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Third person POV…

Damon walked into the part of the tomb where Demetria, Katherine, and Abigail who he still thought were inside the tomb with her sisters with three bottles of blood in his hands. But when he got there, he found that it was only Demi and Katherine and to say he was shocked was an understatement. When in the hell did Abigail get out? It was then he realized when… Elijah had taken Abigail out of the tomb along with Stefan. Damon's eyes flashed angrily. He was defiantly going to have to call Stefan after he was finished with the two sisters.

Pushing his anger aside which he had managed to do, Damon bent down opening the bottles and waving them around under Demi and Katherine's noses. It wasn't that much longer until they smelt the tasteful blood and Damon slowly poured the blood into their mouth saying,

"Great. Drink up."

In unison, Katherine and Demetria drank the blood wholeheartedly causing Damon to smirk.

"Drink up. Good girls." Damon released the bottles and they grasped them drinking the blood frantically. He stood grabbing a bag that he brought for them, "I've come bearing gifts. I didn't have time to properly shop, but I did get a couple things." He watched as Demi and Katherine's faces returned to normal, "Wow, that blood did the trick. You two are almost pretty again."

Drinking the rest of the blood Katherine rolled her eyes at him as she threw the bottle away. Demi did the same thing but she glared at Damon instead of rolling her eyes.

"What do you want Damon?" Katherine asked as she struggled to get to her feet gripping the side of the wall of the tomb.

"Guess who's back in town? Your old friend, John Gilbert."

Katherine looked bored as she said, "Really. Why?"

"Says he loves his daughter and his nieces, wants to protect her from Elijah and the big, bad Klaus."

"Touching," Demi said sarcastically. She managed to get to her feet and Katherine got to her feet seconds after she did.

"Yeah very," Katherine agreed with Demi just as sarcastically as she went over and grabbed two jackets from the clothes that Damon brought for them and threw the other one to Demi who quickly put it on.

"Yeah right, he told me this old wives tale about how to kill an Original," Damon told the two sisters with a smirk.

Katherine froze from putting on her jacket and she looked at him surprised. Demi looked just as surprised as her sister was. Katherine's eyes then narrowed at Damon.

"And you want to know if it's true, right?" she retorted. "If it was, I wouldn't tell you."

"Now why not? I mean, you want Elijah and Klaus dead as much as I do," Damon countered what she was said.

"Klaus, yes, Elijah, no. He's compelled me and Demi to stay in here," Katherine said as she looked at him. "If he dies, we're stuck forever."

"Sucks for you guys," Damon told her with his smirk widening.

"Forget it Damon," Demi snapped. "Killing Elijah would be a suicide mission. You can't do it."

"Can so."


Damon's smirk widened even more if that was possible, "Even with a dagger and little white oak ash."

Katherine and Demi looked at him surprised.

"No Damon, if you kill Elijah, then we're stuck in here forever," Katherine pleaded slightly with a scared look in her eyes.

"You're really scared," Damon pointed out with another smirk.

It was Demi's turn to plead with him, "Please Damon, just get us out of here and then we'll help you." Katherine nodded in agreement as she continued, "We'll…we'll help you kill Elijah…or protect the girls. Whatever you want."

Damon scoffed in disbelief. "I get you out of here and both of your asses are sipping from Klaus free margaritas on some unknown island somewhere, no way," Damon said simply, ignoring their pleading.

"That's not true Damon, we'll stay," Katherine said, eyes still scared. "Damon, please don't do it."

"Well, thank you, you two have told me everything I need to know," Damon said with a smirk as he turned around to leave but was stopped by the sound of Katherine's voice.

"I've…we've told you nothing."

"You have," Damon said with the smirk still on his face. "You have indeed confirmed that it is possible to kill an Original, which I will do tonight." Katherine and Demi's eyes widened and he continued, his smirk widening, "Guess who's coming to dinner?"

With that, he turned and walked off missing the smirks on Demi and Katherine's faces.


Stefan was making two cups of coffee for him and Megan when he heard his phone ringing. When he picked it up to look at the caller ID, it turned out to be Damon. What did he want? Stefan answered the phone and winced at the angry voice of his brother especially with what he asked…

"Why the hell did you let Elijah take Abigail out?"

"You know," Stefan said with a sigh.

"Well it wasn't exactly that hard to figure out especially with the fact that Abigail wasn't there with her sisters," Damon said sarcastically. He sounded angry again and he snapped; "Now I ask again…why the hell did you let Elijah take Abigail? She can't be trusted Stefan! She could come after Char!"

"She won't."

"You don't know that Stefan. It will be your damn fault if that happens."

