Hey guys, I'm new here and this is my first fanfic…um I hope you enjoy and please review! This story takes place in the late 1700s. I thought this might be an interesting story, with Peeta as a navy sailor, and Katniss as a mermaid. The story will alternate between Peeta and Katniss's POV.

Peeta's POV

The blue clear water sooths me as I stare out into the horizon. For me, the ocean is everything to me; it relaxes me, and keeps my mind off other things. Life for me was rough; I had a loving father but a cold mother. She never showed any sign of affection, not a hug, kiss, or even a smile. She always told me I was worthless and that I didn't deserve her love. We owned a bakery, so whenever I did something wrong, such as putting too much of an ingredient into the dough, or displeased a costumer, she would give me a beating. I would then walk to school the next day with my peers and the teacher questioning my appearance.

We weren't poor, yet we weren't rich, we were right in between. As much as I loved working in the bakery, with the rich smell of cheese buns in the air, I had to leave. I couldn't take my mother anymore, which is why I joined the US Navy at age 17. My brothers themselves left the nest and started their own families. I had to leave too.

I've been assigned to cook in a ship of 20 men, myself included. Besides baking, cooking is the next best skill I'm good at. Cooking was challenging at first, with the boat rocking back and forth, but as the months dragged on, I became used to it. My crewmates say I'm the best cook they've ever had. I met some interesting people throughout the months, such as Thresh, Beetee, Cato, and Captain Haymitch. Thresh is around my age, very quiet, but I just bring the talk out of him, and Beetee is around his mid 40s, and always seems to come up with the best advice when I need him most, and is handy with with a gun. Cato is my age and is a bit of a hell raiser. He's alright, but I make sure not to spend too much time around him. Then there is Captain Haymitch who is in his mid 40s. He is always drunk, and I always wonder how on earth he got the job of Captain. Other than that, he is alright, being sarcastic all the time. We get along well.

And so here we are, on our fourth trip patrolling the seas against pirates and foreign warships. Every now and then we would get a little action, like a pirate ship terrorizing a merchant ship. But other than that, life on the ship is pretty peaceful.

One evening, as we unwound and drank a few cups of booze, Haymitch and Beetee told us stories about mythical sea creatures such as giant squids, sea serpents, sirens, and mermaids. Mermaids were discussed in particular.

"Lads, do you believe in mermaids?" asked Haymitch.

"You telling me there's mermaids? And they say God exists," replies Cato.

"Mermaids are…quite a specimen. Angels of the sea, they are," says Beetee.

"I've seen one myself, with long silky hair and skin as soft as a baby. Beautiful yet deadly. They seduce men for dinner with their bodies and their sweet voices. Their singing is enchanting; you can't get your mind off of it. Even now, years later, I cannot keep my mind off of how bewitching their singing is," says Haymitch.

"You've actually…seen a mermaid up close?'' I ask, intrigued by this.

"Yes…I was your age lad, we were chasing some pirates when we came across this rocky bay on a lone island…and that's when we heard them. You always hear them first, and then they appear, dragging themselves into the boat, telling you they will give you the best time of your life. And once you're about to kiss them, they drag you out of the ship and into the depths of the sea, eating you alive. All of my fellow crewmates died that day, I was the only one left alive. I escaped to land where the next few days I was rescued by a merchant ship passing by. Luck was on my side that day."

I could not believe Haymitch's story, considering how drunk he is all the time. But that didn't keep me from wondering…

"Boy would I love to have my hands on such a beauty, I like a challenge!" says Cato.

"No you wouldn't Cato; they will kill you once you get your hands on one!" says Beetee.

We all say good night to each other and we retreat to our quarters to get a good night's rest. As I drift off into a peaceful slumber, it never occurred to me that soon this tranquil life on the sea would soon come to an end.