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Okay ... all I had to do was wait. He would make his move and I would make mine.

As he moved to the left, I had the perfect view. One...two...three... Bang!

I made the shot, not that you could hear it with the silencer attached, but still, he fell to the ground, lifeless, bleeding from a head shot.

People started screaming and running around. I sniggered as the adrenaline rushed through my veins. I smiled, feeling very satisfied. I loved my job.

I stood up, collecting the spent shell. No point in leaving any evidence lying around; opening the roof top door to leave the scene of the crime.

My Aston Martin was parked in the underground parking garage, so I ran down the stairs. I needed to get out of here quick before the police arrived. I had just killed a man in the middle of the street, in broad daylight, so someone was bound to call the cops. If they knew why his life had ended, they wouldn't be so quick to help him.

He was a pissed up drug user that took advantage of teenage children. My job was to take him out, nothing more ... nothing less.

I pulled out my phone as I climbed into my car. It rang once before it was picked up, "It's done." Were the only words I spoke.

"The money has been wired to your account." Was his response before he hung up.

I pulled my laptop out and logged on to my online banking and he was right, there it was…three million dollars. That shithead must have touched the wrong child if the price on his miserable head was that much. Not my problem; I had done what I had been paid to do... Mission over.

I pulled out of the garage and made my way home; stopping once to get a Starbucks. I was addicted to the coffee they made; it was my only weakness.

As I pulled into my driveway, I smiled. It had been weeks since I had been home. That ass was difficult to track at first, but he must have known that someone was coming for him, making the job difficult. The kill was easy when he finally slipped up and got careless. His loss, my gain.

I entered my hall, taking in a deep breath. I was good to be home.

I slammed the door shut, waiting. Any moment now he would be here. I heard him come running down the stairs. He bounded straight toward me, wagging his tail and panting very excitedly.

"Hey buddy," I said. I knelt on my knees to give him a cuddle.

I scratched behind his ears and kissed his nose. I loved this dog; he was the only one I could rely on to have my back. I have two brothers, but they weren't as loyal as Alfie.

He licked my face and I eventually stood up to let him outside. Alfie was a German Sheppard; black and tan. With me, he was such a softie and the kid across the street, who looked after him while I am away on business.

That reminded me, I needed to pay him, but with anyone, he didn't know he was a fearsome guard dog, and fantastic at his job.

I walked through the house toward the kitchen, looking for some form of food. I should have stopped off at the store on my way home. There was never any fucking food in my house any time I've been away. I was sure the kid who watched Alfie, ate it while I was gone.

I found some chocolate in the cupboard, so I began to nibble on it. I let the dog back in and made my way upstairs taking, off my wife beater, black boots and black cargo pants, as I went.

I entered my bedroom, removed my gun and phone from their holsters, throwing them on the bed before I moved to my en-suite bathroom. Turning on the shower I was about to step in when I heard my phone ring. Muttering to myself , "For fuck's sake, can't I even have a god damn shower in peace?"

I snatched my phone off the bed and answered the call, "Hello?"

"It's your father. I have a job for you."

Great just what I fucking needed, "Dad, I just returned from a 2 week job; I'm taking a few days off. I have stuff I need to do at home."

My father was silent. Fuck, I knew what was coming next and I knew I would end up doing what he asked.

My father was stationed in Seattle. He ran a 'strip club', but he had everything coming through the doors from drugs to weapons and everything in between. His reputation for being a cunt of a man was correct; he would slit your throat just for fun.

"I have a jet standing by for you. I expect you to walk in my office within the next two hours," he instructed.

"Fine, but I'm bringing Alfie with me." I knew my dad would hate this. The dog and my father hated each other. It's quite funny really. The first time he came to the house, Alfie bit him. To me, he was only doing his job, but my dad took a dislike to him because of it.

"Bring the fucking dog, but keep him off of the seats on the jet. I don't need to be covered in dog hair when I have meetings."

I smiled to myself, "I'm getting in the shower and need to pack some stuff. What sort of job is it?"

"I'll tell you when you get here. Just bring your nine and a glock; you won't need anything else. Oh, and I have your bike here waiting for you," he finished in his demanding tone.

"What sort of fucking job is this where I only need two guns?" I usually needed more supplies. A sniper rifle sometimes, but only two guns? They job may be easier then what I was assuming.

"The job will last twelve weeks," he said.

"What! Dad..." I stared to protest.

"Twelve weeks, Bella. I'll see you in two hours.'' With that he hung up.

I sighed, heavily. Great! ... just what I needed. An assignment from my dad.

I threw the phone back on the bed and headed back toward the shower, I now desperately needed.

I'm Isabella Swan and I'm an Assassin.

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