A/N: Okay I had this enormous urge to write a story from when they're at Hogwarts, so this became my attempt. This is sort of a pilot which I will continue with eventually, I just have to finish my other story first. I'm not a two-story kind of girl. Tell me what you think? Does it have potential?

Chapter 1

"Theo, tell me again why we throw this quaffle around wearing no shirts on in the middle of Hogwarts grounds?" Draco asked. He had yet to understand Theo's so called brilliant idea he had proposed earlier in the day, but anyway there they stood, on one of Hogwarts many evergreen lawns in the unusual warm September afternoon sun.

"Draco, Draco, Drake..." Theo sighed shaking his head. "How hard can it be? You're supposed to be the smart one! Okay I will tell you one last time, so here we are one of the most popular spots in school. We have the perfect location. The next factor-"

"To make Theo's extremely long and complicated explanation short," Blaise said taking a step from the shadows of the tree which he had casually leaned against and stuffed his hands into his pockets. The afternoon sun gleamed against his dark,well-toned abs. "We're hot. Girls like hot guys. Flexing muscles whilst throwing a ball around makes us look cute and boyish, which will attract the girls that are still a bit cautious around us. All this will make it easier to pick them off in the near future."

A wide grin started to spread over Draco's lips. That explanation certainly revealed some perks. It had been four though months since the war ended. The ministry had started prosecuting everyone who had not fought with the light in rapid speed. Himself had been spared though his mother's actions and for not participating in the final battle. Theo and Blaise had been spared for the same reason, not participating in the end.

But it had been a hard time in general to be a Slytherin. A lot of their friends or acquaintance had not been so lucky. The Slytherin house now only held half the people it used to. The table in the Great Hall had now a lot of empty seats, a quite sad sight actually.

Everything should had gone back to normal after the summer, that's what everyone was aiming for, but there was still some animosity directed towards them. Draco supposed that that's what was to be expected but this animosity severely affected them in the girls-area, which was something none of them had anticipated.

Before it had been enough to turn on the charm, show a crocked smile here;use some well-placed words there. But now all the girls that weren't Slytherins were cautious around them, and it was hard to get close enough to use that charm all three of them seemed to have been born with. And on top of that there were maybe just a handful good-looking Slytherins left that had not already been picked, used and dumped, in the small pond that was now the Slytherin house.

"Why didn't you say that earlier instead of rambling about factors?" Draco said as he nicked the red quaffle out of Theo's hands and started to back away from them so that they could get a good throwing distance.

"Because you were in a bad mood and didn't want to listen, you stubborn fuck." Theo mumbled but it was loud enough for both Draco and Blaise to hear.

It was true through. Draco had been in a bad mood all morning because the lack of sleep. He had been kept awake by the regularly returning nightmares that came at least once a week. They were all about the war and the Dark Lord and terrifying it had been to share the same roof as him. Never knowing where he might be, what he might hear, or if he had some other sick mission he wanted his followers to execute. That was enough in its own to leave one in a bad mood.

Instead of replying Draco sent the quaffle as hard as he could in Theo's direction. The bronzed haired boy let out an 'ouff' as the quaffle hit him straight in his chest but he caught it and shot the blonde a sour look.

"That's going to leave a red mark you know."

"More girls will look at us then." Draco said with a smirk, which earned a grin from Blaise.

Theo threw the quaffle at Blaise which he caught with a chasers agility and started to pat his slightly red chest. Luckily for him he had a tanned olive complexion that hid much of the redness. If it had been Draco that had been hit, the mark would have stood out in contrast to his paleness, which took on a more glowing look in the summer – the closest a Malfoy could come to get a tan.

"Stop being so vain and get in the game!" Blaise called and tossed the quaffle back at him, making his hands stop patting his chest in a quite gay-ish way in order to catch the new ball.

"I'm not more vain than you two!" he proclaimed and threw the ball to Draco. "You would try to fix that as well if you'd noticed the large amount of girls already pouring out the castle in our direction!"

Both Draco and Blaise stood with their back at the school so only Theo would be able to see what was happening, but soon enough they all hear the sound of girly giggles.

They continued to throw around the quaffle acting like they didn't take any notice of the groups of girls that sat down on the grass around them acting like they didn't mean to sit by them. It was just that it was the sunniest spot, or their favourite spot or whatever that made them all cluster around on the same lawn as the handsome Slytherin trio.

Just because they were apprehensive around them didn't mean that they said no to a view like that.

Theo passed the ball to Blaise who threw the ball too far to Draco's left so he wouldn't be able to catch it. Draco raised his eyebrow at Blaise, because he knew that his friend never threw that lousy.

