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The Twelve Week Hunt

Chapter 12

The ice cold wind is whipping past my face, making me feel more awake than I was twenty minutes ago. I could feel the burn in my legs as I push on faster, trying to run away from my problems…my life.

It's been four months to the day since I left...him. I should've stayed and listened to what he had to say, but that was never me. I did what I always do...I ran. I ran away from him and the hurtful words he said. When will I learn that men are pigs? They were fuckers put on this earth to make my life hell.

Well I couldn't go back. My pride wouldn't allow it. Fuck him. Fuck the Cullen's, fuck everyone.

I could feel myself becoming angry again. I needed to think of something else other than Edward, but he consumed my every thought. I missed him, I hated him...I loved him.

I stopped running, bracing my hands on my knees. I panted, trying to catch my breath. I loved him? Fuck, when did that happen? How can you love someone you haven't seen in four months? Someone who you know will never feel the same as you? This shit was way too deep for 7:15 in the morning.

I looked round at the woodland. The trees were starting to blossom, indicating that spring was on the way. Would I still be living here in spring?

Yeah, I would. I was growing the like the place. When I walked away from Edward, I went to Charlie's to get Alfie and we drove around, stopping at a few hotels. It was by far the worst Christmas ever.

After a few days, I stumbled across the sleepy town of Forks. It was small, wet and miserable...it was perfect.

I rented a house from a guy; it was his mothers, but she had just passed away and he couldn't bring himself to sell it just yet, so it became my new home.

People were friendly and didn't know anything about me. They only knew the basics; just that I needed a change and I wanted to make a life here. I hadn't told anyone where I was. Not even my father. I just needed the time to decide what I wanted to do. The life of an Assassin had lost its appeal to me, for now. I didn't need to work, but I needed to do something to occupy my time. Forks was great, but there wasn't much to do.

I decided I had enough of running for the day and made my way back towards the house. I wondered if Mike wanted to go out tonight. Nothing heavy, just a few drinks at the local bar. I was sick of seeing the same four walls.

I met Mike at the local grocery store. We both reached for the same item at the same time. He told me to take it, so we started talking and we got along well. He invited me over to dinner that night and I met his partner Tyler and we all became friends. We went out to eat a lot of times; sometimes I cooked for them. The only thing they knew how to cook, was microwave meals.

They looked out for me. It was nice, but they weren't the Cullen's.

I reached the clearing of the trees that faced my house. Alfie was sitting outside on the step growling at the door. How the fuck did he get out of the house?

My question was answered as I looked to the driveway and parked behind my car was my fathers.

Great! Just what I fucking need! Now what do I do?

I decided to put on my big girl pants and confront him.

I crossed the road, Alfie turning to look at me and started backing away from the door. He was showing his teeth and snarling, the hackles on his back were raised. He was not a happy boy.

The door opened. ''Bella, you better control that fucking dog...I'm warning you.'' My father shouted from inside the house. I really didn't understand why they can't get along.

"Wait...So, you break in to my house and then tell ME to control my dog? I should let him rip your fucking arm off!'' I shouted.

"Can't you put a fucking muzzle on him or something?" God, he sounded pathetic.

I bend down to Alfie's level, rubbing his nose. "C'mon boy, chill out.'' He looked at me and licked my face causing me to laugh. I kissed his nose, warning him to be good.

I walked up to the door, pushing it open. "Hi Dad,'' I said as he walked towards me and wrapped me in one of his death hugs.

"Bells, I've been so worried about you. No one knew where you were; your phone isn't working. What were you thinking, just taking off like that? Huh?" He asked, finishing his rant.

"You want some coffee?" I asked, making my way into the kitchen.

He nodded his head and sat down at the kitchen table. ''It's a nice place you have here, Bells. Small but nice…homey.''

"Yeah, we like it,'' I said. "So, you going to tell me how you found me? I thought I was careful. ''

"I have my ways." Was all he said on the matter. The conversation over then, I guess. "You're not coming back are you?'' I knew it was a rhetorical question and I hoped I could explain the best I could.

"I can't dad. I'm not saying that I'll never come back, but I can't face it right now,'' I finished, handing him his drink.

"He loves the dog you bought him." I smiled at that. I decided that he needed someone to come home to when the assignment was over just in case things didn't work out like I was hoping.

Turns out, I was right. I found a local pet store, who had three German Sheppard's for sale. I picked one out and asked them to deliver it on Christmas day. The woman agreed as her mother lived close by Edward so she could drop it on her way. I wished I had been there to see the look on his face. ''He named him Charlie, hoping he would like me if we had the same name.'' I laughed at the stupidity of it.

"And does he like you?'' I asked.

"Nah...Another fucking dog that hates me. He pissed on my shoe the other day." I was full on belly laughing at this point. "It's not funny, Bells. I don't know why they don't like me."

"That's 'cause you're a shady mother fucker and they know it,'' I said. He couldn't disagree with that.

