Notes: This is kind of a bonus chapter. The last one was the title chapter, and it was going to be the end, but I realized there was something that had yet to be resolved. Thus, this last chapter was born.

And yes, this chapter forced me to up the rating to M.

Public Displays of Affection:

Patiently Waiting

Their six-month anniversary was coming up. It landed on a Saturday, which Steve thought was opportune. That meant Tony would not be caught with anything business-related. If anything Avengers-related came up, they would have to deal with it, but at least they would be together. (Although Steve would admit to some unsavory thoughts about just letting the others handle anything that came their way.)

Tony did not mention anything about it, but that was not surprising. While the man was actually a bit of a closeted romantic, he was not good with sentimental moments. He knew they were there. He was just bad at remembering the whens, wheres, and hows. (Sometimes the whos and whys.)

Steve was gratified to know that Tony was not deliberately ignoring this landmark. A couple weeks ago he had started researching into the matter, and he quickly discovered that Tony had marked the date on his calendar and told Jarvis and Pepper to remind him of it as it grew near.

It was devious of him, but Steve had a plan. He knew it was a good plan because he consulted with Bruce and Pepper (the latter of whom had long since forgiven him for his huge gaffe months ago—the woman was a saint, seriously). These were the people who knew Tony best, and Steve was not above using them as a resource.

"I'm not good at lying to him," Pepper had warned him when Steve took her and Bruce to lunch one afternoon.

"Then don't lie," Bruce said. He made a vague gesture with his fork before poking at his salad, deciding whether or not he wanted to finish it. "Just avoid the subject. He won't call you on avoidance. He figures if you don't want to tell him something, then he probably doesn't want to know."

"When we're done with this anniversary stuff, I need your help figuring out how to tell him I'm seeing someone again," Pepper murmured.

Steve winced. Bruce nodded.

"He'll be fine with it," the scientist assured both of them. "He's happy. He wants you to be happy."

There was little choice but to believe him. Of all of them, Bruce had been the last to meet Tony. Somehow, he was the one who understood the eccentric billionaire better than anyone. Even Pepper, who had known Tony going on fifteen years, could not claim to know what was going through her former boyfriend's head. Steve thought he sometimes knew, but they were such different creatures that he never did understand. Not really.

He just accepted and adored.

"He's got that sappy look on his face again," Bruce muttered.

"Back with us, Steven," Pepper said kindly. Steve flushed and focused on the meeting.

Jarvis had actually been the most difficult one to bargain with. Steve had begun to think of the AI as almost human, but there was no denying what Jarvis actually was.

"Captain Rogers, you are asking me to countermand Mr. Stark's direct command," Jarvis said in all mildness.

"Can't you just… distract him a bit?" Steve wheedled. "Override that order?"

"I do not override Mr. Stark's commands, Captain Rogers."

"Why not?" Steve was being petulant, but he had a plan damn it! Jarvis was going to ruin it.

"My command code is set to respond to Mr. Stark's requests," Jarvis answered reasonably. "Only another programmer could override that code. May I advise against reprogramming me, Captain Rogers. Mr. Stark would be displeased."

"I'm not going to reprogram you, Jarvis," Steve huffed. "I wouldn't know where to begin." He paused, then perked up. "What if you had another order?"

"Only Virginia Potts has the ability to bypass Mr. Stark's authorization code," Jarvis declared.

"Excellent!" Steve pulled out his phone and texted Pepper. (The woman did not appreciate calls during the business day, he knew. She responded much better to texting, so Steve had since learned how to text. Clint was an excellent instructor.) "Thanks, Jarvis."

"Anything I can do to help, Captain Rogers."

If Steve didn't know better, he would think that Jarvis was being devious. What's more, the supercomputer was enjoying it.

Well, he wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth. He grinned when Pepper texted back.

"Bruce, do you have a moment?"

It was Friday, and so far the week had moved along smoothly. Tony was due back that evening after having spent the past three days in Prague. Steve did not pretend to understand what Tony's role was, only that he had been asked to give a talk on something mechanically related at a technology conference.

Steve missed him, but he was glad of the opportunity to move freely. He could implement his plan without Tony catching on. Although there was one part that made him, well… uneasy.

