well i guess i'm coming full circle lol. i've written for most of my favorite shows, movies, etc., and i've dabbled in different styles of writing, including this YouPOV twilight fic i'm a bit stuck on... i found my old KimPossible fanfics that i had written when i was in fifth and sixth grade, and i got inspired to write a new one (to be honest the old ones sucked) so here we are embarking on the wildest misadventures Kim and Ron will face yet.

thanks to my superbeta Sentinel and his sidekick CB73 because i'm pretty sure they have worked on at least one of these chapters together, and thanks to Disney and the producers of KimPossible for letting me borrow the characters that made my childhood (and tweenhood) a bit more exciting (Don't worry my real disclaimer will come at the end of the story).

In the immortal words of Dr. Drakken, "Let's get this party started old skool, yo!" (and a teaser if you remember what episode that comes from WITHOUT looking it up on wikipedia or youtube or anything else...)

"To you, I'll give the world
To you, I'll never be cold
'Cause I feel that when I'm with you,
It's alright, I know it's right.

And the songbirds are singing,
Like they know the score,
And I love you, I love you, I love you,
Like never before."

-Fleetwood Mac, Songbird

"Five, six, seven, eight!" I count out loud as the cheer squad runs through the routine near to flawlessly. Too bad near-flawlessly doesn't win us the Cheerleading National Championship. I stop and turn to watch them on a part that I know is complicated. Shaking my head at one of the twin girls, Jenny, I pause the music. "Here, Jen, do it like this, try it with me." I count out the steps slowly and she sees her mistake. After a couple tries, I have them take it from the top of that section. I smile. "Yes, Jenny, you've got it." her twin Jeannie beams at her in approval. They are freshmen here on a cheer scholarship, and I like them a lot. They work hard. They are also some of the closest friends I have here.

When they all pause for a moment for drinks, I let them take their time. "When you guys are done we'll start again and then I want to work with the tumblers and the flyers, the rest of the night, so anyone who isn't doing any of that will be free to go- oh, hey Ron." I smile softly at my boyfriend of almost three years. Tall, thin frame but rather toned with all the bad-guy-fighting that we do, with messy blonde hair and warm honey brown eyes, Ron Stoppable is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me.

When he reaches me, his hands go to my waist before wrapping me in a hug. His nose brushes my cheek, and he presses a kiss into my hair. "Hi, KP," he breathes when he releases me. He smiles warmly at me, and I can feel my brain overload and quit. My insides have officially melted, brain included. He gives a small chuckle, probably at my speechlessness, and presses a kiss to the corner of my lips.

"Uh... hi," I mumble back, too distracted by the look in his eyes. They're warm and... tired. Clouded. Something is up, and I snap alert. "Long day?"

He shakes his head, his shoulders sagging. "Something's up with Hana."

"What is it? Does she need a doctor? I bet my mom has the hook-ups to some great pediatricians-"

"No, KP. Nothing like that. Just... when I talked to her today- she speaks so clearly now, KP, it's amazing- I could tell that she was off. She's never not as giggly and bubbly, you know?"

"She probably just misses you."

"Maybe." He doesn't seem convinced.

"Ron," I raise an eyebrow, "she's three. What kind of drama could a three-year-old have? Epic diaper rash... potty training problems... so NOT a big deal."

"Well she's not a normal three-year-old, you know. Remember, little miss Tot Kwon Do can run on the ceiling!" He sighs. "I have a bad feeling, KP."

When he says that and he's being completely serious, he's never wrong. Of course when he's babbling about monkey conspiracies it's hard to tell when he's being serious and when he's exaggerating, but this time it's completely and utterly no joke.

The team gets back into their formations and I sigh. I hand him my new Kimmunicator. It's small with a touch screen and I don't wear it on my wrist anymore. "Why don't you spell Wade while I wrap up practice, see if he thinks there's anything suspicious going on okay? He'll let us know and we'll be ready if something comes up okay?"

He gives me a tired half-smile. "Thank you. I love you."

Half way through tumbling practice, one of the guys, a tall muscular guy with dark hair and icy eyes (which have no appeal for me, having Ron's expressive warm honey ones) walks over to me, grabbing his water bottle. I wait stiffly for him to speak, knowing it's probably some lame attempt to hit on me. I plaster a fake smile on my face as he speaks. "Hey, Kim... congrats on making cheer captain for next year."

"Oh, thanks a lot, Blaine," I answer him, "I'm glad I get to lead you guys to nationals next year again, now if you will excuse me, I have to tumblers to train and my boyfriend is waiting for me."