Blaise tilted his head a friction to the right, the same way he threw the quaffle. Other people would not have noticed but after being friends with Blaise for such a long time Draco understood immediately.

He turned to his left and headed to retrieve the ball that had perfectly landed in a small ring of Ravenclaws.

"Excuse me," He started as he came closer to them, showing a slight crooked smile. "It seems like Blaise needs to work some more on his throwing arm before matches start."

Three of the girls giggled like it were the funniest thing they've ever heard. I still got the charm.

"Well it seems like we won't have much of a competition then for this year's house cup." Draco turned his gaze at the redhead that had spoken. How could he have missed that the Gryffindor Weaselette sat in this cluster. Next to her sat Loony Lovegood and crooked her head to the left in thought, probably seeing some creatures that didn't exist.

"Can't have that, can we Weaselette? Hence the practice and it would be easier to practice if we could have the ball back." He responded with a touch of humour in his voice. I would do no good in using his ordinary drawl and repel the other three Ravenclaws that seemed to be responding positive to his proximity.

Weaselette picked up the quaffle and stood up to give it to him. But just as Draco was about to take it she pulled it back and threw it past him and back to Blaise.

Draco gave her a look that clearly asked if that had been necessary.

"What? I only showed him how it was supposed to be thrown." She said sweetly and batted her eyelashes like a silly little girl before taking her seat on the ground again.

She was mocking them; thankfully no one else in the group seemed to have noticed except Loony who was now staring at him openly. What did she think was swarming around his head this time?

"You have a really nice body, Malfoy." She said instead in that dreamy voice of hers.

He was completely taken aback and it seemed like the others was as well because Weaselette cried out a high pinched "Luna!"

He was surprised yes, but this indicated that even Loony liked a well build body. There was hope for her still. "Thank you, but I really should head back if we're going to sort out that throwing arm of Zabinis." With that he turned his back on the group of girls and headed towards his two mates who watched him with curious expressions.

Behind him he heard a "What? It's true." Come from Lovegood, he could almost hear her shoulders shrug as it was nothing but fact. Draco liked her more and more for every minute.

"What did Lovegood say?" Theo asked when he reached the two other boys.

"Yeah, it must have been something to cause Weaselette to shriek like that." Blaise added.

"She just said that I got a nice body." He answered with a shrug like it was nothing out of ordinary, but the smirk that crept onto his lips gave him away.

"She said it to your face?" Blaise asked in astonishment while Theo just laughed.

"Yup." Draco said with an even boarder smirk.

It was night the next time the Slytherin trio was out on the grounds. They had sneaked out by the secret pathway near their dormitory that they had discovered back in third year. Its entrance was right by the lake, hidden behind a couple of boulders.

"For Salazar's sake Blaise! Be careful with the booze!" Theo exclaimed when he saw what big of a sip Blaise took from their bottle of firewhiskey. They were out to celebrate Theo's fantastic plan, which had worked perfectly and earned them a bunch of possible dates.

"Yeah, mate! Save some to the rest of us!" Draco agreed. They sat leaning against an old oak tree looking out on the Black Lake. In this position they could not be seen from school or from the rest of the grounds, but they themselves had a clear reflection of the whole school in the lake. And if they turned around they could see everything as well through the small bushes around the tree. It was the perfect spot and far enough from the school to allow private conversations.

"I can drink how much I want to! It wasn't you that got felt up by Millicent Bulstrode during dinner!" he said fiercely and took another large swig.

The other two winced. The plan may have backfired here and there by giving them horrible invitations from hideous girls, and actually some boys, but Blaise had got the worst end.

"Sorry, mate we forgot" Theo said. "Take as much as you want."

Suddenly Draco saw something white flicker in the corner of his eye. He turned his head to the lake and saw a reflection of a girl in a white dress running across the grounds rather near their spot on the shore. The dress was longer at the back and when she ran the dress sort of flew behind her, making her look like a nymf.

He turned around and peeked through the bushes. Judging from the rustling beside him the others had seen it as well and had also turned to see whom it was that was running across the grounds at this hour, and in that dress.

As she came nearer they started to recognize her face and a look of disbelief crossed all of their faces.

"Is it the booze, or was that just..." Blaise began and rubbed his eyes as the girl in white sprinted past them heading for one of the schools greenhouses.

"Granger running past us at this hour?" Draco continued, still not believing what he saw.

It was silent a couple of seconds as they all watched Granger run with high-heeled shoes in one of her hands before Theo voiced the thought that they all had been thinking.

"And was it just me, or did she look good?"