Chapter 2: Return to the Great Valley

It had been almost another year, just after the first cold time that Pterano and his adopted son Harry where flying to the Great Valley.

"But why Papa?" Harry asked as he caught up with the older flyer. "Why do you have to leave?"

"Becuase I am banished for at least five cold times." Pterano explained to his son. Leaving out the part about his seeking the Philosopher's Stone. He had told his son the story of the Philosopher's Stone and he loved the story of the teenaged flyer and his brother who violated the laws of nature after trying to bring their deceased mother back to life after she had been killed by sharpteeth searched for it and where sent to another world by it after using it. Of course, Pterano had made that part of the story up. But it was still Harry's favorite nest time story. He was nearly done with the tale..

"Your Auntie Tara will take care of you like you where her own youngling. But until my banishment is over, or is reduced, I can't be with you in the Valley. I can take care of myself but I won't raise a child in the Mysterious Beyond. You do remember my rules about that right?" Pterano assured/asked his son. He hoped he and Petrie would become friends. Though a bit older Petrie generally got on with everyone unless they where trying to hurt his friends and loved ones.

Harry sighed. "Don't go off on your own, unless you've got no choice. Only travel by daylight, unless you've got no choice. And number three, never talk to strangers, unless you've got no choice.

"Good." Pterano said as they spotted a tree. "Time for a lunch break." He said spotting tree stars and berries in a nearby bush.

Pterano had spent an hour gathering berries from the bushes. Enough for him and his son. When he

"And how can I make amends, for all that I took from you, I filled you with hopeless dreams, my brother I was a fool." He heard Harry sing when he returned. He shuddered. That haunting song reminded him of his and Tara's brother James. There was much, much more to the story that he told his son. For one, there where two flyer brothers, and a sister...and the brother and sister, older than the brother, tried to bring their mother back to life. But instead created a monster and lost their younger brother to some kind of portal.

It took them another few days to get to the Great Valley. Harry had "wow"ed at all the plant eaters living in peace in the enclosed area. Luckily, the flyers area wasn't too far in so there was less chance Pterano would be seen by Topsy. He sweared that bull threehorn had an anger problem. He spotted Tara perching in a tree on her feet as they flyers often did.

"Son, stay behind me. We're going to surprise your auntie." Pterano said to Harry.

Harry giggled. "Okay Papa." He grabbed onto Pterano's back and held on tight as he swooped down.

"Hello sister." Pterano said making the female flyer jump.

"Pterano." She said in surprise. "What are you doing here? Your supposed to be banished for four more cold times."

"Circumstances forced my return." He cleared his throat and Harry popped form behind his back.

"Hi!" He said eagerly with a giggle.

Tara gasped. That color. It was the same as..."Pterano." She said. "Could I speak to you in private..." She pulled him closely and away so Harry couldn't hear them.

"That color." She said to her brother. "You don't think its?"

"No, James is gone." Pterano said solemnly. "Nothing can bring him back Tara. We tried that once already remember? We nearly destroyed the world!

"That doesn't explain why his mini me is sitting on that tree branch." Tara reminded Pterano sternly.

"Not exactly. Look at the eyes." Pterano said.

Tara looked over to where the hatchling was watching allt he different herds. His eyes weren't Jame's color.

"Their different! You don't think? Could he possibly be?"

"I think I found our nephew." Pterano said with a smile. "Which means James might still be alive! That's why it didn't work! Tara don't you see? He's still alive!"

"Pterano be reasonable." Tara said. "Those magicks are long lost even to our people here in the Valley.. I barely remember what we did that night. I do remember we lost him though."

"I still remember everything." Pterano said. "I have changed Tara. I want to be involved in our nephew' son'"


"I sort of...adopted him." Pterano said. "

"I will see what I can do." Tara said with a sigh. "But what are you planning?"

"The Philosopher's Stone." Pterano siad before flying off.

"The Stone? Pterano! Wait!"

"I'll be waiting for an answer on my banishment." Pterano called back as he made his way back to the Mysterious Beyond.

"I see in front of my eyes, all of these truths and all these lies. As their colors go and fade away..." She heard Harry sing and she sighed. That had been a habit of Jame's when he was young. Singing songs he made up. Then she smiloed. James had lived through their mistake. That was all she needed. The knowledge that they didn' kill their own brother...

To Be Continued..

If you can't guess, the portal turned James into a human and sent him to the wizard world on the doorstep of Charlus Potter and Dorea Black. He lived out his natural life before Voldemort killed him and a few years later, four year old Harry was sent to his father's home time and turned into a Pteranadon. Pterano and Tara (Momma Flyer) are his biological uncle and aunt on his father's side. neat huh?

For those who don't know, the lyrics at the end are for the english dub of Rain from Brotherhood FMA by someone from youtube. They do fandubs and are really good at it.

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