I leave him standing there babbling about going out to a movie next weekend and focus back on the people who are tumbling and the flyers, making sure that they have the proper spotting and landing techniques.

I catch Ron glaring dully at Blaine, but he turns back to Wade and I make it a point to tune in what they are saying while I work. They are talking about setting up surveillance at Ron's house.

I help Jeannie and Jenny with their tumbling, which apparently I made look way easier than it actually is, and when they finally have their double round-off, double back flip sequence that ended with them in handstands down solid, I work with the flyers so that they knew just what to do. I myself am a flyer, and Ron will be seriously pissed if one of the guys drops me, so I make sure they know what they are supposed to do before I let myself be launched over Jenny's handstand, executing a perfect front layout before landing safe and sound. We try all the sequences again before everyone calls it a night after that, and I praise them for their hard work. Nationals will be cake. They'll all be sore tomorrow though...

"Let's go home, KP." Ron's arms wrap around me from behind, and I lean into him. I know he's tired from all the homework he's had to do this week. He was at this cute little Asian bistro lounge we dubbed our new hang out, reading and studying for an exam before he came to pick me up.

He's changed a lot since the whole "aliens-from-Lorwardia-wherever-the-hell-that-is" invasion. He worked so hard that summer, he'd come to my house to see me only to pass out on my couch in exhaustion, saving every penny for fall at Lowerton Community College, where he was starting his double major in Business and Culinary Arts. It was a tough year, him being in Lowerton and me being in USC, but we made it work. He got promoted to assistant manager at Smarty Mart, and he worked full time the whole year while kicking major bad-guy butt AND maintaining a near-perfect GPA. Who knew that lazy highschool Ron could be so responsible? Maturity works on him. Even the bad guys have stopped seeing him for his 'buffoonery' and have begun to see him as a real threat and my very competent partner. Not that he still doesn't play the comic relief role...

I chuckle as we walk home, and he of course wonders what's so funny.

"I was laughing because Professor Dementor called you Captain Underpants last week. Shego says everyone calls you that now." Shego and Dr. Drakken... are something else. Drakken finally figured out that being evil wasn't his thing, and he and Shego have this weird on again off again non-dating thing going on that frankly I'd rather not think about. Shudder. Even though Drakken officially retired, Shego didn't ever stop stealing or breaking and entering or generally causing mayhem. However, the two of us had come to a mutual understanding after the Lorwardian Invasion Incident, and we often call the green bitch to cause mayhem or break into evil lairs for information or to steal something that could be used for destruction. As it turned out, Shego just likes being a badass, she doesn't really care which side she works for as long as she gets to break some stuff, leave a mess, and injure someone, and get paid. When she's not a pain in the ass, she's actually pretty smart and levelheaded. And her sarcasm, when not directed at me, is pretty hilarious. It's clear why Dr. D keeps her around.

"Well it's not my fault!" Ron is defending himself, "My pants always fall off, and there were three guys on my ass. I had no choice but to kick them off and keep fighting. Besides, that distracted them long enough for you to make your move."

I chuckle again. "Brave and silly. Classic Ron."

He winks. "You know it, KP. It's how I roll."

I kiss his cheek and run up the four flights of stairs home. Home for us is a cozy two bedroom apartment with a spacious kitchen that Ron practically lives in, and a living room with a fireplace and comfy furniture in muted colors. Living with Ron is as easy as breathing... well, except the classic icky boy stuff. Socks on the living room floor, the toilet seat the wrong way, and ugh, there he goes taking off his clothes and leaving them on the closet floor again!

I clear my throat and level him with my bitch brow.

He nervously scrubs the back of his neck, a habit he picked up from his dad, and gingerly picks up the stuff and puts it in the hamper. After we're changed for the night, and I'm done lecturing him about the dirty laundry, we head for the living room.

Ron commandeers the remote, putting on a movie, and I settle into the couch with my feet in his lap to study for my abnormal psych exam tomorrow. His hands automatically go to my legs, and he gently rubs my feet and calves while intent on the movie. See? Easy as breathing.

My Kimmunicator vibrates and I absently press the connect button. "Sitch me, Wade- Mom! Hi!"

"Hi honey. How's school?"

"Stressful. I have three exams and cheerleading nationals."

"Sounds intense."

"Pray the bad guys take a break."

Mom nods in sympathy. "Hows Ron?"

"Watching a ridiculous action movie."

"Hey, hey," Ron interjects, "Revenge of the Squirrel Ninja is totally badass!"

