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"Damon's the hottest!"

"No, Stefan is!"

Charlene and Megan argued with each other, shouting across the room with harmless glares sprawled across their faces. This argument was a daily occurrence between the two best friends who had known each other since kindergarten. Since the two had known each other for so long, it was expected they would be into the same sorts of music, shows and characters, and like any best friends, they were. With one exception. Charlene was obsessed with Damon Salvatore from the show 'The Vampire Diaries' while Megan was obsessed with Stefan Salvatore, Damon's younger brother in the show. The two usually just argued back and forth and wouldn't stop until someone gave up. A couple of minutes later, Charlene threw her arms up in the air, tired of fighting with Megan for the moment.

"Fine!" she exclaimed in exasperation. "I give up!"

"Thank god!"

Charlene and Megan looked up towards the unexpected voice that floated through the living room from the doorway. Charlene's older brother Ben stood with an irritated scowl on his features, tugging restlessly at the sleeve of his red jumper.

"Oh, shut up!" Charlene shouted, pointing at him with a glare on her face. She wasn't the most stunning girl on the face of the planet, but she had a delicate prettiness about her that was alluring in another way entirely.

Ben rolled his eyes and continued on his way through the room and up the stairs, "Whatever Char."

She stuck her tongue out at him childishly, which went unnoticed by his retreating form. After Ben disappeared onto the second floor, she turned towards Megan with a huge grin.

"Let's go watch TVD!" she shrieked excitedly, hopping on the tips of her toes in anticipation.

"First season?" Megan questioned with her own huge grin, barely containing her own enthusiasm.

"Duh!" Charlene laughed. "The first season is the best! Better than the third one, by far!"

Megan nodded her agreement. The two friends loved the show 'The Vampire Diaries' but after watching the start of the third season, they had both decided to stop watching it because they felt the story line revolved far too much around the love triangle. There was so much potential in the story lines and characters, but the writers kept them hidden in corners, allowing all of the spotlight to be one the three leads. While they weren't complaining about the Damon and Stefan screen time, the blandness eventually got to be too much.

"Let's put it in!" Charlene grinned.

With that, the two best friends rushed over to the TV in excitement. She dragged out her 'The Vampire Diaries' box set, pulling out the first disc of the first season and sliding it into the DVD player. She pressed the 'play' button on the remote only to frown in confusion when nothing happened.

"Is something wrong?" Megan asked curiously from where she was standing by the lounge.

Charlene looked over at her best friend, "No, there's nothing wrong…but the DVD player isn't working."

Megan's brow furrowed as she crouched down to the DVD player's level. She picked it up to inspect the wires, and rolled her eyes humorously as she identified the issue.

"It's not hooked up," Megan told her friend, smirking to try and keep her laughter at bay.


Charlene took the DVD player from her friend and started to hook it back up. Once all of the wires were in the correct socket she beamed at Megan proudly.

"There, all better," she announced brightly.

She pressed 'play' again and was shocked when it still didn't work. Charlene growled under her breath and let out a small scream of frustration. She started banging on the top DVD player. She always had been one to get slightly violent when angered.

"Stupid…DVD…player!" Charlene exclaimed through a clenched jaw as she continued to hit it with all her strength.


The DVD player exploded. Smoke filled the air and Megan and Charlene let out screams, instinctively closing their eyes tightly so the smoke wouldn't sting them. The smoke was thick and heavy, and as they breathed in it filled their lungs and scraped their throats, leaving them coughing and gasping for breath. After what felt like a confusing eternity the smoke began to clear. Hesitantly they inch by inch opened their eyes, only to be hit by the realization that they weren't in their living room any more…


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