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I breathed deeply, my head swimming with the blow that had been delivered to me. The boy in front of my wheeled his fist back to go in for another punch, I didn't find out if he made that punch connect, I blacked out before it even got close. My name is Matthew Harris, but most people call me The Doctor, it's not out of respect or because I help people, I was named after the British TV show; it's more of a nerd symbol than a status symbol. As you can probably guess I'm not exactly the most loved of people and when things come down, they come down harsh. This is the story of how my life changed, of how I realised that the universe is more incredible than I could have ever imagined.

I woke with a splitting headache, the pain coming from deep within my skull and radiating to the rest of my body. The bed below me felt hard and I let out a low groan. I knew this bed as well as my own, school infirmary; this is where they put the kids that get knocked out.

"You okay now matt?" asked the nurse. I gave her an affirmative grunt in reply. "Okay, well, I've called your mom and she's expecting you home" she continued. I nodded, my head feeling clearer. That was a bit of a joke, my mom was not expecting me home at all, she would be at work at 1:00pm and by my watch it was 2:00. That meant she had answered from work and wouldn't be home till around 10. Really I could do whatever I wanted.

"Thanks, see yah miss" I said to the teacher and flicked my eye level hair to the right. I shouldered my back pack and walked out of the infirmary into the school playground. I drank in the air like an alcoholic, after being knocked out the best thing to get hold of is some air. I stretched my arms and slipped my hands into my pockets and began to walk, letting my legs do the walking and my brain thinking up new and imaginative ways to punish those who had hurt me in the past.

It was like I was in a state of meditation when I walked, and when I came too I found myself at the entrance to a dark tunnel in what appeared to be a forest. M y brain told me not to worry, the only forest that was anywhere near my school was the Brent forest, named so due to its proximity to the river Brent. I felt drawn to the hole in the ground, almost as if something from deep under was calling to me, caressing my mind and drawing me closer. I was absolutely helpless to resist its pull. My feet pulled me down the dank tunnel, my hands gently brushing against its muddy sides and the earthy smell drifting into my nose. The tunnel slowly began to widen into a large cavern with a blue light pulsing at the end.

I gasped, my heart beat quicker and I felt as if every atom in my body wanted, needed, to have contact with that light. I smiled as its crystalline blue danced its way across my fingers in intricate patterns, transforming into fragments of images across my palm. Still I moved forward, almost in a dream like state, until I as good as walked into the wall at the other end of the cavern. Only, this wall was different to the other earthy walls of the cavern. This one seemed to be made of a translucent blue, its crystalline surface reflected and refracting the blue light that seemed to come from deep within it. Little rivulets of water dripped down its surface; sometime a drip of water would come off, but then almost magnetically be pulled back onto the surface of the wall, my mind not even questioning the impossibility of it. So slowly, still being drawn to the wall, I lifted my hand, my palm facing it and fingers splayed outward. My brain was screaming in protest, finally sensing the danger, but, my palm had already been pushed to the wall. I smiled, feeling complete as a cool energy whipped through my body. I felt a warm trickle leak from my eyes, I presumed I was crying, the liquid dripped from my eyes and leapt from my face, being pulled like all the water I had seen, but it was not quite tears. The liquid seemed to be red and more viscous than water, as my vision faded and I could see the wall becoming red instead of blue, I thought red. That was when I collapsed to the ground.

When I opened my eyes again I saw that I had been dragged by some force out of the cave, I lifted my hand to my cheek and found it dry. I swallowed hard, this was impossible; I must have imagined walking into the tunnel, seeing the glowing blue wall transforming red. I turned and began to walk away, my entire body tingling with a new, raw and ancient energy. Something had changed within me, the rhythmic crunching of leaves below my feet set me thinking, I was entering my meditative walking state, heading in the direction of home, trying to kid myself that I had a concussion from my fight, that none of it had happened. But, in the back of my mind, I felt a small niggling doubt, like something new had happened that something had changed, that my life would never be quite the same.

I sat at my desk, pencil in hand, staring at the blank piece of paper before me, 2000 word essay on the norman conquest of Britain due in three days. I gulped, it was going to be tough, a deadline that I had to meet or risk failing my history class. I cracked my hands and splayed my fingers, palm out. All of a sudden it flooded into my mind, it hadn't been a dream, the wall was real, and the barrier I had been keeping up for a mere two hours had already failed. I didn't know what the wall had done to me but I could feel it, an energy coursing through me, something new and old, ancient and beautiful and itching to be set free. I let out a long breath. It had to be something to do with my hands, each time I splayed my fingers the feeling of energy returned, the feeling of power. I levelled my hand and pointed my palm at a pot that sat on my desk and concentrated. I didn't expect anything to happen, I didn't think anything would happen. I forced all of my will into my hand, and just as I had expected, no effect. I relaxed, letting my hand and mind go limp. The pot toppled.

My eyes bugged and a small trickle of blood seeped out of my nose. I smiled my heart racing.

"Don't overreact, it could have been the wind, you need to try again, just to be sure" I said to myself, chuckling slightly. I righted the pot and resumed my hand in the position, the feeling of power resumed; I focused my will into my hand and released it. The pot flew backward and impacted the wall, teetering to the right before finally falling over. My mouth formed an 'O' and I laughed. I had powers, real, brilliant powers, powers I could put to use.

I stared at the milk carton. Mom was still asleep and this would be my perfect time to practice. I curved my hand as if I was picking it up and lifted, not only my hand, but I pictured the carton moving, and move it did. The carton shook slightly in the air but it rose none the less. I then lowered my hand but imagined the carton staying where it was, the carton shook a little more and I could feel the beginnings of a headache, but, the carton stayed exactly where it was. I let a smile play across my lips. As I slept the previous night I had dreamt of conquering my enemies with my power, really the best power that there was telekinesis. I thought I was alone with my ability, that I was the only one. That would be proved wrong.

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