I am a creature of the night, never abiding by day if I can help it. I am as old as time itself, I am not alive, yet not quite dead. I am indestructible from mortal means yet I must feed to live. I am an incubus of the second generation, one that feeds upon mortal blood rather than souls, a vampire.

I grinned to myself as I let the limp body of the once alive mortal drop, cleaning my mouth with a few flicks of my tongue and the back of my hand. Foolish creatures, why are they even here?

"To feed us, youngling," a voice said behind me and I whirled calmly to face the speaker.

"Ah, good evening to you. And I happen to be around your age so you shouldn't call me youngling."

"You do think I will listen? You are losing your touch." My comrade pointedly ignored me, a look of boredom lingering.

I snorted and climbed up the wall of the building. "So the humans to have some use to us. Why then do we cower and only dwell at night?"

"They outnumber us and they have the advantage of being able to go in both daylight and night."

I snorted again. "As can we." Contrary to popular belief, sunlight does not kill my kind, only somewhat hampers us, but with the right protections, we can survive in the daylight hours and provided we have rest.

"Do not be cocky, my friend, you never know." I only half listened to the advice as I continued to climb up. I am a vampire, a creature older then humanity, and far more powerful.


Hikari Yagami, vampire slayer, pulled on her leather fingerless gloves, tightening them.

Her brother Taichi looked over from strapping on his belt of weapons. "You ready?"

She grinned at him. "You bet."

They resembled each other to some extent for people to identify them as relations, having brown hair, gold-tawny skin, and brown eyes, but that was where resemblance ended.

Taichi, also known as Tai, was taller and muscular, his slightly bushy hair a dark chestnut brown and his eyes a few shades lighter, his skin also tanned and weathered. At the moment he wore black jeans with a loose tanktop of the same color, a raven leather jacket completing the ensemble, all with silver trimmings. He was holding his sunglasses in his hand as he adjusted the silver and black leather belt around his trousers.

Hikari, or Kari, was slim, yet athletic; her shoulder length hair lighter than her brother's and her eyes an interesting, odd red brown and her skin paler in complexion. She wore an outfit very similar to his, only designed for the feminine form as she laced up her boots.

"What's the target tonight?" he asked, checking and cocking his pistol.

"The boss wants us to just do our regular rounds, maybe stop to check by that bar," Kari said, shrugging, reloading her own and seeing if she had ammunition.

"Aw," he groaned. "I wanted a good assignment."

"Tough luck Tai," she told him. "We have to follow orders."

"Who's coming with us?" Tai then asked.

Kari checked the notice she had. "Hmm, nearly everyone else is busy on their own rounds, but do you want me to call Willis?"

"No, no, he is not hitting on you," the young man glared. "I swear, if he tries anything more…"

"I'm not your little baby sister anymore!" she shouted. "I've learned to care for myself. Ever since Mom and Dad…" She then fell silent. The subject of their parent's deaths was still painful at times. They had both fallen into an ambush on a slaying mission and were killed.

Tai looked at her and said softly, "That's why I keep you so close…"


"Shit!" A string of rather vulgar but inventive cursing echoed throughout the room. "Damn you!"

"Calm down Yolei, it was nothing," a voice begged her, slightly cowed.

"Nothing?! I spent two weeks working on the spell! Two whole *weeks* of no sleep, hardly anything to eat or drink, and keeping my mind on this! Bloody hell!"

"Calm down," a quiet voice said and she slowly did so.

A young woman with hair with highlights of lavender and mauve glared angrily, amber-brown eyes flashing as she threw her hands up in the air, ruffling the sleeves of her black blouse. She shot a look of pure venom at a young man with burgundy-brown hair who held his hands in front of him in defense, smiling weakly.

Another young man stepped behind her and slowly massaged her shoulders with skilled hands, slender, pale digits working their way upon tense muscles. His blue-black hair, shoulder length, fell in front of his pale skinned face as his indigo eyes looked at her.

"Daisuke, I will personally kill you if you ever try that again," the woman known as Yolei growled, the etched pentagram upon her forehead glowing dull red.

"Do calm down, as much as I like your fiery nature, it is overwhelming," the man massaging her shoulders purred into her ear, his lips lightly tracing her neck.

"And this is coming from a demon, Ken," she said, looking at him, but not at all displeased from the treatment.

"Do get a room," the brunette grumbled, edging away.

Yolei snarled at him, "Do make yourself useful. Get out of my sight until you are sure you can handle not disturbing the spells of others!" He fled swiftly. The pentagram cooled to light silver.

"Sometimes that's what I love about you," the demon whispered, still working on her shoulders and flicking his tongue lightly over one of her ears.

"You do know I am going to release you from your bond here, so no need to flatter."

"Where else would I go? It's better if I stay with you, you do need taking care of."



Kari stifled a yawn as she patrolled. Tai was just some distance away, drinking from a slim vial of some formula one of the chemists had brewed for them, something that was stronger than caffeine, but not addicting. She mused to herself, hand over pistol.

"I got you," Tai then said, speaking to the small communication device on his wrist. "Do you want us to investigate?"

"Negative," the slightly crackly voice said. "Stay at your posts."

"What is it?" Kari asked as he turned off the device.

"No, just something Daisuke was letting me know about," he said. "About the activities of Yolei…"

"She's a renegade, she offers her services to those who offer the most," the younger slayer said with some disgust. "We can't trust her, and she summoned a demon, remember?"

