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To call the headmistress' office fancy would be an insult. With the various famous paintings hanging on the walls, furniture that looked like it belonged to a royal palace, and a clear window at the back that gave a view of a beautiful forest, it looked more like the a throne room for a queen than the office of a school head. The lights from the chandelier (He nearly did go slack jaw when he saw that) were bathing the entire area in a golden glow. Despite it being only early morning, the general aura of the area made him feel like curling down and going to sleep.

Fancy wouldn't even begin to describe it.

Ichika stared in awe at the furnishings and decorations, being careful to keep his mouth closed for fear of looking like a slack jawed idiot. He still couldn't believe a school with so much fancy decorations and very impractical (In his honest and humble opinion) designs could exist. The seat looked way too expensive and he could've sworn he felt something akin to velvet when his hand brushed by it earlier. Also, he could've sworn that some of the small statuette's on her desk were made of solid gold. If this is where the school funding went, Ichika was beginning to question the school's future.

At the center of the room, behind the giant oak desk, sat a woman. Were Ichika older, he might have thought of asking her out. Her hair was long and a deep shade of blue along with her eyes (He didn't ask) and her pale skin complemented the green robe like outfit she wore. Personally he was wondering why the principal was wearing something that looked like a cosplay outfit and not a business uniform or something.

She regarded him slowly before speaking, "Mr. Orimura, I presume?" He stood up rigidly and nodded at her strict tone, "Very good. I am the principal of this school, but you may call me Ms. Isolde." He wondered briefly if that was her first name or last name before disregarding it. No point troubling himself over it, "Now, as I understand it you're a transfer student?" Her eyes widened slight as she stared at him.

"Uh, yes!" He nodded rapidly and looked to the side. Charles was standing there and giving him an encouraging smile, though he didn't say anything. It was bad manners to talk into a conversation when you weren't being spoken to, so Charles had to remain silent and watch the two of them.

"There's no need to be nervous," She calmed him, a ghost of a smile playing on her lips, "Scholarship students are so rare nowadays that I hardly believed the report when it came in. Frankly, I'm surprised someone accepted going to the school, especially when their home is so far away. You're probably one of the first scholarship student who's been here for years now, so pardon my surprise."

"O-Oh, there's no need to apologize," Ichika bowed slightly and tried to suppress the redness in his face, "I just thought that it would be a good opportunity to get a good education and experience something new". He smiled at her. 'Not to mention the fact that the next three years of schooling will be paid for by the school' He thought to himself.

Of course, his excitement over getting to the new school had been dampened somewhat with Vayne and Yuri's talk with him earlier. He definitely needed to keep one his toes around here, especially if half of what they said was true. It wasn't like he could live a life where he got the crap beaten out of him every day for some perceived offense that he may or may not have actually done. He would have to be a masochist or extremely idiotic to consider something like that.

"I see. Well then, I suppose I can't keep you here." She gestured her hand slightly to Charles, "As you know, Mr. Dunoa has been assigned to help you on your first days here. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask him. That is, if Mr. Dunoa has no problems with that."

Charles took that as his cue to speak, "Not at all, Ms. Isolde," He smiled and did a graceful, gentlemanly bow, "I'd be happy to show Ich- Mr. Orimura around. I'm sure we'll be fast friends in no time." Was it getting hot in here, or was it just Ichika's face reddening again? ...Nah, it was just hot.

"Very well, I won't keep you here any-"

"Um, I actually have a question for you first, Ms. Isolde." Ichika blurted out without thinking

She raised an eyebrow slightly at his abruptness but chose to let it slide, "Alright, is there anything that's troubling you, Mr. Orimura?"

Troubling him? Oh, maybe he should start with the fact that none of them have explained anything about the school apart from that it was famous (Or prestigious, as the pamphlet keeps saying). Or maybe the fact that he wasn't told that the school is just barely co-ed and the amount of guys could (roughly be counted on hand). Better yet, how about the fact that the entire school is supposedly some kind of battlefield playground for anybody who had enough money to afford it. Long story short, there was a lot troubling him at this point. He was half tempted to call his older sister and beg for him to get a ticket back. But, one of Ichika's main points was his stubbornness, and he really wanted to see what would happen.

He knew he couldn't ask her any of that, though. What was she gonna say? "Yes, our school isn't as perfect as it was advertised, here's the money for your trip back"? She was the principal of the school, she obviously wasn't going to say anything that would diminish the school's reputation.

