"I think he's coming around."

Bright. Too bright. That was Ezra's first thought as he finally woke up after being unconscious for nearly four hours. He noticed two doctors beside him and frowned.

"Where am I?" He asked, or at least he tried to, all that came out was a scratchy mumble of sound. He raised a hand to his throat and frowned again when he noticed that he was hooked up to an IV.

"Welcome back, Mr Fitz. I'm Doctor Mel Lucht and this is Doctor Gracie Uy," he was informed by Doctor Lucht, "You're in the prison hospital." She paused and watched Ezra's face morph in confusion before continuing. "You have some bruising on your oesophagus and your cracked two ribs, one of which was on the verge of puncturing your lung."

Ezra's eyes widened.

"But what we want to know," Doctor Gracie spoke up, "Is how long you've had the cracked rib because it isn't a fresh fracture."

They handed him a whiteboard and a marker so that he could reply. Instead he wrote, "Do my family know that I'm here? My girlfriend?"

"We haven't contacted them yet," Doctor Lucht replied, "Do you want us to?" Ezra shook his head no and lifted his marker.

"I don't want them to worry," he wrote. The Doctors raised their eyebrows.

"And what would they have to worry about?" Gracie asked.

Ezra rubbed off the sentence and picked up his writing utensils, writing only one word, "Hanson."

Two weeks later, Ezra returned to Block B, Cell 26. The prison had replaced his bed with a new, more comfortable one and Ezra was now able to sleep without springs digging into his back.

But the best part was that Hanson had been moved to another block and wasn't allowed within ten feet of him.

For the first time since Ezra had arrived in PICC, he felt safe. He only hoped that he would stay that way.

A few days after Ezra returned, he received two letters in the post. He shut the door to his cell, having thanked the man delivering them, and sat on his bed, the two envelopes in his hands. The first was pink and he knew without looking that it was from Aria, the second was from his mother. Unable to contain his excitement, he opened Aria's first.


You have no idea how happy it made me to hear from you. I never thought it was possible to miss somebody as much as I miss you. It's like each time I tell myself this is the most I'm going to miss you, I remember something else that makes it all so much harder to be away from you. All I can think about is the last time we kissed and how it felt to be wrapped up in your arms. The girls are supportive but it's not their embrace that I crave, it's yours.

Listening to all the rumours about you has been so hard, I just want to scream at everybody for believing that you'd do that to me. I think they're mistaking my melancholy for trauma. It's not fair! You did nothing wrong, we did nothing wrong. Since when is it illegal to be in love? I wish we hadn't have waited to make love, then at least I'd have something to cling on to over these two years. I can't wait to be in your arms once more.

I'm glad you said that you're making friends! What are they like? Is your cellmate nice? I hope there's been no trouble. The stories you hear about prison are so awful. Tell me it's been okay for you, tell me you're safe and sound.

My mother came to visit me yesterday. We haven't spoken two words to each other since your trial. She said that she's sorry that she let my father do this to you but understands if I don't want to come home. I'm pretty sure that he apology was genuine but I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive them for what they've done. They ruined your life. I ruined your life. And I know that you think that you're tearing my family apart but you're not, he is. All we did was try to be honest.

I miss you like crazy,

All my love,

Aria xo

P.S. Here's a special pin-up, just for your eyes xoxo

Ezra finished her letter with tears in is eyes and a small smile on his lips. He opened the envelope again and noticed a photograph.

His jaw dropped when he saw a black-and-white picture of Aria dressed in only his open white shirt, a set of lacy black lingerie and a pair of stilettos as she posed provocatively against the wall in his apartment. Her hair was ruffled and her lips painted darkly, giving her a fantastically appealing sex look.

This was why he loved his girlfriend.

Ezra couldn't help it, he felt himself get hard. He moved his hand so that he was lightly stroking himself through his jumpsuit.

After little over four months in jail and nearly five of not seeing Aria, it was no wonder that Ezra was sexually frustrated. Sure, Aria and he had only ever fooled around, not had sex, but that was better than the cold, lonely feeling he'd harboured for the last five months.

Just as Ezra was about to unbutton his jumpsuit and give himself some sort of release, an image of Hanson popped into his mind. He knew that if Hanson were there that he'd most likely be beaten to a pulp for even looking at the photo and that thought alone kept him from relieving the problem himself. He knew that Hanson wasn't there and that he'd never know about what Ezra did alone in the cell, but Ezra could still feel a dull ache in his ribs and didn't want to do anything that could put him in danger again.

So, he put the picture away behind his pillow and opened his mother's letter.


Oh, my love, what a disaster is this. I'm sorry that this is my first letter but I just never know what to say to you.

As Aria no doubt told you, we have been talking a lot over the last couple of months. She's a very sweet girl but I worry about her. She's very thin and has such a lost look about her, not unalike that of a kicked puppy.

She pretends that being apart from her family doesn't affect her, but it does. However, not nearly as much as being apart from you does. I wish I'd seen you together before all this happened.

Wesley seems to be coming to terms with everything that's happened. I've tried to convince him to write you but I think he just needs time. He'll come around, don't worry. You're his big brother and he loves you.

As for me, I miss you so much. Even though we never saw each other much it was nice to have the option. I love you so much, honey. You'll always be my Ezzy-poo.

I'm going to come visit you next week (the 18th), I can't stand not being able to see you in the flesh.

All my love,

Your Mom Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

P.S. I'm bringing Aria. If anybody askes, she's your cousin Anita, a very close cousin.

Ezra laughed out loud in joy. He was excited to see his Mom, sure, but all he could focus on was the fact that in seven short days, the love of his life would be sat opposite him.

His stomach dropped as he thought about it. You have to be eighteen to visit a prison without your legal guardian. If they realised what his mother was doing, neither of them would be allowed to visit again.

He pushed the thoughts to the back of his mind and picked up Aria's picture again, allowing only one thought to consume his mind: Aria was coming to visit him.

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