"We can't prove that," he warned her. "And she isn't quite stepping over the line either. She's a powerful necromantress* and witch, we can't afford to offend her, renegade or not."

"Are the rumors true?" Kari asked quietly. "That she is a…"

Tai turned solemn brown eyes at her. "We do not know if she is a shinigami** yet."

The young slayer shuddered slightly. "If she is one, than she can't be killed."

"True," her brother nodded and sighed. "It's good we have someone about her strength."

"Joe, we can't exactly entrust completely either," Kari said, hesitating.

"He's reliable though."

"He joined us pretty recently and we don't know much about his past…"

"That's the same with Daisuke." Tai absently ran his fingers through his long hair.

"Daisuke I know we can trust, Joe… I really don't know. He has fangs."

"We tested him, he isn't a vampire at all, our technology will be able to see if he is even a tiny bit of that blood."

"Just drop the subject, Tai." She looked at the rowdy nightclub just some distance away, a long line in front of it. "Should we go in?"

"No, we shouldn't…" He gave her a look.

"I've been in bars and nightclubs before, Tai, I'm 22 years old for hell's sake," she snapped.

"Hmph, you two argue too much." A gruff voice suddenly sounded behind them and they whirled around.

"Ferio," Tai said coolly, nodding to the scarred, green haired man. There had always been some coolness between the two, for Ferio had been somewhat condescending of Tai.

Kari stepped in between the two. "No fighting. Ferio, you're supposed to be on your patrol."

The man shrugged. "So I got bored. But word in the air is that vampires are having a masque ball in about five days."

"So?" Tai demanded. "What does that have to do with us?"

"I'm getting to it," the scarred slayer snapped. "Two of the most prominent vampires in their society are going to be there, it's a perfect opportunity."

"Ha," Tai snorted. "With vampires swarming around? Not likely."

"Ask Miyako," Ferio suggested. "They are wary of her and she has powerful magic."

"Dealing with her is a double edged blade," Kari said tensely. "We should not, we cannot…"

"Nonetheless, her power is impressive, she can duplicate the auras of multiple beings," Ferio argued. "Including vampires. Not even Presea is that good."

"We have to discuss this with the others and the boss," Tai interjected and fixed a glare at him. "Until then, get back to your post." Mockingly saluting him, the green haired man disappeared. "I always disliked him…"

"Hush, he is an ally and we must keep our allies, in our battles." Kari's voice was soft as she fingered the elaborate cross pendant around her neck on a fine silver chain, in memory of her mother, who had given it to her.

"That doesn't mean I have to like him," Tai growled, and sulked.


"You were expecting me, brother," the blond man said coolly, stepping into the dark room. Despite the cool and dignified outer composure, he was secretly weary. Time to sleep soon.

The other man in the room turned to face him. It was clear that both were brothers, sharing the same gold-blond hair and blue eyes. The one who had been first in the room had darker sapphire eyes and had a clean-cut profile, features sharp and somewhat rugged.

The second was younger in looks, slightly shorter and lithe in build. His eyes were a softer color, not as dark as his brother's. As he looked at him, flickering light fell upon a finely chiseled face, features almost too delicate for a mortal man.

But then again, neither of the males in the room was mortal.

"Yes, indeed," the taller man turned; raven black wings of bat-like design rustling upon his back.

"Than what is it?" the newcomer demanded, voice slightly sharp. "I grow weary as the night progresses, my dear brother Yamato." The last part was said almost sardonically as he glared.

"Peace, Takeru, it is only about the masque," Yamato answered blandly.

"You fear about an ambush," Takeru stated shortly.

"Somewhat. Behave yourself there, Takeru, I will not have another succubus or demon angry at me because you just had to comment on what they wore or on their appearance."

The shorter grinned impishly and innocently, hardly any mirth in the expression. "Who, me? I would never do that."

Yamato snorted. "For all your centuries, you are still very naïve, little brother."

"Ha, you're hardly older than myself." His own wings rustled. Instead of bat like or dragon structures, they were feathered and colored sable black, rather unusual for a vampire.

"Age means much to a vampire, if you are weary, get some sleep, the masque is some time from this night."

Bowing to his older brother, Takeru left in a flurry of black feathers and silk clothing.

A/N: I hope you don't mind this idea; it's a pet project of mine… Some notes to observe:

* Necromantress is a female title for the term necromancer. I'm not quite sure if it is a real title, but just work with me… A necromancer is a magic user that is able to revive up the dead into lifeless animation (in most circumstances) and/or return life to a corpse, and communicate with spirits. They also have abilities over darkness in some cases. Often they are not quite alive themselves or immortal. Generally they are known as renegades, as my portrayal is shown in this story, or plain straight antagonists. Technically, they are not "evil" despite their magic. They are only mages with abilities that are more unusual than most.

** Shinigami are like a combination of ghosts and zombies. They are spirits that have something to finish on Earth or cannot "pass on." But, unlike a ghost, they have physical form and bodies. Like zombies, they cannot be killed (at least to my knowledge) and retain special abilities. Unlike them however, they are not controlled by someone and are independent to some extent.

All right, this is mostly from memory so bear with me. If you would like me to continue, tell me. I am also open to suggestions, corrections, background information, etc. Do review.