He needed to ask something quick, "Uh, you said there aren't many scholarship students, right? Does that mean they're rarely given out?" He scrounged from the back of his head. Truthfully, he was also curious about it, especially when he saw the school's...imbalanced population.

"No, not really." Ms. Isolde replied casually, causing Ichika to nearly faceplant, "We send at least a couple of dozen scholarship offers every year in hopes of attracting talent to this school. One of the school motto's cultivating talent to read to a brighter future."

'Really? Cause it seemed like the school motto was "We are the best school eva!' repeat x 1000.' Once again, he kept that thought to himself. Mouthing off to the principal on the first day of school really wasn't going to earn him any brownie points. Still, the pamphlet could've been more helpful in that regard.

"So why are scholarship students so rare then?" This time it was Charles who asked, much to Ichika's surprise. He also had a look of curiosity on his face that mirrored Ichika's.

"Well, it's simply because rare that anyone accepts the invitation," She sighed and placed both hands under her head, "They give reasons such as already applying to school, being too far away for it to be feasible or not actually being interested in the scholarship they were offered. Just because they were good at it didn't mean they were interested in training their skills there, apparently."

Ichika could understand that. Though he received a cooking scholarship and a chance to study for free for the next three years, he never really thought of being a chef or going to the food business even up to now. His plan after middle school was actually to drop out and start working immediately in order to help repay his sister. It was only her threatening to shove him into a box and enrolling him without his consent that made him change his mind.

He didn't even think his cooking was that good. Most of what he made were common dishes that could be done by anyone with a cookbook and the only specialty cuisine he did was either during home- ec class or during special events like Christmas. Since he didn't have a girlfriend, he spent that day with the Gotanda's along with Houki and/or Rin.

Chifuyu was always too busy with her job to come back.

Okay, going down a bad road again. He needed to stop going emo and thinking about the past so much. He was here now and he was going to make the best of it, both for his and everybody else's sake.

"Well then, I assume that's all the questions you have?" Ichika nodded along with Charles, "Good. Mr. Dunoa has been informed of where your room is and all of your luggage has already been placed there along with anything you need," She gave him a once over and chuckled slightly, "I suggest you change into your uniform before you go out and explore the school."

Both of them gave their thanks and walked out of the room not so slowly. Both of them sighed in relief once they managed to leave the room and the intimidating aura . Even Charles, who was used to dealing with that kind of thing, found going into the Headmistress' office a test of his strength and will every time. Ichika's presence and the fact that he wasn't the one being questioned diminished that somewhat.

"That was nerve-wracking, huh, Ichika?" Charles asked, reverting back to first name basis, "I thought we were in trouble there for a second," Charles gestured into the hallway to their right and started walking, Ichika following right behind him.

Ichika laughed slightly and walked next to Charles shoulder to shoulder, "Really? I thought she was really nice, all things considered. She was just giving me an orientation to the school and how everything works. Nothing to be scared about." That said, he really did feel nervous when she was talking to him. He didn't know why, he just had a sixth sense when it came to these kinds of things.

"That's exactly it." Ichika gave him a questioning look, "Normally she's no-nonsense type of person and doesn't really answer questions about anything. I nearly made a run for it when I saw her smiling. There are rumors that she smiles only when something bad is going to happen to the person she's talking to." Charles said, half-joking.

Ichika suddenly felt like he was going to get sick. Good thing he never really believed in rumors like that. He stopped believing when rumors spread of him getting a harem. Him with a harem? Please, there was a higher chance of Houki suddenly telling him she loved him.

They went through a few more hallways and a few sets of stairs before they managed to reach outside again. Ichika took a deep breath and relished in the fresh air. Back in Odaiba, there was rarely any tree's or greenery to be found for miles. The air here felt different; more...calming (if that was the word for it).

"The dorms is that building over there," Charles pointed over the semi-large building Ichika had passed by earlier, "According to the floor plans they gave me, our rooms are actually close by to one another. I'll take you there and then go to my own. I'll give you a couple of hours to yourself and then I'll give you a tour of the school. Does that sound good?"

Ichika nodded, "Sounds good to me. But how come you're giving me such a long break? It shouldn't take me that long to put on my uniform and get my stuff out." Ichika asked.

"W-Well, you must be tired from the jet lag, right?"

"Nope." Ichika answered with a huge smile.