Bruce was working in his lab. Steve paused when he saw that he had interrupted a video chat. The screen was up and displaying a large man with blue fur.

"Oh," he hesitated in the doorway. "I'm sorry."

"It is always a pleasure to see you, Captain Rogers," the furry man declared. "How are you?"

"I'm good," Steve smiled sheepishly. Doctor McCoy was always very kind, but he was another scientist. Between him, Bruce and Tony, Steve usually felt pretty inadequate in the brains department. "You?"

"I am well, thank you. And thank you, Doctor Banner, for your input. I will not take any more of your precious time."

"It's no imposition," Bruce replied easily. "I'm always up for a distraction."

They exchanged a few more pleasantries, then disconnected.

"What can I do for you, Steve?" Bruce asked, entering something on his computer before turning his full attention to his guest. Steve shifted.

"I need to ask you for some advice," he said uneasily.

"Anything I can do to help."

"It's a little embarrassing," Steve warned him. His face was aflame, but he needed to do this.

"It's about Tony, isn't it?" Despite his weary tone, Bruce was smiling. He was teasing, Steve realized. "Embarrassing things and Tony always seem to go hand in hand."

"It's kind of personal," Steve admitted. "But I think it's important. Is it okay if I close the door?"

Bruce raised an eyebrow. He nodded.

Steve shut the door.

Tony was tired when he came back, suffering from jet leg and too much alcohol. It was not because the man had been drinking excessively. Steve knew Tony did not drink nearly as much as he used to. His body simply was not accustomed to that kind of alcohol intake anymore, and when he was at a party, he was not used to holding back.

"They were horrible," Tony groaned, collapsing on the sofa and looking at Steve piteously. Smiling warmly, Steve sat beside him and slung an arm over his shoulders. Tony sank into him with a grateful sigh. "They all wanted something. If I have to hear another sleazy old man try to ply me with compliments to get his bony fingers on my tech, I'm going to scream."

"I'm glad you're home," Steve declared.

"Me too," Tony dropped lower, finally ending up curled over Steve's lap and looking quite content to remain there. "Mmmff. This is nice. You've been in Bruce's lab."

Steve laughed.

"You can tell?"

"Your clothes smell like the lab," Tony agreed. He did not complain when Steve tugged at him. He simply wrapped his arms around Steve's neck when he was deposited unceremoniously into the waiting lap. "Hey, I missed you too, Cap."

"I'm taking you out tomorrow," Steve informed him.

"Is that so?" Tony smirked at him, then laughed at Steve's affront. "Okay, okay. I'll call my other boyfriend and tell him he'll have to wait until Sunday."

"I'd like to meet this other boyfriend of yours," Steve murmured. "Is he handsome?"

"Don't worry. You're still the fairest in the land."

Steve kissed him. Tony pressed into him with a happy murmur, the sound deepening into a heartfelt moan when Steve's hand found his crotch. He broke away with a gasp.

"Kind of open here, Steven," he panted.

He was right, but Steve was unbelievably keyed up. And when Tony's hands fisted in his hair, it was difficult not to roll him over right there on the couch.

Oh hell.

Tony gave a little yip of surprise when he suddenly found himself on his back, Steve draped over him like an undulating blanket.

It did not last long.

"Fuck, Steve," Tony grunted when it was over. "Not that I'm complaining here, but let's not wreck our clothes next time. These suits have to be dry cleaned."

Steve chuckled and pressed his lips to the frantic pulse point at Tony's throat. He had soiled his pants as well, but it was completely worth it.

Saturday came, and Steve was beyond nervous. Excited, of course, because he had planned this out carefully, and he knew Tony would like it. He just wanted everything to go well. It was a little sad, but he was certain that something would go wrong. Because he wanted perfection, there would be something. That was how their lives seemed to be.

The only thing he could do was prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Worst was seeming to happen when he woke up to Tony's cursing and making a mad dash from the bed that morning.

"God damn it all to hell!"

It was not particularly early—well, Steve doubted Tony would agree that six-thirty was not early—but Steve had been having a nice dream, and he figured he should be allowed to be confused when his boyfriend started having a meltdown first thing upon waking.