"Bella, please don't take this the wrong way because I don't mean to be rude but have you put on some weight? I only ask because you've been the same size since you were nineteen and I've never known you put a pound on. You look great by the way; it really suits you.'' I didn't know what to say. Trust my father to notice something I've been managing to hide it for the last few weeks.

"I'm not getting fat, I'm pregnant, dad," I said, looking at him. His face went from shocked, to angry, to confused all in three seconds.

I huge smile broke out on his face. "I'm gonna be a pappy?" He asked in the most excited tone I ever heard him use.

I nodded and smiled at him as he jumped from his chair and came around the table to hug me. ''Oh, Bella, you have no idea how much I've wanted you out the assassin business and into a proper job. This is the perfect thing to happen." I was completely stunned. What? Who the hell was this man and what did he do with my father?

"What do you mean? I'll still be an assassin, dad. I love it too much to let it go. I've decided that I'll take a few more jobs to make sure I have enough so I don't have to worry about working until the baby goes to school. Then I can start looking into it again.'' I had it all planned out.

My father was looking at me like I had a second head. ''Are you fucking kidding me, Bella? You can't take any more jobs, now. What if you get hurt? It's not just, now, you know? And when the baby starts school, what then? Your just gonna up and leave for two weeks, leave YOUR child with the kid down the road to let it out and feed it, Bella; it's a child not a fucking dog!" He was shouting at me by now.

I wasn't taking his shit. This was my house. "Don't you think I fucking know that?" I shouted back as I stood up from my seat. ''This is my baby and life dad. I'll do with it, what I choose. Now, I would like you to leave."

"Fine, it is your life Bella, but that baby, isn't just yours! I assume the child's father is Edward?'' I didn't answer him. "Fine, I'll be back in a few days with him and you can tell him your plans. We'll see what he thinks." He opened the door and headed towards his car.

I started running out after him. ''No…No…No, dad, please don't tell him or bring him here. I can't face him," I said, pleading with him.

"Well, you should've thought about that before you decided that my grandchild would live a life of crime with you. I couldn't stop you doing it, Bella, but I'll be dammed if I don't try harder with this one."

"If you bring him back here, dad, I'll be gone by the time you get back and I'll make sure you never find me again or see your grandchild. You know I meant it, too.'' I slammed to door closed, slumped to my knees and cried. I cried harder than I had ever done before. I didn't mean anything I said to my dad. I would never stop him seeing his grandchild, but I couldn't have him bring Edward here. Not now. I knew I have to tell him sooner or later. At the end of the day, he was going to be a father, but now was not the right time.

I picked myself up off of the floor and headed upstairs to take a shower. I stripped off my clothes and looked at myself in the full length mirror. I was starting to show; my belly was sticking out further than ever.

I rubbed my hands over my bump. "What are we going to do about your daddy?'' I asked my baby. Maybe I should call him before my father told him. There was no question that my father would tell him, especially now that I had pissed him off and I couldn't deal with seeing Edward, but maybe speaking to him, wouldn't be so bad.

I took a quick shower and dressed for the day. I decided to call Edward. So once again, I pulled up my big girl pants and dialled his number.

After three rings, someone picked up. "Hello.'' That wasn't Edward.

''Who's this?'' I asked, wondering if he moved on so quickly after me.

"You called this number, so why don't you tell me who the fuck you are?'' I laughed as I recognized her voice.

"Clam down, Rose. It's Bella.'' She didn't say anything. "Rose, you still there?'' The line went dead. I called back again.

"What do you want Bella?''

''What the fuck is your problem?'' I was getting pissed at the way she was treating me.

"None of your damn business. Now, what the fuck do you want?'' Her voice was menacing and hateful.

"I want to speak to Edward,'' I said as nicely as I could.

"Well, he doesn't wanna to speak to you." If she didn't stop speaking to me like that, I was gonna drive back there and put a fucking bullet in her stupid blond fucking head.

''Put him on the goddamn phone Rose,'' I demanded. I could hear her talking to Edward.

"I don't wanna to speak to her, Rose. Please just hang up the phone.'' Once again, I was crushed. I thought I was doing the right thing by telling him, but what if I told him and he rejected my baby. I could understand him not wanting to see me, but I didn't think I could stand him not wanting to see our child.

I hung up the phone before Rose came back. She wasn't happy with me either. Great! I would need to find someone new to clean my weapons, now. How inconvenient is that? In fact, my life had been turned upside down by the fucking Cullen's. Fine have it your way Edward.

I called his number again and this time, hoped it would go to his answer machine. Lady luck was on my side. ''This is Edward Cullen, I'm not home right now, but if you leave your name and number I will contact you when I return.''

''Edward, its Bella, you remember me. I'm the woman you fucked and told I was a mistake, then proceeded to tell your brother I wasn't good enough for you. Well, I have a surprise for you...I'm pregnant and it's yours...Surprise!'' I hung up and then dialled another number.

