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I do watch Once! Everyone seems to adore Rumbelle, and I can totally see the appeal (plus I'm a huge Emilie de Ravin fan since Lost) but I actually don't ship anyone on the show. It's really refreshing to just enjoy a show and not be utterly heartbroken if the characters don't work out the way you want! Also, I get grumbly and mumble in annoyance whenever I hear Snow and Charming say 'I will always find you'. I love their wondrously cheesy love but dammit, get your own line!

I remember my friends being big fans when it was at the height of popularity, but luckily I was never forced to watch any!

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I'm sure it was, it's the only thing that makes sense.

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We hear what we want to hear. Tara wanted to protect Willow and Willow accepted it in that moment, though not consciously. BUT you totally twigged where I was going (patience is a virtue, you're too quick for me :P) (and I think Tara could be convinced to throw a snowball if challenged!)

Tara woke rather abruptly when she felt the bed start to shake quite violently underneath her.

"Tara! Tara! You were right!"

Tara's eyes were just opening but her hands were gripping the mattress.

"Are we having an earthquake?"

Willow ceased jumping on the bed and it stopped shaking straight away.

"No, no, it snowed!"

Tara let go of the sheet in relief and exhaled slowly. She didn't need to look at the clock to know it was still barely dawn.

"It was snowing when we went to sleep."

"But it kept snowing like you said it might and now there's LOTS!" Willow replied, giddily standing at the window to look outside, "It's white everywhere!"

"I'm sure it's very pretty," Tara replied, turning onto her side to go back asleep.

Willow bounced over and climbed on top of Tara.

"Let's play."

Tara wasn't entirely awake yet, but was alert enough to process that. She started to lean up to kiss her girlfriend, but Willow was off her again and throwing heavy clothes to her from the closet.

"Here, wear warm clothes."

Tara was confused why clothes were being thrown at her and not torn off her, until a sweater hit her in the face and she realised Willow meant playing in the snow. She was annoyed, but in that particular way that only Willow could illicit, where she'd still go along with whatever her girlfriend wanted.

She swung her legs off the bed and started to dress, rubbing her tired eyes between adorning each garment. She had barely pulled her boots on, when Willow grabbed her hand and pulled her through the silent hallway and outside.

The grass was covered with more than a foot of snow, and most trees and hedges were only peeking patches of green. Willow was looking around in awe, and Tara decided the brusque and cold awakening was worth it, just to see that look on her girlfriend's face.

She watched Willow familiarise herself with the feel of the snow, but wasn't quick enough to dodge a snowball when it came hurtling her way.


Willow giggled and bent down to sculpt another one, but was surprised to feel a retaliating cold shot against her neck. It took her a second to get over the initial shock, but then grinned and worked the snow into a ball even faster.

"I'll get you for that, Maclay!"

Not even the early birds of school were walking around campus at that time, so they had a lot of open space all to themselves. They made use of the trees and bushes to hide behind and add to their fun, until Willow suddenly plopped right down on her butt in the middle of the snow.

"I wanna do that thing! Where you lie down and– snow angels! That's it!"

She fell back and spread her limbs, moving them back and forth like she'd seen people on TV do so often.

Tara was all too aware how icy the snow was, but wanted Willow to have the experience and sank down into the snow to make an angel with her.

Willow's smile spread from ear to ear as she stretched one arm out to lace their fingers together.

"You're freezing and you hate me right now, don't you?"

Tara wiggled her cold, clothed fingers against Willow's.

"The first one, yes," she said, picking up some snow with her other hand and sprinkling it over their conjoined ones, "Snow is fun with you."

"You said you loved snow days," Willow replied, smiling at the mini snowstorm.

Tara nodded quickly.

"Oh yeah. Yeah, I did."

Willow frowned, not liking the look on Tara's face.

"You don't seem so sure."

Tara looked up at the sky for a moment, then turned her head to Willow.

"Forget about it. I want new memories with you."