"Right, because squirrel ninjas are totally badass. Are they even real?"

Mom is laughing as we argue over the stupid movie.

"Hey, Rufus is a monkey ninja, and he's not even a monkey! He's a naked mole rat."

I roll my eyes as Rufus squeaks his agreement. "I suppose anything is possible."

"Damn straight, KP. Hi, Mrs. Doctor P! Sorry about all that. How's it hangin?"

"The usual, Ron. Brain surgery, twins blowing up something-or-other..."

"Tweebs," I interject under my breath.

"... how about you, Ron?"

"School is great! Hey, you know it's sorta sexy watching KP do all her cheerleading stuff. Who knew she was that flexible...?"


Cue nervous chuckle from Ron. He and my dad are a conundrum. They get along fine, but they both get really awkward when it comes to me. Right now Dad's mumbling about virginal daughters and Ron's rubbing his neck again. I reach my limit.

"BYE mom and dad!"

Mom laughs her ass off and hangs up. I disconnect and throw the Kimmunicator at Ron, who ducks with a yelp.. "What was that for?"

"Weirding out my dad."

"I didn't know he was there! Your mom was a cheerleader too, you know. Maybe your dad knows about all the flex-"

"Eww! Please stop. Please."

Ron grins and steals my book and highlighter.


"Hey back, Kimmie."

"Give me my book!"

"Not a chance. You need to get rid of the parental unit images, and I have just the cure." his smirk turns mischievous. He reaches for the hem of my shirt and I smirk back at him. "How very nice of you."

"Thank you." he pulls me toward him as the clothes keep coming off.

"You're such a guy," I deadpan at him as he carries me into our room.

He just grins. "A very lucky guy! Action in movie followed by action with the bon-diggety-est girlfriend ever made... every man in the world wishes he were Ron Stoppable."

"You're so charming."

There's that obnoxious grin again. "Charming is my middle name."

His lips claim mine, and I forget all about the obnoxiousness.

We're celebrating our three year anniversary today, since tomorrow I leave for Nationals. Ron and Wade have been sneaking around for a while now, and I want to know what they're up to, but Wade just blows me off and Ron just distracts me with his sweet words, kisses, topics of conversation. Even my pouting doesn't work. And this morning Wade had the nerve to hang up on me! I'm ready to explode.

I get out of class and run all the way home, bursting into the apartment just as Ron is heading out. "Oh hey KP, going to go pick up some stuff for our date. Be ready at seven?"

I check my watch. That's an hour and a half, I should be golden. "Yeah that's great. Hurry back."

"Love you, Kimmie." He kisses my forehead affectionately and then he kisses my lips. I smile. He only calls me that when he's up to something sweet... or sexy. Or both...

Head in the game, Kim. Gotta get ready.

"Love you, too."

I shower and shave in record time, and then set about straightening my hair. When that's done, I realize thankfully that I have plenty of time to find the perfect outfit. But when I flip on the light in the walk-in closet, I realize that it isn't necessary. There's a note pinned to a garment bag . Underneath it on the floor lays a shoe box.

I carefully unpin the note. Hi Kimmie, Wade helped me out with your dress size... Don't ask how he knows that. I hope you like this. There's something on the dresser for you too. -Ron S.

I go to the dresser and sure enough there are two flat, square, navy blue velvet boxes. When I open the first one, it contains a heart shaped locket with each of our birthstones embedded in it: citrine for me, sapphire for him. Opening it, I see an engraving and a tiny picture of us at our graduation party. I recognize it even though only our faces fit in the tiny gold locket. It is my favorite picture of us. I put on the locket and a matching gold tennis bracelet and stud earrings that are in the other box, then pad back into the closet to see what Ron picked out. There are two hangers in the garment bag, and when I unzip it I have to laugh. Its a clown suit and pinned to it is a note that says, Just kidding KP, I know you'd not be caught dead in one of these. 'Ronshine' is back I guess. He's back to his happy self. I'm glad, cause the whole Hana thing is really freaking me out. Little Han is adorable, and Ron loves her more than anyone, which means that I do too. If something happened to her, Ron's suffering would destroy us both.

Shaking my head to dispel my dark thoughts, I pull the hideous clown suit out and reveal that gorgeous deep blue dress that Ron caught me staring at at Club Banana. It's the color of midnight and falls flawlessly to about the middle of my thigh. Remembering Ron's reaction to my LBD when we went through that moodulator sitch in high school, I chuckle to myself. Mental Note: Ron really likes it when I wear short skirts. I also found it to be ironic that my dad was threatening him with a one way ticket to some obscure corner of the universe not a minute before, and yet he was really amused when he had to physically remind Ron to close his mouth. Like I said, a conundrum.