"Uh..." Okay, he needed to find a good reason so he won't suspect anything, "I have to call my dad and do some stuff for now," He sincerely hoped he wouldn't ask her to elaborate on' stuff', "Don't go into my room, alright? It's bad manners." He warned.

"Sure..." Ichika agreed, though he had a slight suspicion he was hiding something. He didn't really let it bother him, though. Dan acted the same way a year ago and he found out it was because he was hiding a hentai collection from his sister. Ran burned it all when Ichika found it, so he swore to himself not to pry any more when his friends hid something. It wasn't like it was anything illegal or anything.

Oh, before I forget," Charles reached into his pocket and pulled out another pamphlet," Here's a small map of the dorm and a list of the rules. The punishment for breaking rules here can be...severe," He looked away slightly as he said that, "I think you better read up on that before you go exploring. Don't want to get in trouble on the first day now, do you?"

Reading? Aww, he hated reading. He threw away an IS instruction manual once because he thought it was an extra phonebook. Chifuyu made him run laps around the entire neighborhood after that. Not to mention the fact that the pamphlet looked as thick as a small novel. No way he was going to spend his entire day reading that.

Time to get out of reading, "Come on, Charles, can't you just give me the short version of the rules?" He begged.

"No way," Charles shook his head and laughed slightly, "It won't kill you to read a few pages worth of rules," Okay, maybe he was exaggerating on the pages worth thing, but Ichika's jaw drop was too priceless to pass up, "Besides, all of us read it, so why should you get special treatment?" He jokingly asked.

Okay, he really needed to up the ante now, "Please~ I'll be your best friend." Ichika begged again, "I'll do you a single favor and I won't back out if you just give me the short version."

Charles thought about it. It was a good deal, and it wasn't like it would take a major effort on his part to explain the rules. Getting a favor from him to do anything was also a pretty good incentive, "Alright, here's the main rule: The guys stay on the 2nd floor and girls stay on the 3rd floor. Girls can go into the guys dorms, but guys can't go into the girls dorms," Charles held up his hands when Ichika looked like he was going to protest, "It's an old rule that's been around as long as this school. Don't complain about it or you might look like a pervert."

Actually, he was going to ask why all of the students were staring at the two of them as they passed. Was it his clothing or something? He wasn't wearing the uniform, but he didn't think it would make them stare at the two of them that much. Somewhere at the back of his head, a voice was telling him that it wasn't because of his clothes but something more. He promptly crushed that thought and focused on moving forward.

"Alright, what are the other rules then?"

"What other rules?" Charles looked at him questioningly, "That's the only rule I can think of that might be new to you. All the others are fairly standard like don't cause trouble or throw trash away properly. Do you really need me to run those by you?"

"Huh, wait..." He picked up the rule pamphlet and waved it in front of Charles, "Basic rules only? This thing looks bigger than some of my school reports. How is this only basic rules?"

Charles stared at him. And stared. And stared. He began to worry for his friend's mind when he suddenly started laughing, "Pfft...hahahaha!" Charles tried to suppress his laughter, but he only managed to soften them into giggles, "Ichika, only the first page is listed with the rules. All of the other pages are pictures of the dorm's and the features it has."

"No way..." He opened the pamphlet and scanned through the pages quickly. Charles was right, only the first page had anything resembling a list of rules, and even then it only took half the page. The rest of the pages were filled with pictures, diagrams, and long winded descriptions on the facilities. A part of him felt stupid for taking things at face value, but another part of him felt like he should've seen this coming after the whole school pamphlet debacle.

"Oh, and don't forget that you owe me a favor for explaining that to you." Ichika's head drooped even lower when he heard Charles' reminder, "A promise is a promise, right, Ichika?" Ugh, he was smiling like a true gentleman when he said that. He couldn't find it in his heart to say no.

"Yes, yes. I promise to do you a favor and I won't refuse it no matter how embarrassing, demeaning, or weird it might be." He recited in a monotone.

"Great!" Well, at least he made his friend smile. Besides, it wasn't like he was going to make him do anything too bad...right?

Oh well, no time to worry about that now. They'd arrived at the front of the dorm and he needed a break from all that staring he and Charles had been getting.

Ichika crashed onto the bed, waving a small goodbye to Charles as he heard the door close. The feeling of being in a soft bed again was so relaxing that he was tempted to sleep and forget about everything. Still, he had promised Charles that he would meet him in the next couple of hours, so he shook himself awake and tried to stay focused.