It hit Willow all at once all the possibilities of the 'old' memories. She opened her mouth to tell Tara she didn't have to hide things like that, but decided to let it go and appreciate the moment.

"Of course. I love you."

Tara squeezed their hands together and tilted herself over to bump their nose-shaped icicles off each other.

"I love you too."

Willow smiled softly and rolled over right on top of Tara, her bubble jacket adding a thick layer between them. She leaned right in to peck Tara's cold lips.

"Let me buy you a hot chocolate to warm you up?"

"Is the coffee shop even open?" Tara asked as Willow helped her stand again, grateful they were back to being happy again.

"Go find out?" Willow suggested and they walked, gloved hands linked, to the campus coffee shop.

They were just opening, the smell of coffee strong and only person behind the counter while the other took the chairs down from the tables.

Tara took a seat at one of the already-available tables while Willow ordered their hot chocolates and brought two steaming mugs down to them. Tara removed her gloves to warm her hands on the ceramic, then blew gently on the steam and took a long sip of cocoa.

"Mmm," she said softly as it warmed her belly, but sighed not long after, "So I guess we're splitting up today."

Willow pouted.

"Don't say it like that."

"Sorry," Tara replied, bumping Willow's shin with her foot by way of apology, but it was less affectionate than intended given how clunky her combat boots were.

"Not of the split-y, just of the break-y," Willow reasoned, "I'll take the library and you can take the room. It's the only way we'll get any study done for finals."

"Can we meet for dinner?" Tara asked.

"You betcha," Willow replied happily, "We should do that each evening. Dinner. We won't get much other time together…Ships in the night. Grabbing food whenever we can, shuffling between exams and studying. Too tired to fool around."

Tara's lips quirked up on one side.

"I didn't know ships fooled around."

Willow nodded matter-of-factly.

"Well, I guess technically they don't, but there's been cases of people who were attracted and had sex with them. Even 'married' one."

Tara nodded slowly and Willow shrugged.

"You learn a lot of crazy things when you major in psychology. Hmm, I wonder if that will come up on an exam…"

They finished their drinks and begrudgingly went back to their dorm to gather their textbooks and study aides for the day.

Willow was half-heartedly organising her books in her book bag but kept casting a glance out the window; even the thought of getting into the snow again not appealing to her if she had to be away from Tara all day.

"It's cold, I don't want to go out there again."

Tara looked over.

"That novelty wore off quick. I'll go."

"No, no," Willow replied quickly, "You were just sick. It's okay, I'm just being a baby."

Tara looked over at the alarm clock, which was brandishing an early time, even for them.

"Well, you know, we're up at least an hour before we probably would have been, why don't you stay and warm up for a little while first? You won't be missing out on any of the study you planned."

Willow perked up immediately.

"Warm up?"

Tara had her back turned but a slow grin still went across her face.

"Yeah…warm up."

Willow bounced over excitedly.

"…are we implying the same thing?"

Tara hid her grin and produced something as she faced Willow.

"Hot water bottle."

Willow's face fell.

"Oh. Yeah," she said, taking the offering less than enthusiastically, "Guess I'll fill it up."

She turned to put the kettle on, but Tara caught her by the waist from behind and pulled her back. Willow beamed and giggled, leaning back into her girlfriend's front.

"You're a tricky one, Maclay."

Tara opted for a non-verbal response and slipped her hand under Willow's shirt to caress her stomach. Her other hand pressed against Willow's thigh, but curled back almost straight away as the fabric was damp from their frolic in the snow.

"You're all wet."

"Can you feel me through my jeans?" Willow asked, embarrassed, then realised what Tara meant and blushed more, "Oh. Um, let me hang them up."

She peeled them from her and hung them off the back of the desk chair. then turned back to Tara, who had moved to sit on the bed; back against the wall and legs stretched out on the mattress.

"…should I put another pair on?" Willow asked, standing in her shirt and panties.

Tara lifted her hips ever so slightly off the bed.

"Why don't you take mine off instead?"