"Jarvis! What the hell! What's wrong with you?"

Steve opened his eyes, a little bewildered at the whirlwind that was Tony Stark. He was digging through drawers, yanking out a shirt that definitely did not belong to him and dragging it on over his head. He tried for pants next, but those did not work out so well for him. It was only after he was tripping over too-long jeans and puzzling over the waistband that was a bit too big that he seemed to realize he was not in his own room.

"Oh hell. Jarvis!"

"I am uncertain what you wish for me to do, sir," Jarvis said mildly.

"Make time reverse!" Tony snarled. "And do your fucking job! The one I gave you!"

"Tony?" Steve sat up to better admire the way Tony looked in his clothes. He would have stayed there, but Tony seemed to be working himself into a full panic. So he pushed the blankets back and climbed out of bed. "Is everything okay?"

"No!" Tony immediately objected, whirling on him and stumbling when his feet caught on the hem of the jeans that were at least three inches too long. "No, go back to sleep. I can do this! You just have to stay sleeping for the next three hours, and it'll be just fine, I swear."

"Tony!" Steve caught his shoulders, putting a stop to the frantic attempts at shoving him back to the bed. "Take a breath. What's wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong!" Which was such a huge lie, Steve did not even have to attempt to call him on it. Really, Tony was not trying, and he knew it. He groaned and gave another useless shove at Steve's chest. "It's… today's our anniversary."

"Yes, it is," Steve allowed. "And you decided to verbally abuse Jarvis because of it?"

"I knew about it!" Tony said, looking at him desperately. "I swear, I did! Pepper said she would shoot me a memo, and Jarvis was supposed to remind me, and I was going to make it amazing! Really amazing, Steve! It's important, isn't it? Pepper says these things are important, and I am trying here, but Jarvis didn't remind me, and Pepper sent me to this goddamned conference, and I didn't forget! I swear I didn't forget! So just go back to bed, and—"

"Tony!" Steve cut him off, alarmed that the man seemed to be genuinely close to a panic attack. "Breathe!"

"I am such a horrible boyfriend," Tony groaned. "I am so sorry. I promise, I am going to make this up to you."

Steve kissed him. The man wasn't breathing anyway, so at least Steve could shut him up. He held tight, pulling back only when he felt Tony's knees buckle. Catching the bewildered man's weight, Steve could only smile fondly.

"I'm sorry," he said as Tony tried to catch his breath. "That was all my fault. I had Pepper distract you and tell Jarvis not to remind you."

"You… wait, what?" Tony frowned. "Say again?"

"You're always the one to take me out," Steve explained. "It's our six month anniversary, and I wanted to be the one to do something special for you."

"You went behind my back with Pepper and Jarvis?" Tony asked incredulously. Steve winced. It sounded pretty bad when said aloud like that. To be fair, he had no idea Pepper would send Tony to Europe when she said she would keep him busy this week.

Then Tony was chuckling, and Steve relaxed.

"You devious bastard," Tony kissed him. "All right, then. Dazzle me, Captain."

Steve grinned.

"Well, this wasn't part of my original plan, but I don't suppose I could convince you to wear that shirt today?"

Tony glanced down at the oversized hooded sweatshirt with MIT written across the front. It had been a gift, obviously, since Steve did not go to MIT, could not hope to be accepted at a place like that. But Tony looked good in dark colors, and there was just something charming about how large the sweatshirt was on him.

"You are strange," Tony declared, but the shirt remained on. "Can I at least get a pair of my own pants?"

"Your own pants do look better," Steve agreed, making a show of leaning over to look down Tony's back. He had to admit, he loved the shocked sound Tony made when he grabbed at the seat of the borrowed pants and gave them a light tug. "These sag in the butt."

That got Tony giggling hysterically.

"My God, I love you," Tony declared.

Steve could only stand in silent shock as the man kissed his slack mouth and broke away. He was still gaping when Tony shucked the pants and stalked out of the room wearing only the sweatshirt and boxer shorts.

"It's Bruce's turn to make breakfast!" Tony called over his shoulder, and then he was gone, leaving Steve uncertain of what had just happened.