"Look," Stefan started off. "I know that you angry. But Abigail can be trusted. I see the good in her. She's not like her sisters. And I know for a fact that Abby won't go after Char because she's had a lot of chances to go after Char and she hasn't." Damon didn't say anything and he continued, "I have to go. Bye Damon." He hung up on Damon before grabbing the coffees and headed back to where Megan was.

Megan's POV…

I stood by the large sliding window, looking outside. I looked away and looked up only to see Stefan walking by way. Once he was to me he held out my cup of coffee.

"Here," Stefan said and I took the coffee from him.

I smiled at him gently and said softly, "Thank you." I sipped my coffee as we both kept silent. After the silence continued for quite some time, I opened my mouth to say something but Stefan interrupted me, figuring out what I was about to say.

"For weeks I kept spiraling," he told me continuing his story. "I was completely driven by the desire for blood. Hunt, prey, and kill. That was all I knew."

"How come no one caught onto what you were doing?" I asked, taking another sip of my coffee.

"Mmm…there was a war going on. The thing about war time. Endless, anonymous blood supply…"

Flashback, 1864…

Unknown to everyone in the war camp, a certain Stefan Salvatore was feeding from someone who got hurt in the war. The blood tasted amazing as he drank from the person he was drinking from. Stefan pulled away from the man's neck and let out a sigh of contentment. Suddenly there was a sound and he stood up to his feet and that was he noticed a woman with a cap on. Since it was dark, he couldn't really see her.

The woman started to walk off towards the woods and Stefan was quick to follow her. He jumped in the trees that were above the woman's head and when she turned away, he jumped off of the tree onto the woman. But the woman took him by surprised when she grabbed him and pinned him down on the ground. Her face was in vampire form and Stefan's eyes widened. It was another vampire!

The woman shook her head at him, rolling her eyes, "What kind of idiot are you?"

End Flashback…

"Alexia Branson, as she was known back then," Stefan told me.

"Lexi, your best friend Lexi?" I asked putting surprise in my voice. "So that's how you met her? What was she even doing here in Mystic Falls?"

"She heard it was a good place for vampires. You know, had no idea that they'd all be massacred. Needed a place to crash, so I brought her back to my home…"

Flashback, 1864…

Stefan and Lexie walked into the Salvatore home and they started to head where the living room was as Lexie spoke up

"I'd say it isn't necessary to take me in, but you did try to eat me," she said saying the last part in a joking tone of voice. "And well with dawn coming, beggars can't be choicer. Or should they be?"

When they entered the living room, Lexie immediately took notice to the bodies. Her eyes widened. God, she had a Ripper. Seeing Lexi's wide eyes but not knowing what she was thinking, Stefan sounded embarrassed when he said,

"I, um…I meant to dispose of them."

Lexi continued to look at the bodies shaking her head, her eyes still wide, "My God, you're a Ripper."

Stefan looked confused. "A what?" he asked confusion in his voice.

"There are good parts of being a vampire and there are the bad parts," Lexie explained as she stopped looking at the bodies to look at Stefan. "You're the bad parts." Stefan didn't say anything so she continued with a smile Stefan's direction, "Well…we're gonna have to change that."

And that began the friendship of Lexie Branson and Stefan Salvatore.

End Flashback…

I looked at Stefan sadly wishing he hadn't had to go through that. Sitting my coffee down, I went over to Stefan and grasped his forearms gently as I looked up at him with concerned eyes.

"Are you okay?" I asked but I cursed myself for it seconds later. Oh course he wasn't okay.

Stefan nodded but his eyes were sad. "Talking about her brings up things I'd rather forget," he said.

I knew what he meant, "Like Damon killing Lexie."

Stefan didn't say anything. I couldn't help myself and I pulled Stefan into a tight gripping hug. He buried his face in my hair as his arms pulled me closely. I closed my eyes. I know it's hard for Stefan to talk about Lexi since Damon did kill Stefan's best friend. I mean, I would feel heart-broken if I lost Charlene. Man, I hope that's not going to happen. She's the only person from my world and I would feel lost if Char wasn't here with me. I just hope I can help Stefan out.

Charlene's POV…

I was in the dining room with Jenna and Andie. I didn't even what to be there helping them but here I was, doing just that. It wasn't that I didn't want to help set the table. Maybe if it was just Jenna but Andie was also there and the glares she sent me continued except when Jenna would look over at us, the glare would fall from her face and she would be polite and sweet which only made me glare at her harder. But since Jenna was paying attention, Andie didn't take notice to it. Sitting down one of the plates, I listened in on Andie and Jenna's conversation as they continued to set the table.

"So, what's going on with you and Alaric? I feel like there's tension," Andie asked concerned.