Willow all but leapt onto the bed and climbed on top of Tara.

"I love it when you're saucy."

Tara blushed, but smiled; she loved that she felt so at ease with herself. She took Willow's cheeks in her palms and pulled her in for a kiss.

Willow lay her body on top of Tara's and pulled her hip up. Tara's pants would only allow so much flexibility, so Willow was quick to dive on the button and yank them free.

Tara felt Willow's cold thigh hit hers and jumped.

"Hey, we're supposed to be warming up."

Willow placed her hands over each of Tara's knees and moved them up her thighs in a circular motion. The friction helped Tara's skin to lose the chill, but the warmth it caused in her belly was even better for heating her up.

Willow brushed over the corner of Tara's panties, then slid a hand over the fabric. She felt the bump through the material and rubbed gently.

Tara lifted her hips into the touch, but could only take so much with her panties keeping her from pure Willow-touch.

"Willow, take them off…they're going to get ruined."

Willow didn't think that was the real reason but saw an opportunity to tease.

"Why would they be ruined?"

She pressed her fingers right in, making the fabric slick. Tara's hips rolled into the touch.

"Because you're making me wet."

Willow watched Tara's arousal seep out and moisten her fingers.

"Yeah, I can feel that…"

Tara was too turned on and flushed already to redden any more. She pushed her hips up again to encourage their ridding, but when Willow didn't comply, she took matters into her own hands and reached down to push them over her knees.

She thought Willow would relieve her of the final tug, but instead watched as her shins were grabbed and held in place, stopping the further removal.

"Now you're trapped and all mine."

The touch was light and Tara knew nothing but playful, but it was agony none the less.


Willow ran her hands up and down to Tara's calves and back.

"If you can get my clothes off without moving from that spot…I'll make your thighs my earmuffs."

Tara arched her neck right back against the pillow in frustration, though couldn't deny the tingles shooting through her. She took as deep a calming breath as she could, and straightened her back as she let it out.

The intensity of the look Willow received as Tara met her eye again made her breath catch and hands still. She could only watch, eyes glued, as Tara, with the barest of movement, began to unbutton her own sweater.

Tara had to shift quite a bit, but managed to maintain her grace as she wrestled the garment out from under her.

Willow watched Tara's breast strain against her bra and felt a palpable ache between her legs. She was so distracted by their soft curve and gentle bounce that she found herself caught off guard when Tara used some kind of cowgirl skill Willow was unaware of to hook the sweater around her neck and use each sleeve to pull her right on top.

"Whoa," Willow said, her own shirt riding up so their stomachs touched.

She stared into Tara's flamed eyes for a moment and let her hand travel from her girlfriend's hip and up her side, then reaching underneath to unclasp the bra. She pulled it off and cupped one of Tara's breasts, while her lips found the delicate patch of skin under her earlobe.

She felt Tara writhe, but had forgotten about their wager until she found herself suddenly topless. She felt Tara's feet trying to kick the panties past her knees, not even having felt them being moved down her legs.

Willow was about to laugh at the absurdity, but Tara proved quite skilled in the endeavour.

"Hey, that was some fancy footwork," she said when they were both divested of clothing.

Tara was quite breathless from the body contortions of undressing Willow without much movement, but was more than ready to claim her prize. She fixed Willow with a steady gaze, which turned into a sloped grin.

Willow felt her heart speed up and become more aroused; both only increasing when Tara lifted a finger and pointed firmly downward. Willow could only comply.

"Yes, ma'am."

She lavished Tara's body with kisses on her way down. Her hands followed her girlfriend's curves before finally gripping her thighs and pulling them apart.

She lay flat on her stomach and gently tugged Tara down until she was at her mouth. She pressed her lips to Tara's mound, then let her tongue poke between the top of her lips.

Tara gasped, her hips jerking in time, as the warmth wiggled against her sensitive skin. She rolled her hips into Willow's mouth and watched, aroused, as her girlfriend's head gently bobbed between her legs.