With the way the school seemed to spend their funding on decorations, Ichika wasn't particularly surprised that his room was pretty expensive looking as well. Thankfully, it looks like they actually managed to spend their money with his scholarship in mind rather than on gold decor. The room itself was fairly standard: A single sized bed in the center of the room with a big ornamental wooden closet next to it. A bathroom off to the side with a toilet, sink, and shower/bathtub combo. A wide HD Television set a few feet in front of the TV atop an oak table/cabinet. And lastly (and most importantly) a kitchen that took up the leftmost side of the room with the latest utensils and a fridge stocked to the brim with food. There was a note on top of the fridge that said the food was for practicing purposes and that it wouldn't cost him anything to use and re-stock.

"Killer school or not, they really know how to spoil their students." He mumbled idly to himself. He stayed down on the bed for a few more seconds before getting up and stretching, "Guess I should put on the uniform for now and see if I can cook something up. Give Charles a small thank you gift for showing me around."

He opened the wardrobe and took out the neatly folded uniform. There were a few pairs of the same uniform folded neatly on the right side of the closet and his casual clothes, which had been unpacked from his bag, He couldn't help but admire the organization of it all. Back home, he was the one who had to fix both his and Chifuyu's laundry. Felt nice to be able to relax for once.

Wasting no more time, he stripped off his shirt and jeans and quickly put on the black and white uniform. The first thing he noticed was that it felt amazing. The fabric was soft and easy to the touch and it was fit in all the right places. The second thing was that it was extremely easy to move around in. It's like he was wearing nothing at all...okay, bad thoughts again. Last was the design eerily reminded him of his old school uniform. He felt nostalgic for a moment before he shook his head to shake the memories out again. He really needed to stop living in the past.

"Right, time to make something simple..." He bounced over to the fridge and opened it wide. One look inside, however, and it was obvious that there was nothing he could cook. It wasn't that the food was spoiled or anything. Quite the opposite, the food looked very delicious and mouth watering.

The problem was that he had no idea what the heck they were.

Various herbs, cheeses, and seasoned meats filled every nook and cranny of the interior. Where were the noodles? The shrimp? or even the sweet and sour pork? He couldn't find anything in there that he could identify at a glance. Even the condiment containers near the sink barely had anything he recognized. Other than salt and pepper, there were various other hard to pronounce spices littering the place. Even reading them out loud gave him a headache.

Ichika sighed, "Well, so much for that idea..." He lamented to himself as he made his way back to the bed. Looks like there was nothing he could do but wait till Charles came to pick him up. At least he had some TV to watch till then.

*Tok* *Tok* *Tok*

Okay, maybe not. He heard three rapid knocks on his door and immediately made his way there, 'Charles must be early,' He thought to himself, 'Maybe I can ask him if I can go shopping later. I need to get some new ingredients if I want to start practicing. Wouldn't want to waste all that expensive food on the fridge on failed tests.'

With that thought in mind, he opened the door to greet his friend.

"Ah, thanks for opening the door! I promise I won't be long!"

What greeted him at the other side of the door wasn't his friend but someone else. He didn't get a chance to get a good look at him (He was pretty sure it was a him since the voice sounded deep enough) before he made his way onto his bed and curled up there. Ichika didn't have to wait long for an explanation before another student barged into his room.

"Excuse me, have you seen- Ah, there you are!" The other student, a female this time, went right past him and tried to drag the other one from his bed, "Come on, Hope, you promised to help me with my movie project last night! Don't tell me you're going to back away now?"

"You-You didn't say anything about having to do the scene in just my underwear!" He shook his arms frantically and tried to loosen her grip, "And don't call me by first name Ms. Farron, it's against school rules."

"Well duh, of course you have to do the scene in your underwear," She rolled her eyes as if it was Hope who was being unreasonable, " It's a shower scene, so wearing underwear is already pushing it. No one's going to see anything apart from some shots of your chest, so I don't know what you're so worried about." She pulled harder and moved him a few inches off the bed, "And don't call me that! We've been friends for years now so I hardly think some rule saying we have to call each other by last name should really matter."

Ichika just stared at the couple as they continued to trash around on the bed. Though they were moving around a lot, he finally managed to get a good look at their features.

The guy was young, obviously younger than the both of them, and had pale skin coupled with even paler silver hair, which looked messy and slightly spiky. He couldn't really see well, but his eyes appeared to be green judging by the small glimpses he could make out. What he could see, on the other hand, was the look of panic on his face.

