Okay, this had been in my head for a while. I never really thought I could write a story about ATLA, so if there are major screw ups, please point them out! Thanks! And please tell me what I could do to make it better, which would be nice. :)

It's between "The Runaway" and "The Puppetmaster" in ALTA and before Phantom Planet in DP.

ATLA will come up in the next chapter or third. :)

Enjoy? Heh.

Spirit in Need

Chapter One

Whenever he seemed to finally fall asleep, he was always rudely interrupted by his alarm clock. He just couldn't understand why nighttime was so mean and liked to torture Danny by letting the sun take over.

It just wasn't fair.

After what seemed to be a minute that went by, Danny finally rolled over and slammed on the 'snooze' button. He sighed, enjoying the peace then he forced himself out of bed.

The halfa did his morning routine and walked down stairs, still half asleep. He walked over to grab a box of cereal and poured some in the bowl. Then he grabbed milk, only about half of what he poured missed the bowl.

While he ate, his sister walked down and greeted Danny with a cheerful "good morning".

"How could you be so happy?" Danny grumbled.

Jazz rolled her eyes and looked through the fridge for some breakfast. "Well I'm not the one who's up kicking ghost butt each night." She said.

"But I'm the one saving the town constantly!" The halfa exclaimed.

"My point exactly," His sister replied, grabbing an orange instead. "So why don't you just take a break every once in a while?"

The teen glared at Jazz. "Well people could be in danger." Danny replied, giving her a tone that clearly said "duh!".

"I'm just saying that every hero needs a break," She said, "Besides, it's mostly the Box Ghost that's out during night, right?"

"Yeah..." He muttered.

Jazz giggled. "You better head to school, I'll see you later."

He grumbled in response and grabbed his backpack by the door, with that; he left the house to meet up with his friends.


Danny didn't bother waving to his friends when he saw them. He was too tired to do anything, he couldn't seem to think. All he wanted was just a few hours of sleep; was that too much to ask?

"Whoa, dude, you alright?" Tucker asked.

"I didn't get any sleep last night, or the night before..." The raven-haired teen responded tiredly.

"You should get some sleep tonight," Sam said, putting a hand on his shoulder, "Let us handle it tonight, okay?"

Danny started to protest, but Sam's death glare stopped him. "Okay, but guys, please, please be careful." He pleaded fearfully.

"We had a lot of training, Danny," Sam smiled, "We can handle a few ghosts."

"Yeah, dude," Tucker patted his friend's back, "You're our friend, and friends take care of each other."

Danny gave them a weak smile. "Thanks guys, you're the best." He sighed. "Should we start heading to school?"

Tucker nearly yelped. "School? I completely forgot! We have hurry before we have detention!" He started bolting down the sidewalk, yelling "c'mon guys! Hurry up!"

Sam laughed. "We better hurry. Let's go."

They both started sprinting down the sidewalk; even though Danny was really tired, he was surprised he even had the strength to walk-even running. It was just surprising how much energy he still had, when he felt like he could pass out right then.

The two easily caught up with Tucker, who stumbled a bit since he was carrying so much technology on him. He managed to stay at the same pace with his friends though.

When they saw the school, they picked up their pace a bit and ran to the front doors of the school.

When Danny saw the 'CASPER HIGH SCHOOL' sign above, he mentally wished it said 'SLEEP HERE FOREVER'. That sounded like a dream come true.

They had about five minutes to spare, but the halfa had a feeling that he was still going to be late for class even though he was a little early. Of course, his instincts were right.

"Hey, Fenton!"

Danny groaned and closed his eyes, wishing it was just all a dream.

"You might've escaped yesterday," Dash sneered, "But I'll always get'cha." He grabbed the front of Danny's shirt. "It's payback time."

The next thing the halfa knew, he was in a random locker and hearing the same laughter from the jock and his friends. Everyday seemed to be the same routine; it was just a pain to go through the same thing over and over, each day. He just wished something else would happen in his life time-including sleep.

"The coast is clear, Danny," He heard Sam say by the locker.

The raven-haired teen easily turned intangible and phased through the locker.

"Thanks guys," Danny said, shouldering his bag, "We should head to class."

The tardy bell rung.