Her nails were gently clawing at the sheet as Willow played with her clit and teased her opening. She felt herself ache inside and clenched to stave it off.

Willow appeared to feel the tension, as she ceased teasing and filled Tara with two long and strong fingers.

Tara moaned through her teeth and pushed down to take their length, almost smacking Willow's head with her thigh in the process.

Willow didn't seem to mind, but did take Tara's leg over her shoulder so they both didn't go tumbling off the bed.

She used her fingers to scoop Tara's arousal from her; letting it coat her lips, which in turn delicately took her girlfriend's clit between them.

She could almost feel the knot in Tara's stomach unravelling around her, and broke out her best moves to give Tara as intense an orgasm as she could.

She knew she was on the right track when Tara had to cover her mouth with the pillow and was all but kicking her with thrashing legs.

She loved Tara like that; unhinged and out of control, and her enjoyment showed in her efforts. She was working Tara like a finely tuned dial and making her come in the most explosive of ways.

The cold had long left Willow, surrounded now only by the molten heat of Tara's embrace and the heavy air around them.

She could feel Tara spasming around her; feeling hotter and tighter as the pillow struggled to insulate the noise.

Willow didn't care; she loved Tara the louder she was, but knew her girlfriend felt great embarrassment still from being labelled a 'screamer'. Still, it pleased her ears, and certain other areas, to hear her girlfriend's moans, and Tara reaped the benefits of the encouragement.

Tara couldn't bear the heat of the pillow anymore and flung it from her, off to the side again. She bit her lip as a back-up plan, though the pressure ready to break in her abdomen made her almost tear skin.

It took just a last look down at Willow's hair splayed on her thighs for the final swell to break. Her body shook quite gently in comparison to how she was before, the energy slowly leaving through her toes.

She knew she had some time to recover since Willow loved the 'clean-up' as much as the actual act, so took her time in letting her limbs relax and return to functioning again.

Willow's head popped up like a gopher a few minutes later, hair sticking to the front of her brow, while the back was mussed. She tried to flop down beside Tara, but ended up awkwardly arched over the tossed pillow. She pushed it out of the way and scooted over to share Tara's.

"Hey, good-lookin'."

Tara blushed and smiled, reaching out to wipe the hair from Willow's brow. Their noses were almost touching and bodies connected at shoulder–, hip– and ankle-level.

Tara let her hand fall from Willow's brow, to her ear and shoulder and then down her arm before gently falling off. She re-joined to follow the curve of Willow's buttocks, then took her girlfriend's cheek in her hand and turned on her side to pull their bodies flush together.

Willow's eyes fluttered closed. She could feel the sheen of Tara's body gliding against her and light caresses leaving her body in trembles.

Her mouth lightly parted, which Tara took as an offering and drew her girlfriend's bottom lip into her mouth.

Willow thought she might come just from the sensual suck-and-nibble. Her belly was burning with desire and tightened with frustration when it felt as if Tara cut off all contact.

She opened her eyes just in time to see Tara holding her own hand up to her mouth. Time slowed for her as she watched Tara's tongue slide over the tops of three of her fingers, then she was quickly brought back in time when those fingers were rubbing over her clit.


Tara's lips were on hers again before she could even vocalise her surprise, kissing her with the same passion and frenzy of her hand moving below.

Willow let Tara own her through the kiss, only able to take in sharp breaths every few seconds; the quiet gasping sounds the only noise in the room.

Her eyes rolled back into her head; clit jumping under Tara's fevered touch and heart beating at the same erratic pace.

Her hands crossed behind Tara's neck, fingers sliding into her scalp and pushing their mouths closer together.

She pumped her hips into Tara's hand and came with a moan into her girlfriend's mouth. Their lips were just resting on each other now, each of their chests pushing into each other with the gentle heave of laboured breath.

Willow eventually had to extract herself to get a much needed sip of water, and turned back to Tara passed out, blanket half-on and half-off her chest.