''Cullen house, Esme speaking.''

''Hi, Esme, this is Bella. I've been trying to contact Edward, but couldn't seem to reach him. Can you get a message to him for me?''

''Bella? Oh, my Gosh, sweetheart, how are you?'' That caused me to falter a bit. She didn't seem upset with me at all. She had concern in her voice.

''I'm good, Esme, thank you for asking. Can you tell Edward something for me?'' I knew if I told Esme, she'd put the wrath of God into Edward.

''Esme, is that Bella? You know Edward asked us not to speak to her or give her any information about him.'' I heard Carlisle say in the background.

''She wants me to pass on a message to him. She isn't asking anything about him, stop being such a fool.'' Well that pissed me off. Why weren't they allowed to speak to me?

''Esme, can you tell Edward that I'm pregnant and it's his baby? If he answered the damn phone, I wouldn't have to go through you. I'll go now seeing as though you shouldn't be speaking to me.'' I hung up the phone before she could answer. My phone started ringing as soon as I hung up; I left it for the machine. "Please leave a message after the beep.''

"Bella, its Edward. I know you're there. Pick up the fucking phone...Are you pregnant? I just want to know for sure…" There was a long pause before he spoke again. "You know what, I don't even think you are.'' And then he hung up. I knew he was trying to get a reaction from me. Well, if that's the way he wanted it.

I opened my laptop and typed in his email address. I then attached an ultrasound picture that was given to me by the hospital just a few days before. My name and the date were at the top of the photo. You could clearly see my baby sucking its thumb; it was really sweet.

I hit send just before there was a knock at the door. I looked out the kitchen window to see Tyler. I opened the door and was greeted with a hug. ''Where's Mike?''

''He's just getting some stuff out of the trunk. We brought goodies and a movie.'' That sounded great. I needed something to take my mind off all the stuff that was currently going on.

Mike came into the kitchen. ''Guys, I have something to tell you,'' I said. I knew I had tell them because I was expecting another call from Edward at any time, but he could go fuck off, for all I care.

They both turned to look at me. ''I'm four months pregnant. I just told the father today and to say he isn't pleased, would be an understatement.''

I waited for their responses. ''Bella, that's wonderful...I mean not about the father, but about the baby. Do you know what you're having, yet? A boy or girl?" Tyler asked, excitedly.

''No, I want it to be a surprise.'' And I truly did want it to be a surprise. I'd love the baby regardless if it were a boy or girl.

''I am so pleased for you,'' Mike said as he hugged me. The phone started ringing, again. Mike went to grab it.

''Leave it,'' I said. Then the answering machine picked up. ''Please leave a message after the beep.''

''Bella, its Edward. Will you please pick up the phone? We need to talk about this.'' Oh, now he wants to speak to me. Then I heard him talking to someone in the back ground. ''WHAT! Bella, you called my fucking mom. Are you kidding me, here?...Why?...Why would you do that? You're such a bitch, Bella. If you don't get your own way, you fight dirty. Is that what they teach you in Assassin school? How to fuck someone over?...It's probably not even my kid!'' He hung up after that.

I looked at Mike and Tyler. ''What the fuck is an assassin?'' Mike asked.

It was Tyler who answered him. ''Someone that kills people for money.''

"I don't just kill anyone,'' I said. "All the marks I've ever taken out, have been Rapists, murderers and paedophiles. I'm very particular about who I kill,'' I said, trying to defend my job.

Just then, the phone started ringing, again. What did he want now?

"Please leave a message after the beep.''

''It's Edward, again. Bella, I'm sorry; we need to talk. There was stuff I never told you. I don't think of you as a mistake and I don't think you're not good enough for me. Please just listen to me...Please? Just five minutes, that's all I'm asking for...Please, Bella?'' I didn't want to speak to him. I knew he was only saying sorry because of the baby, but I wanted him to be sorry for the way he treated me.

After a few long seconds, the true Edward came out, again. ''Fuck you Bella. Don't ever say I didn't try.''

Tyler picked the receiver up. ''You ever speak to her like that again, I'll come down there and rip your fucking head off. You fucking hear me...I don't give a fuck who you are...You don't need to know who I am...Fuck you, asshole.'' Tyler turned to me. ''What did you ever see in that pompous prick?'' I laughed. I knew he was only looking out for me. It made me love him even more for his brotherly devotion.

''He's cute.'' I said, in defence.

''Yeah, well, he sounds like more trouble than what he's worth.'' He wasn't. Not really. Hearing his voice today brightened me up. I never realized how much I missed him, shouting at me. Maybe I'll keep the messages for when I'm feeling down. ''How about we leave you alone for today? You sound like you have a lot going on, right now.'' I nodded and thanked them for coming even though it was short.

I let them out and waited while Alfie did his business. As I tuned to walk back into the house, a man was standing right behind me. He quickly put a cloth over my face, causing me to fight, but my arms seemed to get heavier.

Then I felt dizzy before everything went black.