Hey, ya'll! It's me, TheGirlWithTheGreenLightSaber.

I'm sorry. I truly am. I'm not quitting, just leaving for a little bit. I find it strange yet cool that people are still checking my chapters and reading them (yeah, I can see my stats). This is also in my profile in case you want to read it. Feel free to PM me any time - if just to ask questions or talk or write short bits (I'll see what I can do). Review if you don't have an account and I can still reply :D Well, here's my message:

If ya'll know me and have read my stories, you probably read my old profile, the one I wrote when I was still in 7th grade. Yes, my name is still Alyssa, I still love Star Wars and Teen Titans and I still very much enjoy ponies and jars of peanut butter. I still read and write and act and I'm not quite as socially awkward as I was before.

However, although I am still the same in a lot of ways, I'm also nothing like GSaber in just as many.

I've started writing more original work rather than fanfiction, and illustrating a bit more. I've started writing screenplays and scripts rather than outright parodies of what already is great written art. I've gotten more into performance rather than the background person who moves sets and writes skits (although those are fun as well). I'm starting high school in less than a week as well, and with the workload (which I'm not worried about), my piano time (which I'm slightly worried about), and high school swim practice (which I am exceedingly worried about), I have very limited time to spend with my friends and family and sadly, the internet.

So I suppose what I am trying to say is I am going on hiatus. How long? I'm not quite sure. Perhaps I will get to push in another chapter here or there, but its unlikely. I promised ya'll I wouldn't quit my story. That's true. However, while I was at the time joking about it, it may actually take me 30 years to complete them all.

I know, I know, a bunch of you are probably in high school or older, and you guys are rolling your eyes like "Omg, you're going on hiatus after like, a year, cuz of high school? LAME." but the truth is I'm really freaked out by it. And if this year goes anything like last year, I'll be too busy enjoying myself to sit down and try to force creativity out of my mind (which, by the way, is way more painful than waiting until you know what you want to write and writing for fun). Last year, fanfiction turned into a game I was playing with myself. "I'll do it tomorrow". Well, tomorrow turned into today turned into yesterday and soon enough, tomorrow never happened and summer started.

My point is, I have one thing to say. Just one word.