"Well that was a way to kill an hour."

"Don't go," Tara mumbled, hand blinding searching for her, "Five minutes."

Willow took another swig of water and resumed her place with her head on Tara's pillow, bodies close enough to warm each other.

She was happy to lay in companionable silence for a lot more than the five designated minutes, idly stroking Tara's arm.

"I should really get there so I can get a table…" she said eventually, looking regretfully at the clock, but garnered no response, "Tara?"

A quick look determined Tara had fallen into a deep post-coital sleep; cheeks still pink and lips softly swollen.

Willow thought her the height of beauty and couldn't resist a soft lingering kiss to those lips. She silently removed herself from the bed and had a lightning-quick shower before dressing and checking her bag for her supplies again.

She set the alarm to give Tara a half hour's rest, kissed her cheek, and went off to do her study for the day.

"So guess what?"

Tara was tidying up the desk, having finished up her revision.


"Hanukkah and Christmas are on the same day this year," Willow said, looking at the calendar hanging on the wall, "Well, technically Hanukkah starts, but you know what I mean."

"That's great," Tara replied with a smile, "I've never celebrated Hanukkah before, what do we do?"

Willow shrugged.

"We don't have to do anything. Honestly, I never did since I left home."

"What did you do at home?" Tara asked, interested.

"Um, well, when they were around we had dinner and lit the menorah, that was pretty much it. It was better when I was younger and my grandparents were around."

Tara gave Willow her full attention.

"What did you do with your grandparents?"

"Told stories, draw pictures, played games, that kind of thing," Willow replied, smiling softly, "Guess everything is better from a child's perspective."

Tara thought of a little Willow and smiled more.

"So there's Hanukkah games?"

Willow nodded keenly.

"Oh yeah, have you ever heard of dreidel?"

"Oh, yes, of course," Tara replied, then added on shyly, "Heard of. My father wasn't very receptive to other religions."

Willow embraced Tara from behind.

"Well, it's fun, I'll show you how to play!"

"Do you have a dreidel?" Tara asked.

Willow jumped up and down on the spot, excited to share the game with her girlfriend.

"I'll get one, I'll get one!"

Tara smiled at her girlfriend's enthusiasm, then went off to change into pyjamas. She noticed when she was finished that Willow was staring intently at a notepad in her hand.

"What are you doing?"

"Just writing it all down," Willow replied, pen scribbling across the page, "Wanna make sure I don't short-change your Hanukkah experience."

Tara smiled affectionately, then pointed to Willow's laptop.

"Can I use that?"

Willow looked up.

"My laptop? Sure," she replied, "Do you need me to do something for you?"

Tara shook her head.

"I know how to type things into that Google thing."

Willow copied Tara's smile.


She went back to noting everything she wanted to organise, and had a pretty good list going by the time Tara was finished with whatever she was doing and came over to get under the covers.

"I'm so tired," she said, stifling a yawn.

Willow left her notepad down and grinned.

"You were pretty tired when I left you this morning too."

Tara blushed and fluffed her pillow, smiling happily.

"You wore me out, I needed a rest."

Willow leaned down and pressed a lingering kiss against Tara's lips.

"Mind if I keep the light on?" she asked, wanting to wind down a little before sleep. Tara shook her head and kissed her quick again, "Night, love you."

Tara settled into sleep, warm and more than content. Willow took a seat at the desk and opened her laptop. The browser was closed, but when she opened it, it brought up all of the previous tabs. She hadn't intended to snoop, but they just popped up in front of her.

She was first surprised, then touched, to find they were all links from the very first tab, a search for 'History of Hanukkah'.

She looked over her shoulder to her sleeping girlfriend and closed her laptop again, deciding she very much needed to be cuddling into Tara right then. She tiptoed over and slid under the blanket, gathering Tara in her arms.

Tara nuzzled into her, but stayed asleep.

Willow relaxed by steadying her breathing with Tara's, and soon followed her into slumber.