The bodice of the dress really flatters my chest, and there's only one cap-sleeve to it, giving the dress a dramatic neckline and showing off a lot of skin. Another reason Ron picked the dress. I shake my head. Such a guy. With his locket nestled in the hollow of my throat, and the fantastic four inch heels he got to go with the dress, I know I look hot. Then checking my make up, I open the door to our room to see if Ron is home yet. Turns out, he's home and he's cooking. He's wearing a black button up shirt and black slacks. There are candles everywhere, and their scent mixes with the scent of whatever he's cooking that has my mouth watering. He looks up, and almost cuts his finger when he sees me. He shakily sets down the knife and the vegetables he's cutting and then makes his way over to me.

"Wow..." he breathed. Then he gulped. "Um... dinner is almost ready, and I have sparkling cider, since I know you don't like to drink because you need to stay sober on missions and holy Toledo you are beautiful."

I feel heat rise in my cheeks. "Th-thanks, Ron. What are you... what are you cooking?"

He grins, and the normal Ron is back, much to my relief. "You'll see, KP. You'll see. Your favorites."

I chuckle and sit at the bar that is at the entrance to the kitchen, watching him move around. My blond cutie sets the vegetables to steam. Then he gets something mouthwateringly delicious out of the oven that definitely looks like chocolate something. He also checks on something in the fridge and finally he plates the food so artistically that it looks like a menu picture.

He motions me to the dining room table and serves the sparkling cider in pretty champagne flutes. The table looks beautiful, and I can feel myself tear up at the thought he put into this. He's come a long way from Valentine's dates at Bueno Nacho. Setting my plate of what looks like a normal steak (but was probably marinated in one of Ron's special recipes... not as scary as it sounds, I promise.) vegetables, and mashed potatoes... he made the mashed potatoes how I like them. I can't believe he remembered...

"Kimmie, why're ya crying? The food can't be that awful."

I shake my head immediately. "No, no. It's... perfect, Ron. Thank you."

He reaches for my hand, squeezing it lightly and returning to his food. He's giving me time to collect myself. He knows me so well... I hate crying, especially in front of him.

When I'm finally calm, I watch him for a moment. No mouth stuffing? He's on his best behavior today.

The conversation flows freely after that, and it's like it's always been with us. Natural, friendship and love in its purest form. We laugh, we kiss, we enjoy the food, and when he clears away our plates and comes back with some chocolate cheesecake that might have me face stuffing topped with some fresh made whip cream, he sits in the chair next to me instead of across from me. I wonder what's up when I see the seriousness in his face.

"What's wrong?"

He swallows hard, taking his time to look into my eyes. A silent conversation happens, the kind that happens when you can see the emotions in someone's eyes and understand what they want to tell you without a single word being spoken. His eyes are full of... eternity. Honey sweet, warm, peaceful eternity.

Oh my God.

"Kim, I... we've known each other forever. I can't imagine my life without you."

Oh my God oh my God oh my God...

"Don't look so freaked, KP," he chuckles as he opens a tiny blue velvet box and places it in front of me. "We belong together."

It's the final piece in the set. A gold ring, with a beautiful heart shaped fiery gem which I know is citrine again, with a tiny white diamond on either side.

He wants to marry me. He wants... me. Forever.

And I want him back.

Taking the box in my hands I lift the ring out of it, weighing it in my palm. Hmm...

Ron chuckles again. "No, you aren't imagining it. It is actually heavier than it looks. I ordered it online and had it sent to Wade for tweaking."

No way.

Seeing my expression, he gives me his trademark Ron grin. "I heard you lost the laser ring and lipstick when the Lorwardians destroyed your house. You got new lipstick but I figured a ring would be more subtle. And Wade has been dying to try out some new stuff on you, too. The bracelet is tweaked too. Audio and/or video recording."

He proposed with beautiful jewelry that also doubles as secret agent gadgets. And I like it. This is... life as not-teens-anymore heroes.



I giggle. "Well are you going to put it on me or what?"

His smile is blinding as he takes it from me and slides it onto the third finger of my left hand. Next thing I know, I'm wrapped in his arms and his lips are everywhere; my cheeks, my neck, my eyes, my lips my hair... not to mention his spinning me around.

This is the best anniversary ever, I decide to myself.