No. That was not quite right. Steve knew exactly what had just happened, what Tony had just said.

Okay, so it was juvenile. Even so, it was not even seven, and this was officially the best day ever.

Steve floated through the day, not at all bothered by the amused looked Bruce shot him and the way Clint moved warily around him. Natasha had somehow roped Tony into training with her and Clint, and she did not go easy on him.

"Come on, Stark!" she barked at him relentlessly. "Use his strength against him."

"A little instruction would be nice!" Tony snarled, grunting when he once again hit the mat.

"When your opponent is both bigger and stronger than you, you have to give ground to take it," Natasha said sternly. "Look for the weak points—the joints. If his hips are out of alignment, you can take him down just be twisting him off balance. Do it again."

Clint, on the other hand, was going very easy on the other man. Steve knew Tony's ego was suffering more than his body, but that did not mean he would not be sore tomorrow.

"I'll guide you through it this time," Clint offered. "When I take a swing at you, try to avoid it—right. Then catch the arm—" Tony's hand caught Clint's wrist. "Turn, cant the hip, and knock me down."

The next body to hit the mat was Clint's.

Tony grinned, then yelled when Clint swung around, his feet taking out Stark's legs. He groaned and rolled over, glaring out of the corner of his eye at the man who he no doubt thought had tricked him. Clint just smirked and slapped the back of his thigh before rolling to his feet.

"Up and at 'em, Stark!" Clint ordered. "You'll only get this right with practice!"

"I hate you." But he reached up and let Clint haul him upright.

"You won't the next time someone takes a swing at you," Clint assured him. "Do it again."

"I deserve some sort of medal for doing this today," Tony griped. He caught Clint's arm, twisted, and sent the man tumbling. "Ha!"

Earlier lesson learned, he danced out of reach. He was not looking where he was going, and his retreat took him into Steve. Pulling out of his stretch (he had just finished sparring with Thor, and it was always wise to stretch before and after that level of exercise), Steve decided it might be fun to play along with this training exercise. It had, after all, taken them a year to get Tony to really start taking this seriously.

Startled that he had hit someone, Tony turned, which was a bad move. Steve stooped, put his shoulder in Tony's stomach, hooked an arm behind his knees, and stood in one smooth motion.

"Gyah!" There was some flailing, an aborted attempt at kicking, until Tony went rigid, grabbing the back of Steve's shirt in desperate attempt to remain stable. "STEVEN!"

"Next lesson will be for fighting multiple opponents," Steve declared. He twitched slightly at the hands brushing along his sides, Tony's struggle to push himself upright taking him into a ticklish zone. He realized his error when Tony suddenly went still. The man was at his back, but he could picture his shit-eating grin perfectly. "Tony—"

Fingers attacked his sides, and there was no stopping that unmanly yelp that came out. Because now Steve had a problem. He needed to get Tony away from him without actually hurting the man.


Clint was doubled over laughing, so no help there. Steve stumbled, swatting at the hands, but he had only one arm free, and Tony had free range. Natasha showed no interest in assisting him. She was actually smiling.

"Tony, that is cheating!"

"It's not cheating if I win!" Tony retorted.

"I'm going to—" Steve reached for something to stabilize himself. It was Thor, who was, of course, laughing heartily. "Thor! I'm going to drop him!"

"I can see your problem," Thor said through his laughter. "Allow me to assist you, my friend."

The tickling stopped as Tony's weight left his shoulder. Gasping, half laughing himself, Steve released his hold on Tony's legs and fell back. Thor had lifted Tony by the waist as easily as he would pick up a child, and Steve caught a glimpse of the god righting the genius even as Steve overbalanced and hit his rear on the mats.

"Hah!" Tony proclaimed, not at all bothered by the fact that he had just been carried about the room with such ease. They tended to disregard normal rules of propriety when Thor or the Hulk were involved. "I win!"

"I was going to drop you on your head!" Steve protested.

"I still win!" Tony said stubbornly. "You were incapacitated!"

"That doesn't work when I'm wearing my armor," Steve reminded him, pushing to his feet as he finally caught his breath.

