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Chapter Five

Danny eventually got up to go shopping with Sokka. Before he left with him, he noticed, almost immediately, that Aang was wearing a blindfold and Toph on one side, while Katara was on the other. He observed that Aang had a blue arrow on his forehead. The teen didn't know about that till now, since he had it cover by his red headband when they first met.

Toph levitated a rock and threw it towards Aang, but he put up his own wall of dirt for protection. Katara would fling some water in his direction; he would bend the water and toss it back to her. The routine was pretty much the same after that.

The halfa felt a tug on his shirt; he turned to see Sokka by his side. "We ready to go?" He inquired.

Danny glanced back at the trio then looked back to Sokka. "Yeah... I guess." He sighed. "What are they doing?"

Sokka looked to see what he meant, then gave the raven-haired teen an irritated look. "Just training..." He mumbled.

"Oh." Then another question popped in his mind. "Training for what?"

"Why do you want to know?" Sokka asked skeptically.

Danny shrugged. "Just curious."

Sokka groaned loudly. "Come on, we don't have all day!" He grabbed the halfa's wrist and started dragging him through the woods. The teen felt awkward throughout the whole walk, but in time Sokka finally let go of him.

It wasn't long before they reached a small town-village? Danny realized that mostly everyone was wearing red-this really started to bug him.

"C'mon," Sokka muttered. "We have to hurry; we're sort of on a tight schedule."

"For what?"

"Never mind," Sokka said quickly.

The halfa decided to leave it there. He would find out sooner or later; if he was going to go with them. They would have to tell him sometime soon.

"What are we shopping for?" He queried.

Sokka didn't tell him right away, but as they started walking through the streets-well they didn't exactly look like streets-he finally told him. "You can't walk around in these clothes," He gestured to the teen's clothing. "I don't even know where you got those."

"Why can't I wear them?" He asked, looking at his clothes.

"They look different and it could draw attention, we really don't need attention right now," He explained.

"So we're shopping... For clothes...?" A disgusted look appeared on Danny's face, "That's a girl thing!"

A few people glanced at the hafla, giving him weird looks, but would quickly go back to whatever they were doing.

Sokka seemed to ignore the raven-haired teen last comment. For a few minutes they didn't speak; Danny took that time to take a look around.

There were a few buildings all around them and houses a few blocks away. He also noticed that there were carts-well they seemed like carts-everywhere as well. Most of them had fruits and other types of food as well, others had items you could buy. There were a lot of people moving around, going to building to building and carts to carts. Kids would run down the dirt streets, one of them nearly ran into him.

Sokka snapped Danny out of his thoughts. "We're here!" He finally said, with a tad of happiness.

There wasn't a title anywhere on the front of the building. Like at other stores, like Wal-Mart, Target, K-mart, and so on. How do people know what to get if there isn't a title anywhere on the buildings? He sighed, maybe he'll find out someday.

Sokka steered the halfa into the building; it was a small building, very small, probably about the size of his room, maybe a little bigger than that.

He found himself in front of some clothing he didn't seem to recognize.

"Here," Sokka said, tossing him a long shirt, "Does that look good with these pants?" Another piece of clothing was thrown at him.

The teen didn't answer him, still trying to figure out why he was shopping for clothes. Seriously, it was a girl thing. Sokka also gave the teen a pair of shoes and other things to go with the suit. Danny lifted the shirt in front of Sokka. "This looks like a dress." He muttered.

"It's not a dress!" He snapped and yanked the shirt from the raven-haired teen. Sokka grabbed everything else and took them up to the front desk; Danny followed.

After Sokka bought the stuff, he dragged the teen out of the store and took him a few blocks away. The halfa kept quiet and would find out soon where they were going once they got there.

After what seemed forever, they were behind some trees and bushes, away from everyone.

"Okay," Sokka finally said, "Go and try these on." He shoved all the items into Danny's hands.

"In these woods?" He questioned, raising an eyebrow. It certainly felt very weird. He was used to dressing in a bathroom or his bedroom. But of course if someone decided to drop by while he was changing, he could always go invisible.

"Yes, just hurry, okay?"

Without another word, he walked a ways from Sokka and found a good spot to change. The halfa kept complaining mentally about how his shirt looked like a dress; it looked similar to Sokka's. Another complaint popped in his mind: it was red.


His clothing was similar to Sokka's and Aang's-together.

Once he was done getting dressed, he stood there for a second then sighed. "I feel like an idiot." He mumbled.

He grabbed his street clothes and walked back to where Sokka was. He studied Danny for a minute then grinned. "Not bad. Now you blend in."

"Right... 'cause red is the color that everyone wears...I shouldblend in."

Sokka ignored the halfa again, he rubbed his chin. "Now we have to get rid of those clothes." He pointed at Danny's street clothing.

"Get rid of them?" He asked carefully.

"No, maybe he could give them to Momo, he could stay warm..."

"Who's Momo?"

"Wait! We could use it as a slingshot!"

"These are not stretchy."

"You're right... We could-!"

"How about we just use these as a spare?" Danny said, irritated.

"...Lets do that." Sokka agreed.


