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I've read fanfics from this page for ages! So I asked myself…why not try it? So, let's see how this works!

I wrote this story in Spanish, which is my first language. So, I think I will make a lot of mistakes. If that's the case, please tell me so I can correct them. I take it as a way to learn and improve my use of English. I accept critics about everything. Hope you like it =)

1) " " = represents thoughts

2) ... = represents silences.

3) AABBCC= Shouting.

Detective Conan is not mine.


It was a night relatively pleasing. Autumn had arrived a month ago, and the change in climate, let's call it cold, it was beginning to make its presence in the environment. We could also see how many different leaves, in shapes and colours, were falling down from their branches, making a soft and a very attractive path, where you would like to pass just to stomp over them and listen to the crunch under your shoes, or simply laze above as if they were a cotton mattress.

In a park, not too far from the city, two figures could be seen through the street lamps that lit the road. It would seem as if these two young people have known each other for many years, and they were talking amicably... or maybe… not so amicably.

-Ran, please, listen to me…

-¡NO, no I won't! I don't want to hear more pathetic excuses from you anymore; I don't want to know absolutely nothing about YOU! Who are you...? Who the hell are you? I really don't know you and I think after all this years, I have never done. How could you lie to me in that way?


-NO! No more buts, no more nothing. I thing I had enough and I... don't want to see you again, not now, not ever. I can't bear with the pain you are making me feel. So, get away from me and let me live in peace. I hate you!

With no more to say and without wanting to listen to a word, Ran turned around and started walking hastily, while her heart began to contract, causing a pain so deep and ripper in her chest. It was so strong, that tears started rolling down her cheeks, like drops of freezing rain in the middle of winter.

Once she arrived to her house, she didn't even bother to check if her father was at home, and went straight to the only place, where she knew she could ease the affliction and all the negative emotions she was having: her bedroom. She threw herself in her bed and drowned between sobs, pain, disappointment and more than anything else…, with a broken heart.

Shinichi was static to the place after hearing... those... words? ... He couldn't believe it. Again and again, he remembered every word, every movement... and yet... he couldn't believe it.

However, his heart started to show signs that he really had understood what happened, when it began to knock hardly against his chest, causing him to breath with difficulty. His brain, ironically, told him...-"Hey! Your heart stop pounding man, but you're alive...Isn't that a bit illogical and incoherent? You, a person made of pure logic!"

Conclusion: He lost her, and this time for always. This time he wasn't even going to be in the size of a child to watch her. He lost sight of her friendly and sweet smiles, her eyes so deep that you felt like you could swim in them, that angelical voice, her blows and fights, their times and outputs together... including those small occasional phone calls... absolutely everything. Lost. It was over. And this time, there was no turning back...

-"How the hell did this happen? I never imagined this could end in this way"

He began walking slowly toward his house. He felt heavy. If anybody could have seen him at that exact moment, it could have witnessed a complete zombie in the middle of the street. His eyes lost their brightness so characteristic and seemed off, dead. His face took unbelievers outlines and an expression of total suffering and unbearable pain.

He arrived home, and did the only thing he could think at that time. He reached for his phone and dialled three numbers.

- Hello?

-…. Hey… it's…me.

-Shin-Chan? What happened? Are you okay? - A worried Yukiko asked.


- Shinichi?

- … No…

- What's going on...?

- Nothing…mmm…. I just… need to get away… from Japan for a while. Can I go there?

-… Shinichi, you're worrying me… What on earth..?

- Shinichi, what's the matter? – Yusaku lost patience and took the phone that his wife was holding at the moment.

- I just need to get away from Japan, right now …

- But…

- Please?

- All right son- He said sighing – You know you can come here. We are family and this is your home too. But... Are you sure about this? Running away from the problems is not the solution.

- I know that. But this is too much... and it surpassed me…and… I don't know what to think… or what to do. I need… to get away.

-Ok. Come here if that's what you think is right. Take care and tell me then, the flight and the hour you will land, Ok? We will talk about this when you get here.

-…Thanks… dad.

- You don't have to thank me anything, son. See you soon.

-See you.

"All right, second call"….

-International Airport of Japan, goodnight, what can I do for you?

"Goodnight? ... You are kidding me, Right? What good could this damned day have?"

- Good night, I need a ticket to Los Angeles.

-Yusaku… This doesn't look well- Yukiko sadly said.

-I know. And we also know that he is making a mistake, or at least, that's what we think. There's no way for us to have knowledge about the situation of what happened there, until he comes and explains to us all the details. However… we already have an idea of what the problem is.

-He sounded so... devastated. I have never heard him so...

- Lost? Ah. I felt that too.