Jenna shrugged. "I don't know," she replied with a sigh. "I really like him." Andie gave her a look and Jenna rolled her eyes with a dreamy smile on her face, "It's more than that and I want it to work." The smile fell and she looked so sad that I wanted to go and hug her but I forced myself not to as she spoke up again, "But I can't help but feel that he's hiding something from me. And then I got John breathing things in my ear about him."

"Ignore him Jenna," I said suddenly speaking up causing Jenna and Andie to jump slightly and look at me stopping what they were doing for a moment. "If he's keeping something from you, it must be for a good reason. Maybe he's just trying to protect you."

"Yeah, well he's still keeping something from me, I can feel it," Jenna said. "He may be trying to protect me but with relationship you have to be honest with the person you love, no matter what the cost."

I didn't say anything. It was true, you shouldn't keep secrets but this secret that Ric was keeping from her was something that shouldn't be said. I knew Jenna was eventually going to find out about vampires. If I could do something to stop it but I couldn't no matter how much I wanted to it. Jenna finding out about vampires was supposed to happen and as much as it pains me to admit so does Jenna dying.

Maybe I could make a deal with Klaus to get him to not use Jenna for the sacrifice after Damon takes Caroline and Tyler from him. My thoughts were broken by Andie speaking in a bright voice. But for me, it seemed patronizing and mean as she was looking at me as she spoke up.

"That makes me so grateful that Damon tells me everything," she said looking over at me with a smirk.

"Aren't you guys still just friends? That's different," Jenna told her.

"Yeah we are still friends, but I have a feeling it's going to go to another level and soon."

This caused me to slam the cup that was in my hand on the table hard. This of course caused Jenna to look at me concerned.

"Are you alright Char?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I replied in a tight voice as I glanced at Andie who looked at me smugly. "Excuse me." I muttered to Jenna as I left the dining room.


I walked into the library seeing that Damon and Ric were talking to each other. I knew what they were talking about. Ric didn't want Damon to attack Elijah but knowing my boyfriend, he was going to do it anyway. Damon wanted Elijah dead and I guess I couldn't really blame him. I cleared my throat causing them to look at me.

"Alaric, Jenna needs help with the wine," I told him. Though Jenna told me no such thing. Damon had told me about his plan and I was gonna help him with it even though I knew it was a bad idea to kill Elijah.

Alaric nodded and he walked out of the library as I went over to Damon. As soon as Alaric was gone, Damon pulled out a wooden box and opened it up. Since I was by Damon's side, I saw that inside of it was the white oak ash and the dagger that was gonna be used to kill Elijah.

"Are you sure this is a good idea Damon?" I asked, looking at Damon.

"Yeah, I think it's a great idea," Damon said as he looked at me with a smirk. But I didn't look reassured and he placed a hand on my shoulder looking at me with soft eyes, "Hey everything's gonna be fine babe."

I crossed my arms over my chest as I looked at Damon. "But what if it doesn't Damon?" I said. "Someone could get hurt. You could get hurt. Elijah's an Original Damon. He's stronger than you, faster than you. How do you expect to kill him?"

"It's all about the element of surprise," Damon explained with another smirk.

I opened my mouth again to change his mind about killing Elijah but I closed it, knowing nothing would work.

"Alright, what do you want me to do?" I asked uncrossing my arms.

"Just encourage the gentleman to take their after dinner drinks in here while you do coffee in the kitchen with the girls."

"Alright." I sighed, "But I still say this is a bad idea but there's nothing I can say that's gonna change your mind, right?"

"Nope. You worry too much Char."

I opened my mouth to protest that but it was interrupted by Damon kissing me deeply. When he pulled back, he smirked at the dazed look in my eyes. Damon opened his mouth to say something to me but was interrupted by the sound of doorbell ringing. He smirked having a feeling who was at the door.

"Let the fun being," Damon said with the smirk still on his face as he grabbed me by the hand and led me out of the library.

When we got to the front door, I saw John standing in front of Jenna and I groaned.

"What is he doing here?" I asked in a hush tone in Damon's ear.

Damon didn't have time to reply because Jenna looked over at us.

"Who invited him?" she asked. She sounded really annoyed and I didn't blame her one bit.

"John! Surprise…leave," Damon said in a warning tone at the last part.

John just walked inside as he said, "When Jenna told me she was coming to a dinner party for Elijah, I decided I couldn't miss out on all the fun and games."

It was then that Alaric came up to us. "There are not going to be any games tonight, John," he said. Then he looked at Damon with a look on his face, "It's just a friendly dinner party."

"What he said," Damon agreed but he looked over at me with a gleam in his eyes.

I sighed internally to myself. Well this dinner party was going to be interesting…


The next time the doorbell rang, Damon had opened the door and it turned out of be Elijah. Since I was with Damon, Elijah gave me a charming smile and I gave him a small, soft one in return.

