So this ending sucks, umm I will probably revamp this later but I had a really great idea that I want to work on. Anyway, kinda scared to ask for reviews but I'm asking anyway.

Dean winced as the brambles brushed across his face. An Arachne perched two feet in front of him. He almost missed the days when they looked like humans. The creature in front of him had a hideously bloated, white body with eight legs as skinny as twigs but made of something almost impossible to break. The worst part was the head, the face of the person the creature used to be, deformed by giant white sores. Luckily the creature had its back turned towards him.

Comparatively speaking Arachnes were easy to kill. Their joints were extremely weak and one good tug was all it would take to dislodge a leg or two, after that they just unraveled into a pile of spider silk. They're body parts were useful. That's why dean was hunting this one, the legs were useful for their strength and transparency. They could be used as supports for his shelter, and the silk was strong enough to be walls and a roof. Not to mention the legs made Awesome weapons.

Dean was about to make his move when there was this strange noise. It sounded like breathing, labored breathing. Then a blue box appeared. If that wasn't weird enough, Meg stepped out, made a wizard of Oz reference and shot the Arachne. It dissolved into legs and silk before a light began to float out of it. A long time ago, Dean had figured out those lights were the human souls that had been turned into monsters.

"So...this is purgatory?" Another man stepped out of the box. He was British, oh god.

"It's where monsters go. Humans go to heaven or hell, monsters come here." Meg looked around for a moment before seeing the hunter in the bushes, "Dean, is that you?"

Dean dislodged himself from the thorns, "Meg? What the hell are you doing here?"

The demon crossed her arms, "Saving your useless ass. Where's feather face?"

Dean frowned, "Cas? The dude split the moment we got here. Why do you care?"

The doctor examined the dead Arachne, their conversation faded into the background, after a moment the man tapped his shoulder, "Hey, inspector space-time, let's go. It's not safe here."

The doctor looked at meg who nodded. "Alright, lead the way."

Dean looked him over, "Where'd you pick up this one? He's wearing a friggin Bow tie for Christ's sake."

The Doctor frowned, "of course I'm wearing a bow tie," he straightened it, "Bow ties are cool."

"Whatever dude."

Meg sighed, "He's called, The Doctor. He travels through time and space with his magic closet."

"First of all, it's shaped like a police box, not a cupboard-"

"Are you serious?" Dean ignored the lunatic in the tweed suit.

"Just trust me..." Meg sighed.

"Yeah, fat chance." Dean mumbled.

"We need to find angel boy." Meg looked around. The Doctor smiled, the angel and the demon. How quaint.

"Yeah well good luck." Dean crossed his arms. "I haven't seen him since we got here."

"Maybe if to prayed to him..."

"Why would he start answering now?" Dean crossed his arms.

"Tell him I'm here."

"He doesn't have to," A deep voice sounded behind him. The Doctor and Dean both jumped but the angel was staring at his demon.

"Hello, Meg."

Everyone jumped. Meg even gasped, "Clarence you idiot!"

"Hello meg, beautiful as ever." The angel smiled.

"Stop it, I mean it." she rolled her eyes.

"So this is the boyfriend..." The Doctor looked him over, "The angel..."

"Maybe the last, Castiel," the angel offered a hand.

"The /last/ angel," the Doctor circled around him, "You know people call me that sometimes." he tried to sonic the trench-coated man but he disappeared. He reappeared next to Meg.

"I find that noise...painful." he wrapped his arms around a squirming Meg.

The Doctor frowned, his screw driver was saying almost nothing, it didn't even acknowledge that he'd teleported. The only thing remarkable about the angel was the strange energy signature. "Well, let's go then." The doctor smiled. "Everyone into the Tardis."

"You mean that thing?" Dean raised an eyebrow, "We can't all fit!"

"You'd be surprised," Meg smirked.

The Doctor ushered them inside. Everybody lives. He needed more days like this.