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'I've done alright up 'til now'

F, that letter, that single mixture of lines, that mark on a page. That mark could change someone's life for the better, or for the worse. It this case it was neither, but it was the first prediction of what could come

After this who knows what could happen. I might fail at the end of the year. I might not graduate. I might not get into the college I want because I this letter. What else could happen because of a letter?

I dropped it on the desk and walked out the classroom, ignoring the teachers words of 'where do you think you're going?' and 'come right back her, young girl!'. I just rushed out the classroom and into the corridor. I then ran through a door, not knowing exactly what room it was into. I just hoped it was as empty as my stomach.

The bathroom. I leant against the sinks. I shouldn't let this affect me so much but I could still feel the tears drip down my face. I could barely see that my eyes were now a mess of mascara and tears in the mirror.

I stumbled toward the wall and slumped down it, letting my head fall into my hands. The door clicked open and shut and a pair of shoes stepped into the room.

A figure crouched down in front of me and rested a hand on my knee. If I hadn't noticed whose had it was I would have slapped it away. Brittany took my chin in her hand and forced me to look up into her eyes. She the motioned that I stand up and she hugged me tight. Just that gesture seemed to start to stop the flow of tears slightly.

"I failed B, I failed." I mumbled into her Cheerios uniform, "Me- Santana Lopez, Head Cheeleader, HBIC, I failed." She knew what I was talking about (well, murmuring about really), she was in the class and she knew me so well.

"Don't worry, Tana, you will do better next time, I won't affect anything now." I shake my head, it has affected stuff, me, it affected me. If I fail in this who knows what I will in next. "You're brilliant, you will do better, it was just a bad day, I know it." Once more she took my face in her hands, I looked down, not wanting to look at her face. "Look at me San, believe me. Because I believe in you." I moved my head and joined our gazes. Her eyes were watering too and I leaned in, pressing our lips together for a short kiss.

"Thanks BrittBritt." I wiped my eye with my thumb and got my spare mascara out of my shoe -in case of emergencies- and silently tried to remake my make up. Brittany waited while I did and we strolled back into that class together, pinkies linked. I glanced at Brittany again as Ms. Hagberg frowned at me but didn't say a thing. We sat back down, our fingers still joined under the table, a bond formed between us.

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