The girl, on the other hand, looked slightly familiar to him. Her long pink hair was fashioned into a side ponytail and her eyes were a familiar shade of blue. Her face, in contrast to Hope's, looked between a mix of irritation and amusement.

Both of them were wearing the school's uniform, so it was pretty safe for him to assume that the both of them were students. Still, he was expecting student's to act more...professional around the school environment. At least that's the impression he got from Charles.

"Ms. Farron-" She gave him a glare, "Serah, you know why I can't do that scene!" He looked to the side and blushed, "Someone I know might see it and I'll never be able to live it down. Besides, you said the movie was going to be safe and clean."

"Don't be silly," She clicked her tough and gave a small snort of amusement, "Nobody you know might see it, they will see it. Big sis is going to be the first to watch it when it comes out!" Despite the mean choice of words, Ichika could tell she meant no harm with it.

Unfortunately, Hope didn't seem to share her sentiments.

"Then I'm definitely not going to do it!" He trashed around harder and even resorted to trying to kick her off the bed. She just giggled in response and re-doubled her efforts to try and drag him out.

Neither of them looked like they were going to stop anytime soon, so it fell on Ichika to defuse their argument. Neither of them seemed to realize they were also being a bother, what with messing up his bed and all.

Hold on, didn't he hear this before?

"Looks like Hope's in trouble again. We have to go help him out."

That's what Vayne had told him before he left. Could this be the same person? He certainly looked like he was in trouble, and the frantic knocking from earlier surely sounded like a plea for help to him. Dan knocked like that before handing him his Hentai collection to hide from Ran.

Unfortunately, Chifuyu found them and he was forced to burn them afterwards. Dan wasn't happy the next day.

Okay, he needed to help him, "Um, excuse me..." They didn't pay attention to him and continued their arguing. Ichika took a deep breath and shouted, "Hey! Pay attention!"

The two of them stopped their back and forth and looked at him, surprise etched on their faces. It was as if it was the first time they realized they weren't alone in the room. Ichika felt a twinge of annoyance at that.

"Sorry Ms...Farron (Sounded familiar), if that's your name." He made his way to the bed and pulled Hope off the bed, ignoring the surprised squeak he gave, "Hope here promised to help me fix up my stuff today since I'm a new student. Isn't that right, Hope?" He gave him a look that said 'just play along if you want to get away!'.

"What!?" She gave Hope a glare and he hid behind Ichika in response, "Is this true, Hope? Didn't you make a promise to help me today!?"

"Um..." He looked between Ichika and Serah nervously. On one hand Serah was his friend and Ichika was someone he hadn't even introduced himself to yet. On the other hand, Ichika was trying to help him no questions asked and Serah was trying to make him strip down to his underwear so she could film it. He had to think long and hard-

"Yup, that's why I went here!" He chuckled slightly and tried to keep his heart rate from spiking, "I didn't go here to hide from you or anything, I was just helping...this guy with his luggage."

Serah looked suspiciously between the two of them. She'd been with Hope nearly all day yesterday trying to get ready for school and not once did he mention about other plans to help some new student enter the school. Hope also wasn't the most sociable guy, so the chances of him helping out some random student he didn't know was extremely unlikely. Still, there was no reason for the newbie to lie for Hope's sake if he didn't him.

"Well...alright..." She looked down and sighed before giving hope the pointer finger, "But we're going to start filming tomorrow morning, no excuses!" There was no way he had anything to do tom.

Serah left the room with a slight humph. Both of them sweatdropped and shivered slightly when they heard the door slam shut. It took a couple of minutes before they were sure they weren't being watched. They promptly fell back on the bed and heaved huge sighs of relief.

"That was tiring..." Ichika groaned at the sight of his messed up bed. The pillows were tossed onto the floor and the blanket was in a messy state, being tangled . He'll have to fix that before Charles arrived.

Hope looked at Ichika gratefully. He hadn't expected anyone to help him at all. He'd texted Vayne and Yuri earlier, but he hadn't seen them anywhere the entire time. He was honestly getting desperate and just barged into the closest room he could find, "Um, thanks for helping me..." He offered his hand, which Ichika accepted with a smile, "My name's Hope, Hope Estheim. Nice to meet you...?" He paused at the end.