"You think you could sling me over your shoulder when I'm in my armor, smartass?" Tony retorted. "Admit it. I won."

"His argument is valid," Natasha murmured.

"You would have been hurt if I dropped you!" Steve tried one more time.

"I knew you wouldn't," Tony patted Thor's arm. He looked very small next to the big man, but then, Steve looked small next to Thor. "Thanks, pal."

"I am always here to aid you, my friend," Thor declared. "I am sorry, Steven, but I do believe Anthony to be correct. He won."

Steve sighed, then shook his head and laughed. He did not care that he lost. He was simply grateful Tony was not hurt.

"I asked Happy to drive us."

"You're still miffed that I beat you, aren't you?"

"No, Tony. I wasn't going to let you drive even before training."

"Not even a little irritated?"

Steve chuckled, turning when Tony hooked a finger through his belt loop. The man probably meant it to be hindering, but Steve took it as an opportunity to drag him close enough to kiss.

"I want you to win," Steve assured him. "That's the point of those exercises."

"Oh." Tony was wearing the sweatshirt, the sleeves pushed up around his elbows to keep them from falling past his hands. Steve had wondered if it was strange how he liked the sight of Tony in his clothes, but the thought had been fleeting at most. He really didn't care. He was happy that Tony went along with the request. "You don't care that I cheated?"

"I thought you said it wasn't cheating."

"I was lying. It was totally cheating."

"Nothing is cheating when your life is at stake," Steve decided. "Although I wouldn't rely on tickling as a defensive move."

"Only if you try to kidnap me."

"And only if you don't want it," Steve replied, earning a toothy grin.

They stopped in the carport. Happy was not there yet, but they were early. Steve had done this deliberately, wanting everything to go just right.

"I want this to be a surprise," he said. "So will you play along with me a bit?"

"Of course," Tony's hand flexed around Steve's belt, distracting but manageable. "What do you… um."

There was a cautious look on Tony's face. It was not the expression Steve had been going for. If anything, he had expected something a little more playful. Maybe even leering. A comment about kinks.

"Is that…?"

"A blindfold," Steve said, hesitant now. Because Tony was tensing up, and this was not what he wanted. "I just don't want you to see until we get there."

"Yeah, I get…" Tony paused, then cleared his throat, offering a pained smile though his eyes remained riveted on the strip of cloth in Steve's hands. Steve had struck on something here, something unpleasant.

"Tony, you don't have to," he said gently.

"I know." Cocky, false bravado. Tony swallowed and winced. "Yeah, I can't. Do that."

"I'm sorry," Steve dropped the cloth and settled that hand at Tony's back instead. He wasn't shaking, but he was very stiff, shrugging slightly in attempt to relax. Steve pulled him closer, "I didn't realize. Can you tell me?"

Tony grunted against his shoulder, hands still desperately tight around Steve's belt, clinging to him. He shrugged again, and Steve felt some of the muscles ease in his back. They stood still for a few minutes, Tony relaxing by increments.

When Happy arrived, the man simply put his back to the car—and by extension, them—and leaned against it to wait. He was obviously accustomed to waiting for Tony Stark, and Steve was grateful that he did not mind or say anything.

"Later," Tony said abruptly. He pulled back and managed a smile, reaching up to kiss Steve's frowning mouth. "I'm fine. I can close my eyes. I won't peek, I swear."

"You promise you're okay?" Steve demanded.

"I'm fine. Perfect!" Tony kissed his chin and smirked. "You're here. I get a surprise. It's okay, Steve."

"If you say so."

"I do." Tony pulled open the door to the Rolls Royce and gestured for Steve to climb in first. Steve caught his hand and pulled him in after, gratified that Tony's grin seemed completely relaxed by now. "No more apologies now. Let's get this show on the road! Is there food? I hope there's food. I'm starving."

"There's food," Steve promised. "Now close your eyes. Happy, we're ready."

"Is now a good time to mention that I get carsick when I can't see where we're going?"


"Kidding! I'm kidding!"

Steve rolled his eyes and kissed Tony again. His eyes were closed, just as promised. But then Tony reached up and dragged him back when Steve tried to pull away.

