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"Would you stop pacing?" Shiloh's irritable words still flowed with her eloquent speech patterns, adsorbed keenly by the soft walls of her Colorado bedroom. The early-morning sunrise still had yet to appear, and the dark sky still lied with promises of the day as she added her final packing elements for the upcoming trip; the pacing friend at her back was one of the additional travelers on their voyage, along with a few others of the same label.

"If you would hurry up, I might!" Emma's deep black curls bounced as she continued back and forth, almost dancing in a manner. Her bright, moss-green eyes moved over and over her room where the four companions had stayed the night; the other two were already upstairs, awaiting their drive to the airport to truly start their vacation.

"Relax!" Shiloh hissed back over her shoulder, zipping up her one and only suitcase and her carry-on, slipping the backpack over her shoulder and grasping the luggage with her left hand as she stood up, leaning slightly as she raised an eyebrow to the other girl in the room. Both of the age 17, barely a month apart in their births, and it showed; they looked like they had been born in the midst of each other, how well they knew each other. Of course, Emma was the elder; out of the entire group, Shiloh was the youngest. "I'm ready!"

Emma's sudden beam was classic from someone who was accustomed to both being up at the early hour they now found themselves in and with complete and utter excitement at the upcoming trip, without any parents. Just the four eldest and best of friends, together to London to visit some of Emma's family there. Distant, elder relatives, though close friends to the mother and father of Emma, but rich ones who had offered to pay for the entire trip, under the name of the widowed Anna Robinson, who lived just outside of the city limits with the other descendants of the Lords and Ladies from the past. Supposedly, it was quite a fine place, a mansion of sorts, and from the way Emma had been oh, so excited over the course of the past few months and from the way she bolted up the stairs as she heard Shiloh's final words. The remaining woman could only chuckle and shake her head, following more slowly up the carpet, feeling each and every warm piece meld under her feet. She would certainly miss the feeling.

As she emerged from the basement, her initial sight was that of Emma nearly bouncing as the others sluggishly slipped their shoes on-an 19-year-old boy, Matthew by name, whose shaggy brunette hair was only given more eccentricity by his hazel eyes and black-rimmed glasses, and another girl, 19 by age, with tanned skin, shoulder-length black hair, swirled with tones teal and purple highlights, and very deep, brown eyes that were veiled with petite, elegant glasses as well, know as Michaela. Their luggage was already placed within the van they so traveled in.

"Come on!" Emma hastened, rushing out the door to her mother's silver minivan, the only car that could fit all of them and their luggage. Already the elder woman sat in the driver's seat, smiling that tiny little grin of hers as she watched the friends descend from the staircase into the front yard. Shiloh herself blinked tiredly, slowly, and looked one last time to the green grass of their summer yard, the moon overhead still shining down to caress her peach-colored skin with its light from this angle, just one last time before she left to England. The stars were already fading, and the creatures of the night returned to their homes to sleep for the day. The thought was beautiful to her, recalling the ever-present circle of yin and yang, how it played every day into their lives and actions.

The date was July 14th, and their return was not planned until the 18th of August; they certainly needed time to explore the vast regions of Great Britain and learn everything about its wonders. Shiloh had never been out of the country before, making this a definitely significant factor in her lifespan as of yet. The unknown was before her, ready to take her hand and accept her into its folds.

As she leapt into the back seat of the vehicle, she smiled to herself, knowing that which she could only imagine as of yet was happy with her choice.

His hair whipped in the breeze of the early morning, cool over his skin as he watched the world from one of his many mansion's balconies, the quiet cobblestone streets below him clicking with the sudden bursts of raindrops, puddles of murky water at each and every imperfection the road had been built with; the look was average for the city of London. It fit him, though, if he was perfectly honest with himself.

He pushed off from the balcony, closing the glass doors behind him as he descended down the nearby set of stairs, first to the main level, then to the basement of the place, dark except for the few candles he kept lit around the singular, massive room. The place was too large to be shared alone, by average standards, but he still did keep only himself within the house, along with the rest of the ones he owned all throughout Europe. He had not anyone, and had never since the deaths of his wives so many years ago, straight after one another. Ever since, he had been alone; his own death had been perceived, but, unfortunately for the man who had so tried to murder him, he was stubborn. He had managed to slip away without too much notice. Now, he was a reclusive figure, but a prominent one none-the-less, and one with many allies at his side, including those in high offices.

Still, something had felt off since the events of the years past; he felt extraordinarily empty, like his insides had decided to stay back at the place he had so been meant to die. Of course, he had always been rather…devoid of emotion, except for the occasional kindle he received with a gleam of excitement in something. As he leaned into the walls of the lower level of the building, he mused such, mind flying to the past, wondering if he had ever been different from such.

Not that he could recall. He chuckled to himself, lowering his head as he kicked off the wall, moving across the room to blow out the candles there. A flicker of a reminder of the coming evening passed to his mind, stating the fact that he was being thrown a dance tonight in honor of his birthday. He had called it the date as much, and his well-known associates had believed his words. After all, he did have to keep up a profile with these modern men and women, and apparently this was the result. He pursed his lips, wondering if anything of interest would occur in the evening, and merely shook his head with a similar chuckle as before. Though it was a classical dance, made extremely extravagant with more exquisite clothing, plans, and all those matters, he supremely doubted it would be anything that would blow his mind.

He led himself to bed with that final thought on his head and a smirk on his lips.