"Of course," The halfa muttered.

The trio said their good byes and went to their classes.


Mr. Lancer's lecture was boring as usual; he was so into his lesson, he didn't see most of the class texting or whispering to each other. But when it came to sleeping, he seemed to notice when someone's head touched the desk.

Danny only got a few seconds of sleep when there was a loud 'smack' against his desk. He opened his eyes slowly and looked up to see Lancer standing there with a very upset look.

The whole class grew quiet and looked over to see the scene in front of them.

"Mr. Fenton," Lancer said sternly, "Who said you could take a nap in my class?"

The teen just stared at his teacher for a few seconds before saying, "No one sir."

"Correct," Lancer said, putting his hand on Danny's desk and looked straight into his tired eyes, "So tell me... Why are you taking a nap in my class?"

"Because I was tired," Danny replied.

"That's not my problem, Mr. Fenton," The teacher replied, "This will be your last warning." Lancer walked back to the front of the room and went back to teaching the lesson.

About a half an hour went by and Danny tried his best to stay awake; sometimes he would fall asleep, but quickly snapped out of it. Then, of course, his ghost sense went off.

"You've got to be kidding me..." The teen muttered under his breath.

He raised his hand and asked if he could use the bathroom. The teacher hesitated, also hating his choice, but finally let him go.

Danny left the room without a word and ran towards the boys' bathroom. He found out that he was the only one and transformed into his ghost half.

He turned intangible and flew through the roof. The teen hovered above the school for a second to find his opponent. Finally, he found Skulker floating a few feet behind him.

"Can we make this quick?" Danny asked. "I'm tired."

"Then this should be an easy day for me," Skulker grinned evilly. "Pelt time."

"Dude," He put his hands up in the air, "No matter what you say, that's just so gross."

The ghost growled. "I'll get you this time, Whelp! You'll see!" He shouted and put his arm out in front of him, releasing some rockets.

Danny dodged them, but just barely since he was lacking sleep. Then the halfa sent an ectoball towards the robot ghost, making him stumble a few feet back.

Skulker sent a few blasts back, hitting the teen square on the chest. Danny fell a few yards back and started to descend towards the ground. He hovered just before he almost crashed into the street and zoomed down the road.

The ghost roared in anger and followed after his 'prey'. They made some sharp turns and finally Danny disappeared. Skulker growled and looked on his wrist; he had a device-sort of like a GPS-to track down ghosts nearby. The robot ghost found where he was and flew towards that that direction. Skulker found the Ghost Child floating in the middle of the street, as if he was waiting for him to show up.

Danny formed another ectoball and threw it at his opponent. Skulker dodged it, barely missing it. Grinning, he sent another group of missiles.

"Whoa!" Danny yelped.

The halfa was send back and crashed into a room of a house. He shook his head and got up to go fight back, when he noticed that he was in... His room...?

"What the...?" He mumbled.

The robot ghost wasted no time to go after Danny and surprised him by tackling him to the ground. He gripped the boy's neck and lifted him up in the air; the halfa struggled to escape from his grasp.

"Let me go!" He gasped.

"Why should I, whelp?" Skulker grinned. "This could be my opportunity!"

"Still gross!"

Then the teen decided to use all is weight and fell backwards, turning both of them intangible and they both fell through the floor. Surprised by the sudden movements, Skulker released his grip when they made contact with the floor of the lab room. Danny used that moment to punch him in the metal face.

"Seriously," Danny said, "Let's do this some other time. I'm not in the mood."

The ghost crashed against the wall, and then he got up, charging up an ectoball of his and sending it towards his 'prey'. Danny's eyes widen and felt the blast hitting against his chest, causing him to go flying back.

But he didn't hit the other side of the lab; it felt more like, going through it. The halfa saw green engulfing him and Skulker standing there, dumbfounded. The robot ghost seemed to fade away and green was all Danny could see now. Then the green slowly turned into blue and the halfa could feel that he was falling.

Then he crashed.

The impact was so strong, he was knocked right out.

Little did he know that there were going to be more problems when he woke up…

I really think I suck at battles, so I hope it was okay. I'll post the next chapter up soon; I sort of have it already written. Please tell me how it is!