"This is a great way to distract me from where we're going," Tony mumbled against his mouth. Steve could not contain his grin. He could really get behind this.

Tony obligingly kept his eyes closed until they were in the restaurant. Steve had a feeling his eyes were not what kept him from figuring out where they were, because Tony started laughing the instant they were inside.

"Oh my god!" Tony still kept his eyes closed, because he had promised he would not open them until Steve gave the word. "This is fantastic!"

Steve inhaled the smell of food and grease and immediately recalled a lifetime ago. Of course Tony would know exactly where they were. Steve had been half asleep when they were here last, and he would have remembered by the aroma alone.

"You might as well open your eyes," he said.

"Shawarma!" Tony cheered. "I haven't had this since last year!"

"It's not a fancy place, but I thought it was appropriate," Steve said modestly.

"It's perfect!"

Tony caught his hand and dragged him toward the table that had obviously been set up for them. There were a couple other patrons, and they shot bemused glances toward the famous couple in the corner. It was still a battle. Some people would never accept Tony Stark and Steve Rogers as a legitimate couple, either for moral reasons or just sheer stubbornness that their heroes could not possibly have a life outside of Avengers' missions. The latter reason was actually amusing. For the most part, most people who had moral opposition to them did not have the guts to say it to their faces. (After all, who wanted to tell Captain America and Iron Man anything that might upset them?)

The owners of the Shawarma place remembered the weary heroes who had dined at their place after the battle over New York last year. Steve had barely to mention what he wanted before they were tripping over themselves to get him into the shop. This was why there was actually a clean tablecloth and lit tea candles for them. It was modest, but Steve found the effect charming.

Tony seemed to like it too.

"You are unbelievable," Tony announced. "Turning my own employees and friends against me. Convincing my AI to deceive me for a week. And buying me dinner in true teenage romance fashion. I'm going to have a difficult time showing you up on our one-year."

The words sounded insulting, but the tone was so pleased that Steve decided it had been a compliment. He grinned and nudged his knee against Tony's under the table before standing.

"What do you want?" he asked. "I'll go place our orders."

Tony responded with delighted laughter. He caught Steve's wrist and pulled him down for a light kiss. PDA, Steve recalled. At least here no one seemed to mind. And Tony was smiling warmly.

"I love you," Tony told him, then pointed at the menu. "This one."

Broadsided for the second time that day, Steve could only stumble to the counter to order their dinner.

Happy put up the partition in the limo at Steve's request. The man was as discreet as they came, but sometimes Steve liked the thought of being alone when he was making an attempt at intimacy.

"Just so you know, you owe me big time for having Pepper send me to that conference," Tony told him as Happy pulled away from the curb. "Dinner was a start. But Prague was like purgatory. I honestly thought it would never end."

"I just asked her to keep you distracted," Steve said apologetically. "I had no idea she was going to ship you out of the country for a week."

"Ignorance is no excuse," Tony said airily. "It's still your fault."

"Of course," Steve agreed. "I'll make it up to you. First, you promised." At Tony's blank stare, he added, "The blindfold."

"Ah…That," Tony grimaced, then sighed. "You know half of my things are related."

"Same reason you don't like the bath?" Steve predicted.

"The caves were pretty mazelike," Tony nodded. "They didn't want me knowing how to get out."

"Okay," Steve pressed his mouth to Tony's brow. "No blindfolds then. Anything else I should know?"

"Just don't make me go spelunking anytime soon, and we're good."

Steve smiled against his forehead.

"Deal." This next part was something he had wanted to do for a while now, but it was never easy to ask. Still, Tony was the one person he should be able to talk to about this. "Have you given any thought to, um… to sex?"

Tony went still. Steve felt it in the hands at his waist, just before Tony pulled back to look at him. The man could be completely inscrutable when he wanted. Steve both admired and hated that about him. It was impossible to tell what Tony was thinking—good or bad.

"You're talking… condoms, lube, the whole shebang?" Tony asked slowly. Steve nodded, his face flaming hot. Tony wasn't even blushing, though he did look a bit hesitant. "Of course I've thought about it."

"Are you interested?" Steve had to ask. He thought he knew the answer, but he would never dare to assume anything like that. "With me?"