"Good evening," Elijah said looking away from me to look at Damon.

"Thank you for coming," Damon told him with a fake pleasant smile. "Please, come in."

Elijah started to do just that but he stopped. "Just one moment," he said. "Can I just say that if you have less than honorable intentions about how this evening is going to proceed, I suggest you reconsider?"

"No, nothing dishonorable," Damon lied but Elijah seemed to believe him. "Just a keeping to know you."

"Damon's not planning anything," I said speaking up for the first time with a bright smile. "I think it's a good thing for all of us to be friends instead of enemies since we all want the same thing."

"I hope you right Miss Charlene," Elijah told me with a smile but there was warning to his voice.

"So," Damon said changing the subject. "Where's your guest?"

It was then that Abigail made herself known. But she had a brown wig and brown contacts in. I turned to Damon to see him looking shocked to see his ex-girlfriend, if that's one way to call it, standing in front of him. Abigail smiled hesitantly at Damon.

"Hello Damon," she said.

That was enough for Damon to almost attack Abigail but I grabbed him by the arm to stop him. Damon glared hard at her.

"Get out of here," he growled at me.

Abigail didn't say anything so Elijah spoke up for her.

"Although Megan and I have this deal, if you so much as make a move to cross me or Abigail, I'll kill you and I'll kill everyone in this house. Including your darling Charlene."

Damon's arm immediately went around my waist as his eyes narrowed at Elijah. He continued then.

"Are we clear?"

"Crystal," Damon said in a tight voice.

It was then Elijah noticed Jenna and he smiled pleasantly as he headed towards Jenna with Abigail behind him. Abigail smiled at me softly as she walked pass me. I looked surprised but I didn't say anything.

"Jenna, wonderful to see you again," Elijah said to Jenna as Damon and I turned to look at them. "How are you? You look incredible."

"Thank you," Jenna said with a smile.

After Elijah introduced Abby to Jenna, everyone who was invited to the dinner party was sitting at the dining room table and talking. It was the same conversation that was in the show so it was pretty boring so I got up from my seat to go to the kitchen not knowing Abby was following me. I was making myself a drink when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around only to see Abigail standing there. I stared at her for a couple minutes and she stared back at me. This went on for a while until I turned back around and Abigail went to the side of me and spoke up.

"Hello Charlene," she greeted politely.

"Hello Abigail," I said shortly.

Abigail sighed. "Look—"When I turned to look at her, she continued, "I want to apologize for trying to steal Damon from you. It was wrong of me. I was pissed off. I know that you might not forgive me for it, but I would love for me and you to be friends. That is if you want to…" she looked hopeful and I didn't say anything.

I knew I didn't trust her. I mean, she was Katherine's sister and I didn't really believe that Stefan was right about her. But like I said to Elijah it would be better if we were all friends instead of enemies. We wanted Klaus dead and so did Elijah and Abigail even Katherine and Demi want him gone too but they were doing it for different reasons. Finally I spoke up.

"Yeah I would love to," I said with a smile. It was somewhat forced but it seemed to be enough for Abigail because her face looked all bright and happy.

Then she did the most surprising thing. She hugged me. It took me a while to return the hug but I eventually did. The hug didn't last that long and Abigail pulled away still smiling.

"Thank you for giving me another chance Charlene," Abigail told me gratefully.

"You're welcome," I said. I nodded back into the dining room, "Come on, let's go back."

Abigail nodded and she turned to walk in the direction of the dining room. But I stopped her. Abigail turned to face me again with a expectant look.

"Abigail, since we're friends call me Char," I told her with another smile. This smile was less forced than the other one.

Abigail grinned and nodded. Together, we went back into the kitchen just as we heard Damon say to Elijah,

"So why do you want to know the location of the alleged massacres?" I sat back in my seat next to Damon and he grabbed my hand from under the table, squeezing it gently.

Elijah shared a smile with Abby as she sat beside him before replying to Damon's question.

"You know healthy historian's curiosity, of course," he said.

"Oh course." Damon winked in my direction and I couldn't help but giggle.

"So Abigail…" Jenna said, looking at Abigail. "How do you know Elijah?"

"Oh, we've been friends for a long time I visited England and I met him there," Abigail explained as she smiled at Elijah and he smiled back at her softly, rubbing a thumb across her hand that he was holding on top of the table.

Jenna noticed this of course and smiled but didn't say anything about it. "You know, you look a lot like Charlene except for the hair and eyes," she said.

I tensed at that and Abigail did too. She looked nervous.

"Oh really? I haven't noticed," Abigail said and nothing else was said on the subject so the conversation changed.

The dinner was going good so far but it wasn't gonna be that much longer until the drama started…


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