Meanwhile, Kogoro just arrived to his house, after a tremendous meeting with the entire police department, the FBI and even the CIA!

"Kudo's case exceeds even the unreal and the absurdity. I had to read the reports, at least three times and verify it with the superiors in order to be able to believe the events that have occurred! What the hell were you thinking Kudo? How have you been able to dismantle the organization? I can't imagine what you have suffered... I hate you, but not that very much"

He finished climbing the stairs, opened and closed the door of his house, and when walking a few steps away, he heard someone sobbing, and in a quite unfortunate way. And obviously came from Ran's bedroom... –"Oh no! ... The last thing I needed tonight"

When walking to her daughter's room, he saw her figure lying on the bed crying, as if tomorrow wasn't going to dawn. He sat by her side, and began to brush her hair with his fingers, like he used to do when she was a little girl

-It's ok Ran... calm down, relax – He tried to sooth her while whispering.

-Dad... he... I can't...

And she suddenly sat, clinging to him and crying so heartbrokenly. It was too much, and her body, mind and hurt, couldn't stand anymore. She wept and wept until she surrendered to the fatigue and the excruciating headache she was having for crying too long. She closed her eyes, and fall asleep instantly.

-I already imagine what happened. Uuuffff... children- He said while releasing a sigh- Being a parent is not easy. Ay, ay, ay Ran. What have you done? ...Rest for now.

He put her in her bed and clogged her up with a blanket, gave her a kiss on the forehead and went to the dining room, stopping at the phone. Thinking about all the possibilities, he arrived at a determination. –"I believe it will be the best"- He thought while dialling a number he knew very well.

-Hi Eri, it's me. We have... a kind of small problem. Could you come home?

To the west, the news reached not too well to someone…

-WWWWHHHHHAAAATTT? Are you insane? I didn't realize at THAT time that you were shot in some part of your body, and as a result, you got a fulminating infection that went up to your brain and ate your neurones, and now because of that, you're talking stupidities? KUDOOOOOO! Are you an idiot or what? What do you mean you are leaving?

-Hattori, what do you want me to do? – Tried to explain a deaf Shinichi, after so many shouts.

-But fight damn it! Since when do you give up so easily? I can't wait to go where you are and get you into reason… and punch you if necessary!

-...- Tired and desolated, he responded - I am exhausted of fighting Heiji. I'm really tired... everything I did, everything I made and all what we went through. You, of all the people, know how hard everything was. And I ... I don't want to know anything more at all, I need to leave. Do you understand me?

-Sincerely, I think both of you are making the mistake of the mistakes. Decisions in hot my friend, are a very bad idea.

-And just you, the king of the orchard heaters come to say that. The world is absolutely crazy already.

-Hey hey!

-Mmm... Ok, so... see you next time Heiji. In case something happens or... anything, you know my number from where I will be staying.

-All right Shinichi. If you put your feet again in the Earth, or you need anything, let me know, ok?

-Thanks. You are like a great brother Heiji and I never thanked you all that you have done so... thanks.

-A lot of thanks in there... Snif snif... I'm going to cry from excitement...ASSHOLE! LEAVE THE SENSITIVITY AND RETURN THAT WE NEED YOU IN HERE... IDIOOOOOTTTT!

-Without words. See you soon Heiji.

-Bye Shinichi.

And Heiji Hattori hanged up. At that moment, a young girl with green eyes full of life and with her hair collected in a ponytail entered his house. She saw him sitting on the staircase pensive, but she could also see traits of sadness and incredibility.

"It's strange seeing him act so silent and quiet""

She stayed in her place, waiting to be seen. But he continued in ignorance of her presence. So she decided to move closer and see what was wrong with him.

-Heiji, are you ok? - She asked while placing one hand on his shoulder. Startled by the unexpected contact, he directed his gaze upward, and found two emeralds that looked at him with pure concern.

-Kazu?...mmm yes. I'm ok.

-You don't look well. What's the matter?

-I have just spoken with Kudo... or what remains of him.

-What do you mean by what remains of him? Is he ok?

-He fought with Ran... quite ugly.

-What? How's that? Is it very bad?

-Shinichi left the country. Did I answer your question?

-WWWHAAAATTT? He left? But, what the heck happened? I have to call Ran urgently- And she tried to get up to communicate with her friend, but Heiji stopped her.

-If I were you, I wouldn't do that. I'm not a specialist in these cases. However, I believe that both of them need a time for themselves to calm down a little, and think what they are doing. We don't really know what happened and it didn't sound so good at all. When Ran feels that she needs to talk this matter with you, she'll call you. In the meanwhile, the only thing we can do is to wait.

-I think you're right.