"As opposed to doing it with Barton?" Tony asked incredulously. Steve sighed and managed a wincing smile. This had to be the most awkward conversation of his life, and that was including his talk with Bruce the previous day. "Well, yeah. Are you?" He flashed a wry grin. "With me?"

"Oh yeah."

Steve grunted as he found himself with a lapful of Tony Stark. His face still felt hot, but now he was glad he was sitting, because the blood was traveling south rapidly, leaving him gasping against Tony's mouth. He planted a hand in the small of Tony's back, dragging him forward and attacking the man's neck, needing to breathe but not wanting to break away.

"I haven't done this before," Tony panted, arching when Steve slid a hand under his borrowed shirt. "Maybe we should… take it… or you can keep, uh, doing that…"

Steve smiled when Tony whined and squirmed against him.

"Fuck, Steve! You're going to make me embarrass myself again!"

"I happen to know you have a private elevator to your suite," Steve murmured. "And I've done the research. I know what to do."

"Oh, my god," Tony groaned. "Remind me to have Jarvis check… your browser history…"

"Jarvis helped," Steve assured him. "So did Bruce…" his face lit up again as he remembered that bizarre conversation. "And Clint."

"Jesus," Tony wheezed out a moaning laugh. "You're unreal. Let's… come on, Steve. Nobody's first time should be in a car."

They had been parked for several minutes now. Happy, bless him, had left them alone. Steve echoed Tony's laugh and slowly disengaged. His hand had been down the back of Tony's pants. Retracting it earned a moan of complaint.

Steve imagined this was what it felt like to be a teenager in love when they stumbled, giggling like children, into the elevator. Tony shoved him into the corner, and Steve let him, grabbing a thigh and kissing Tony intently when the man obliged by wrapping his arms around Steve's neck. An instant later, Tony's legs were pressed hard around Steve's waist, and he curled a hand under Tony to keep him from having to work too hard.

Then Steve was taking them into Tony's room and carefully lowering them to the bed.

"Tony," he murmured, stilling the wandering hands and smoothing a palm down the other man's cheek. Tony's beard was coarse beneath his hand, an interesting contrast to the softer skin around it. Struggling to regain control, Tony turned toward the hand, pressing his mouth against the palm, eyes dark as he looked up at Steve. "God. Tony, I love you."

It was the first time he had said it aloud. He had known this for months, but never had he actually said it. Tony had beaten him to it, stating it like it was the most natural thing in the world. To Steve it felt unreal. Before the war, this is not what he would have imagined for himself. Now, he could think of wanting nothing else.

Crap. He was crying.

Tony let Steve burrow into his neck, hands gentle over his back as he uttered soothing nonsense. After a few minutes, though, he got impatient again.

"Come on, Steven. You really going to keep me waiting?" Tony murmured. "I waited six months for you to make this move, and I admit, I'm getting a little anxious here."

Steve jerked back, looking down at Tony in shock.

"You were waiting for me to make the first move?" he blurted. Tony's lips twisted in a rueful smile.

"Well, yeah, Cap," he said reasonably. "You were raised in a time when this kind of relationship was never talked about, and premarital sex could destroy a girl's future. I figured I should respect that."

Steve groaned and let his head drop again, until he was laughing into Tony's shoulder, momentarily forgetting exactly what they had started.

"You kept holding back, so I thought…" he mumbled, then lifted his head and planted a sloppy kiss on Tony's mouth. "I love you, so much. You're impossible."

Tony leaned up to recapture his mouth when Steve pulled back.

"I know. I love you too. Now let's get to it. I'm not a blushing virgin. You don't have to coddle."

"You kind of are a virgin," Steve replied, gently teasing even as he reached for the drawer—yes, he had planned way ahead for this, and thank god Tony had not gone through his nightstand that day.

Tony flushed at the implication but hooked a leg around Steve's and dragged them together. He breathed hot in Steve's ear, his voice low and rough and completely arousing when he murmured to him.

"Bring it on, Captain."


(Okay, I didn't do the interviews because I get weirded out trying to write real people. So sorry for that, but I hope people liked it anyway.)