"Oh, my name's Ichika Orimura." He let go of Hope's hand and gave him a once over. He could definitely confirm that Hope was younger than him. The younger boy was about a head shorter than him and he had to crane his head down to talk to him face to face "And it wasn't a problem at all. You know, you should report to the office if that girl's bothering you." He suggested.

"Bullying? O-Oh no, she wasn't bullying me!" His face reddened and he shook both his hands quickly, "Serah's my childhood friend, so we've known each other for a while. She just wanted me to do something for her and I accepted without thinking about it. It's my fault."

Ichika found that logic slightly off-kilter, but chose not to comment on it. He knew the pains of having a childhood friend who made you do things you didn't exactly agree to. He still had some of those bruises from Houki from their last sparring session. She apparently thought going all out was alright since he'd be leaving for 3 or so years.

He had more immediate things to worry about right now. Since Hope had been waving around his arms so much, the red necktie around his neck (an optional accessory Ichika chose not to wear) and the buttons on his shirt, which were already loosed to begin with because of his previous exertion, came loose, exposing his thin chest and stomach for all to see. Hope looked down, confused for a second, before looking back up to Ichika with begging look and a small blush on his face. Even if Ichika was a guy, he had to admit that his face felt somewhat hot when he saw the look Hope gave him. First Charles and now him, he was starting to get worried.

"Here, let me fix that for you," He stood up and leaned down, grabbing the necktie with both hands, "Lucky for you my older sister taught me how to fix ties when I was younger. Now just hold still and-"

The sound of the door opening and footsteps interrupted him before he could finish, "Ichika, I finished talking with my dad early, so we can go...start...the..."

Charles froze at the doorway, eyes wide in surprise and face reddening quickly. Ichika began to wonder why till he realized something: His actions were simple and innocent enough. But to Charles, who had just walked in, he saw Ichika leaning down on the smaller boy while his uniform was unbuttoned and his tie was in Ichika's hands. Even he could see how bad the situation looked, especially to another guy.

"W-Wait, this isn't what it looks like!" He quickly let go of Hope's necktie and made an X mark with both hands, "I was just helping him fix necktie, nothing bad was happening, I swea-waaaah!" He tried to step forward, but he seemed to miscalculate the pants length and accidentally slipped backwards on the fabric. He automatically turned his body around and made sure his front would absorb the impact, just like Chifuyu and Houki taught him.

He had to remember not to follow everything they taught him.

"Ichika...you're heavy..."

Charles small blush turned bright crimson as he saw the scene in front of him. Both Ichika and Hope were on the bed, the latter under the former with a blood red face. Whether it was due to pressure or embarrassment, he didn't know. To his credit, Ichika just looked confused, a very good sign that he hadn't done it on purpose. This missed Charles' eyes, however, as he made a quick bow and closed his eyes.

"I'm-I'm very sorry for interrupting you two," He took a deep breath and made to step out of the room, "Ichika, I'll be back in another half hour. I hope that's enough time for the two of you to conclude your...business. I'd like the get the tour started as soon as possible." He stepped out of the room quickly, steam puffing out of his ears.

"No, wait!" Ichika stood up heard the door slam a second time that day. He looked up and gave a groan before collapsing headfirst into the bed, making sure to stay as far away from Hope as possible. Could this day get any worse?

"Hey Hope, are you done helping him unpack ye- Wha...What the heck!? Is this the reason why you agreed to help him!?" He heard rapid footsteps go near the bed, but he didn't have the energy to get up and look, "If you can do that, then why the heck couldn't you do that scene we were talking about? Come on, we're going to shoot it right now!"

"S-Serah, wait! This isn't what it looks like!"

Okay, it could always get worse. He really should stop asking that question. At least rumors weren't about to spre- No, he wasn't going to finish that sentence. That would just be tempting fate.

His first day was going awesomely (sarcasm).

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Here she was sitting at the center of the class, trying to ignore the stares the other student's were giving her. What's the big deal, she thought. She was a girl just like the rest of them. Nothing special about her. Her looks were average: Long black hair tied into a ponytail, dark brown eyes that looked red at certain lighting, and pretty good body proportions. She could pilot the IS, but so could any other double X chromosome human being. She was completely average in every sense of the word.


Right now it was self introductions. The busty green haired teacher at front was instructing (more like begging, she thought to herself) the students to introduce themselves to the entire class. Though she said teacher, the person at front looked anything but. The yellow dress she wore certainly didn't look like any certified teacher wear she'd ever seen before. The way her chest bounced around with every slight movement she made also made her angry for some reason.

