"I need you to do me a favour."

He raised his eyebrow in her direction, his hand moving his blonde hair behind his ears as he looked at the eighteen year old in front of him, her hands twirling the silver ring around her finger as she bit down on her bottom lip, looking as if she could draw blood.

"And what would that be?" he enquired from her as she looked back at him, her grey eyes glaring into his as she itched on her pale arm quickly, wondering about how to word her request. He wouldn't be annoyed by her asking him. Surely he would understand. Well...he most certainly would understand when he met her father.

"My dad...well...he's not really...he's a businessman," she explained and the blonde bay grinned once at her as the pair of them walked away from the shopping mall and to the car which sat in the parking lot. Their arms were brushing against each other in that romantic way where their relationship hadn't developed too far but every little touch was one which made their hearts flutter.

"My dad's a businessman too," he replied, still grinning at her strange attitude as she rolled her eyes, holding tighter to the handle of her bag.

"He's an overbearing businessman," she replied simply. "Just...try to be polite and formal."

"You're worrying me now, Vicky," he complained, his brows furrowing together as she shook her head at him and he unlocked his car.

"You'll see."


He was late. Of course he would be late. He enjoyed making his daughter's male companions squirm in their seats. He enjoyed walking in, demanding a bottle of wine and then sitting down, folding his legs and resting his hands onto the table and looking at the new boy through his narrowed eyes. It was no wonder that Victoria hated to bring anyone to dinner with her father. She had found their relationships didn't last too long after that. But Andrew was different. He had to be different.

"So," Andrew said, popping his lips and looking back at his girlfriend as she shrugged and closed her eyes, unable to tell him what was going on.

She had been allowed to pick the location of where they were to eat and so she chose a high brow restaurant, full of lots of people where he couldn't make a fuss of anything.

"If he's not here in ten minutes then we'll go," she promised, sipping on her orange juice through her straw.

"Luckily for you, he has arrived," a sudden voice boomed and she felt his hand gently squeeze her shoulder before he took a seat opposite Andrew, his eyes grinning with mischief already as his daughter looked at him condescendingly.

"You're half an hour late," she informed him and he shrugged, looking through the menu for wine as Victoria remained her glaring at him.

"I had business to take care of," he said with some kind of grin on his face as she wrinkled her nose, wondering why he was smirking about that. But she didn't pursue it. She never did.

"Andrew, this is my father," she explained and Andrew looked across to him as he managed to tear himself away from the menu and look at the boy whose shirt was a size too big for him and he had failed to brush a large knot from his blonde curls. "Dad, this is Andrew."

"How do you do, Mr Grey?" Andrew asked politely, standing up and offering his hand out to the elder man who took it slowly, his eyes never leaving the boys. Weak handshake. That was never a good sign.

"And what is it you do?" Grey wondered aloud and Victoria slumped back in her seat slightly, pulling at the straps of her yellow dress as the 'Grey Inquisition' began.

"Geography," he said back to Christian who simply looked put off as Andrew smiled at him and then at his girlfriend who offered her hand to him underneath the table, sensing he was nervous. "I've just started it but I'm enjoying it terribly."

"And what do you want to gain from it?"

"I'm not sure yet," the boy responded truthfully and Victoria jumped in quickly.

"You said you were thinking about going into the USGS, didn't you, Andrew?" she pushed him, imploring for him to nod and agree which he did so with haste. Extreme haste.

"Well," Grey said as a waiter approached their table, "that's better than the last one, Victoria. The one who simply worked in a fast food chain."

Christian turned his attention to the waiter, ordering for all of them as Victoria shook her head at Andrew, not quite sure what message she was wanting to convey to him but hoping he would understand how awkward this was for her too.

"And you study here, do you?" Christian asked Andrew when he turned his attention back to them. Victoria sipped on her orange juice, wishing she was old enough for alcohol. Maybe that would numb the pain of this ordeal. But, then again, she doubted anything would stop this sordid affair.

"Yes," Andrew nodded quickly. "Yes, I live with my parents."

"And what do they do?"

"My father is in marketing and my mother is a librarian."

"Quite a contrast," Christian said, adjusting the tie on his chest as he did up another button to his designer suit.

"Well...they love each other," Andrew simply shrugged, feeling himself sweating beneath the dress shirt.

"Love doesn't help to pay the bills, does it?" Christian muttered and Victoria's eyes went wide.

"Dad," she hissed, wishing he would turn it down a notch and keep his opinions to himself. Before he had the chance to say anything further his phone began to ring and he snapped it from his pocket, pressing it to his ear as Victoria looked over at Andrew again.

"I'm sorry," she said simply and Andrew shrugged; an encouraging grin on his face as Christian snapped down the phone about something to do with mergers.

"Trouble at the office?" Victoria enquired when he dropped his phone back into his pocket and he shrugged once, drinking on the wine which had been brought for him.

"Nothing interesting for a History and Geography Student," he simply replied. "How did you get here?"

"Andrew drove," Victoria muttered back and Christian scowled but didn't push the matter any further, knowing he would tell her his thoughts when they got back home. "He has a Mercedes."

"Not a new one," Andrew said and Victoria mentally kicked him. "But it isn't bad. Just a run around."

"Well, as long as you're not going to kill my daughter in it," Christian snapped, looking around the room as Andrew smiled at Victoria simply.

"I wouldn't do anything to hurt your daughter," he promised and Victoria smiled back at him. "You've raised a beautiful young woman."

Christian remained silent. His emotions were unreadable on his face as he simply picked up a piece of bread from the basket in front of him.


"I can't see how he is any different from the other's you've dated," Christian informed his daughter as she sat in the passenger seat of his car. He had decided to drive instead of using Taylor for his every beck and call.

"He's nice. Can you just drop it?" Victoria snapped at him, looking out her window as she felt his gaze move onto her but she refused to look back at him.

"You're annoyed." He simply stated and she snorted at him.

"Really?" she asked him with sarcasm in her voice. "You treat all of my dates like crap, dad. Can you just ease up? It's becoming dull. And you were half an hour late."

"I said I was busy," he replied through gritted teeth. "Now are you staying at my apartment or do you want taking back to your apartment?"

"I can't go back to mine," Victoria quickly shook her head. "Mandy is having her parents over and I said she could have my room."

"Back to the apartment it is then," Christian simply stated. "And I'm not impressed by his car."

"He offered to drive!" Victoria exclaimed. "He said he would pick me up...you know...like a gentleman."

"I don't know what gentleman drives a car like that," Christian muttered under his breath and Victoria rolled her eyes, remaining silent and messing with cotton material of her dress.

"He's nice," Victoria simply said. "Can you just be happy for me? Is that so hard for you?"

"Don't snap at me, Victoria," he replied dangerously to her. "You know I am happy for you when I am supposed to be happy for you."

"Like a robot," Victoria muttered, hoping that he was unable to hear her. But he did hear her. She just didn't understand. No one understood.


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