Sokka and Danny finally had a real conversation on the way back. Mostly it was about meat, but the halfa asked him questions about who was the Fire Nation.

Sokka kind of got sensitive about talking about it, but told the teen who they were and what they did. Then he told him about how they killed his mother. After that, the raven-haired teen felt guilt for asking and tried to change the subject.

"So what happened to, uh, these airbenders?" The halfa asked cautiously.

Sokka glance at him, and then looked back to the ground. "Well, they got wiped out because they knew the Avatar would be reborn in the Airnomads." He explained.

Danny raised an eyebrow. "What is the "Avatar"?" He inquired.

"It's not 'what', it's 'who'," Sokka began, giving the teen a puzzled look as he spoke. "The Avatar can control all elements."

"Seeing that one element is strong, I'm guessing the Avatar is powerful then?"

"He's very powerful." Sokka agreed.

The halfa paused, and then said, "You said 'he'."

"Yeah, so what?"

The raven-haired teen hesitated. "Do you know him then?"

"Yes..." Sokka replied slowly, "Don't you know th-?"

There was a loud yelp up ahead then they looked up to see something falling towards the ground. Soon, they noticed that it was a figure—a person. There was a loud crash and a few branches snapping from the fall.

Sokka and Danny exchanged looks and rushed to the person on the ground.

"Aang!" Sokka gasped as he knelt down by him. "Are you alright, buddy?"

Aang shook his head to clear the dizziness. "Yeah, I'm fine," He groaned. "I haven't really mastered feeling all the vibrations in the earth." He smiled. "And Katara gave me a really big blow. Sheesh, they need to be more careful."

The teen narrowed his eyebrows. "Wait a minute..." He mumbled, didn't Aang use earthbending AND waterbending before they left? "You said that this Avatar can control all elements right...?" His eyes widened. "Is Aang the Avatar?"

"I thought you knew that." Sokka said.

"I thought he told you too." Aang replied.

"I didn't know!" Danny exclaimed. "I don't know anything here!"

Aang stood up, brushing the dirt off of him. "Okay, okay. We'll explain everything tonight and perhaps tomorrow as well, does that sound better?"


When they got back, the two girls kept apologizing to Aang about what had happened when he was thrown into the air. After that was settled, Sokka got some meat and Katara helped him cook it. Danny noticed that Aang kept giving disgusted looked towards the meat.

"Hey, you okay?" The teen couldn't help to ask.

He nodded. "I don't eat meat." He replied.

"Wow, my friend would get along with you when it came to food." The raven-haired teen told him, thinking about Sam.

"You're friend doesn't eat-?"

"Food is ready!" Sokka said excitedly.

Katara handed Aang some salad while everyone else ate meat and some salad as well. They ate in silence with a small fire in the middle—to roast the meat you had if it wasn't cooked enough. The sun was still in the sky, but it was getting close to setting.

Aang finished first and sighed in relief, and then he perked up. "Oh, by the way, I spoke to Roku today."

Sokka stopped eating. "What happened?"

Everyone else stopped eating as well; seeing that everyone stopped, Danny put down his food, but continued chewing.

"Well, he told me about someone," He started out slowly, "I'm not entirely sure, but he did mention that it might've been a spirit...?"

The halfa nearly choked on his food.

"A spirit?" Katara inquired.

"Yeah, a spirit?" Danny finally asked after he swallowed his food, instantly his mind when to the Ghost Zone.

"Yes," Aang confirmed. "He said it needed help."

"Well where is this spirit?" Toph asked as well.

"He said somewhere in the next village where we were going," He informed them. "Which we should be going by tomorrow."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Danny jumped in. "Who is this Roku person?"

"I thought...? Oh right, he's the Avatar before Aang." Sokka explained.

"How does he talk to him?" The halfa asked again. "Isn't he dead? You said they are reborn or something?"

"Yes, but the Avatar can cross to the spirit world," Katara butted in.

"I'm still here; stop talking as if I'm not." Aang said irritably.

"Sorry Aang." Katara apologized.

"The spirit world..." The teen said softly. They were talking about the Ghost Zone, right?

"How do you get to the spirit world?" The halfa asked again.

Aang hesitated. "Actually that sounds kind of hard to explain."

"No it isn't," Sokka scoffed lightly, "You just glow it up and BOOM! You're there."

"Sokka!" Katara scolded.

"That's when I go into the Avatar State, Sokka."

"Yeah, but you still glow when you cross over to the spirit world." He said. "Which reminds me, I just have to make sure, do they have bathrooms in the spirit world? Last time I checked, they don't."

"I don't think so." Aang replied, caught off guard by the question.

"Did Roku say anything else?" Toph asked irritably.

"He said it might be unexpected... Whatever that means, and it's… powerful." He said, trying to think of what else he said. "I think that's it. We'll go tomorrow morning."

Everyone cleaned up after that, by then the sun was down and everyone was heading to bed. Danny rested his head against a log and looked up into the night sky. The stars were slowly appearing in the darkness, making it more amazing than before.

The halfa hoped when Aang was telling them about the spirit world, that it might've been the Ghost Zone.

A way home… hopefully...

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