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Chapter 1:Lower 1st Class Lovers

"Yahoo!" Rin exclaimed as he received his results to the Lower 1st class exorcist test. He grabbed Shiemi by the shoulders and said," We did it!" Shiemi recovered by the sudden movement and nodded her head and said,"Hai!"Meaning right in Japanese. Rin gave his famous smile and said,"We'll be exorcists together. I can't wait!"Rin hugged Shiemi.

With Shiemi and her shyness, she usually veers away from physical contact, but since Rin was her boyfriend for so long she was now used to it.

Shiemi returned the hug. Rin let go and said,"Do you think we get anything special for this?" Shiemi shrugged her shoulders. Rin thought. Maybe those long coats Yukio is always wearing? Maybe a medal? or maybe a banquet with. . . ."Beef, pork, roast, chicken, all kinds of meat," Rin had stopped thinking in his head and had said it aloud making everyone in his class stare at him. Shiemi blushed as she was embarrassed by her boyfriend.

Ryuji said,"Oy! Okumura! You're making Shiemi blush!" which just made Shiemi blush more. Rin stopped drooling over his imaginary food and said,"Oh, gomenesai."

Yukio announced to his class,"Attention class!I know you have all been appointed Lower 1st Class, but to me you will always be my little Esquires," the class laughed together as they remembered the greatest year of their lives. The year everything happened. Rin interrupted everyone's thoughts when he said,"Piss off, Yukio!" again everyone laughed.

Like Rin thought, all of his classmates got the long, black coats and a banquet for their celebration. Everyone cheered. They went down to Rin and Yukio's dormitory to have a feast that was delivered by Mephisto. It was surprisingly good.

There was a long table in the dining room where everyone sat, Rin next to Shiemi. Mephisto said," Everyone dig in!"

Rin grabbed a plateful of meat and gobbled it down. Shiemi watched in awe as her boyfriend gorged himself.

Rin was nervous. He was planning on doing something tonight(But the author is going to be mean and you have to wait to see what it is). When dessert came rolling in there were mountains of cake and sweets. How could Mephisto afford this? everyone thought.

When everyone was finished Yukio said,"It was a pleasure to be with you all and working with you. I will definitely miss you as students, but now I will work with you as fellow exorcists,"

Before he could dismiss the other class members Rin said,"I have something to say," everyone's eyes turned towards him. Rin continued,"I have been working with you all for the past five years. I know we got off on the wrong foot, and then it was revealed that I was the son of Satan,but the important thing is that we became friends through our differences, and you are all the first friends that I've had. Shiemi," he turned towards the surprised girlfriend and said,"We have been more than friends. We have been girlfriend and boyfriend for those five years, and I want to be more than just friends. So," Rin got down on his knee after climbing over the chair and moving it so everyone could see,"Will you marry me?"

Rin dug into his pocket and pulled out a small red box and opened it to reveal the beautiful diamond ring. Shiemi gasped at the beauty. Rin gave her a smile to encourage her to say yes. Shiemi finally answered,"Yes! Of course I will."

Rin shot up, his tail wagging happily, and hugged her. Ryuji said,"NO Shiemi! Say no before it's too late!" the entire class laughed. Rin let go of Shiemi and said,"You've made me the happiest demon alive!" Rin wrapped his tail around them both and finished with a passionate kiss. Shiemi would usually shy away from a kiss, but this time she allowed because it was her fiance wh kissed her.

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