It didn't take long till it was her turn to introduce herself. Sighing, she stood up and introduced herself quickly, "My name is Chifuyu Orimura. I'm just your average girl with nothing special about me, so...yeah. I hope we get along in the coming years." She did a short bow and sat back into her seat.


Total fucking silence was the classes response to her short introduction. Chifuyu smiled inwardly. Normally people would be surprised or embarrassed when they received that sort of reaction, but she was happy. Now no one was going to go up to her and start asking her stupid questions about her brother again.

"Is that all you have to say Chifu-chan?" Her smile quickly disappeared and it's place were rapidly reddening cheeks as she recognized the familiar voice, "I thought you'd be more friendly on your first day of school, but I guess I was wrong." There was only one person. One person who had the gall to call her that nickname and make her cheeks redden from anger (Not embarrassment!).

There, leaning on the doorway, was a young man of 24. His black hair was short and ended in spiky waves and his brown eyes showed a hint of mirth. In contrast to the other adult (She still had her doubts on that), he wore a black business suit with a white long sleeved dress shirt underneath it. She couldn't help but twitch when she saw that the black suit was unbuttoned and his dress shirt was tucked in. Leave it to him to come in looking like an idiot.

"O-Onii-chan!" She tried to say, but her voice was drowned out by the sound of the other girls in the classes wild yells. She'd heard it all before so she chose to block out all their noise. It was probably something about how hot he was or something...not that she thought he was hot or anything. She was his sister and that would've been weird.

Ichika ignored the screaming of the students and went over to her seat. She looked up at him suspiciously before he gave her a smile and started ruffling her hair, much to everyone's jealousy. She could've told him to stop, but the feeling of it sent her nerves spiraling down too much for her too care.

"Chifu-chan, you need to be more friendly to your classmates," He sighed, "How do you expect to make friends when you're being so friendly. You don't have to be so shy, you know? None of them know that you-"

"Ahfbeihf!" She smashed both hands on her desk and stood up, glaring at him. The blush on her face pretty much destroyed any fear he might have gotten, though, "That's not related to this class at all! You told me you were a teacher, so start acting like it," She sat back down and crossed her arms, though Ichika didn't miss the small pout she had on her face, "And stop calling me Chifu-chan! We're not at home anymore so you have to act like a teacher while we're here and call me Orimura-san or something. It's embarrassing when it's not just the two of us." She didn't say the last sentence, but Ichika could tell that's what she wanted to say.

The other students (and the lone teacher) looked at the two student's with a mix of confusion and, in some cases, jealousy. This was the only male IS pilot? The champion of the First Mondo Grosso and would be champion of the second one? The pilot who was known all over the world as a genius when it came to the IS? And, most infamously, Shinonono Tabane's rumored lover?

"Right, we'll talk later, Chifu-chan," He ignored Chifuyu's angry stare and went to the front of the class, a large grin on his face. Chifuyu felt her blood boil when she saw Maya not so discreetly move next to him.

"My name's Ichika Orimura, though some of you seem to know that already. I'll be teaching you for the next year and I just want everyone to know that we're all friends here. You guys can call me Orimura-sensei if you want, but I'm fine with being called by first name's and no honorifics if that's how you guys want it. Over the past year we'll be seeing a lot of each other, so I want everyone to be friends with one another, me and Maya-sensei included."

He was an idiot. This was the thought that pushed through Chifuyu's mind as she once again blocked out the screams of her classmates at his introduction. Still, a part of her felt relieved at seeing her brother act so natural. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

"That said, I hope you all become friends with Chifu-chan there at the center. She might seem a bit cold, but that's only because she's shy. Do your best, Chifu-chan!"

...Scratch that, she was going to kill him once class was over.

"Hey Chifu-chan, how did you know I liked purple?"

Chifuyu looked up from the television and saw him walk into the room carrying the laundry bin. She did her best to ignore the fact that he was bare-chested and only wore a pair of black boxers, "What are you talking about, Onii-chan?"

"Well..." Ichika sighed and pulled out a a pair of purple panties from the bin. By the looks of things, it was an extremely risque piece of lingerie made for an adult. Chifuyu stared blankly at it before her mind processed what exactly her brother was holding, "I mean, I'm not going to tell you how to dress or anything, but I didn't think you were growing up so fast. Pretty soon you'll be getting a boyfriend and leav- Eh? Chifu-chan, why are you balling up your hand into a fist?"


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