

Erza and Gray sat Lucy down at her normal seat, and ordered her something to eat from Mirajane, who walked over with a happy look on her face.

"Thanks, Mira," Lucy said, taking the small plate of food and eating it.

Mira nodded and looked to Erza, saying, "I guess you found her, oh well, I was having fun watching all of you get flustered trying to find her."

"Mirajane, does that mean you knew where she was?" Erza asked, slightly annoyed the answer was right under their noses.

"Oh, a little birdie might've told me and I went to check to see if it was right," she explained, cleaning the already clean glass in her hand.

Erza pounded her hand down to the bar, exclaiming, "That means that there was someone who knew where she was the whole time! Mirajane, tell me, just who is this little birdie!"

"Nope! That's for me to know, and for you not to find out," she calmly said, winking as she walked away from Erza.

"Elfman, it had to be him! He never took interest in this anyways! He was the double-agent the whole time!" Erza concluded, searching for Mira's younger brother.

"A man wouldn't do that!" Elfman shouted from across the guild, as if he heard Erza's comment.

She shook her head and decided he'd be too dumb to act as a double-agent. It didn't matter anymore though, they had found Lucy thanks to Wendy, and now they would get her to confess.

"Lucy, I'm sorry we have to force you to do this, but it is the only way," Erza said, putting her hand on the mages shoulder.

She smiled up at Titania, and answered, "It's fine, I knew if you caught me I'd have to do it."

Just then, a pink-haired boy charged through the doors, yelling, "Lucy! Are you okay? They didn't hurt you, did they?"

"No, why would they hurt me?" she squeaked as Natsu picked her up and twirled her around, obviously happy she was still in one piece.

"I don't know, it just seemed like they would," he responded, setting her down.

"Okay! Do it now, Lucy!" Erza and Gray shouted from behind her, causing Natsu to look at them with confusion.

Lucy just smirked and grabbed Natsu's scarf, pulling him downwards, and said, "Natsu, I love you," before she kissed him quickly and let him go, much to Natsu's own confusion.

"What?" everyone in the guild yelled, all of them just as confused as Natsu was.

"Luce, I know that, and I already told you I love you too," he responded, causing the whole guild to become frozen in shock.

"Na-natsu! What's the meaning of this!" Erza exclaimed, still frozen in place.

"I already told Lucy that I loved her, and she already told me, why?" he asked, turning around to face them.

The whole guild wore shocked expressions, except for Mirajane who giggled to her heart's content. They couldn't make any sense out of it, their Natsu, the dense idiot, had already told Lucy he loved her?

Without saying another word, Natsu shrugged and grabbed Lucy up in his arms, and without looking back, shouted, "Well, I'm taking her away before you force her to do something she doesn't want to! Bye!"

The guild watched the two of them leave, and someone shouted, "Wait! Did that idiot even realize that she did what she was supposed to!"

Together, they all laughed and decided they'd later throw a party to celebrate the new couple, but would not mention Lucy went through with her bet.

At Lucy's house, Natsu and Lucy sat on the couch, together, watching the sun set on their adventurous day. She couldn't help but sigh in content as she snuggled closer to Natsu who in turn pulled her closer. The wonders of a bet had made her dream come true.

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