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I heard Fakir yelling up in his room, I was about to go see what was wrong but as soon as I started going up the stairs he was rushing down.

"Fakir! Where are you going?!" I yelled after him.


"Fakir looks not happy zura" Uzura said a little unhappily. I just sighed, what's wrong with him? He can be such a, what's the word? Oh yeah

"MORON!" and I kicked the wall. Then my face turned red as I grabbed my foot and started bouncing around on one foot.

"Ow ow ow ow!" then I tripped and fell head first into a bucket of water, now I am soaked.

"Your clumsy zura!"

"UZURA!" But then Uzura gave me towel and smiled.

"I hope Fakir will be better zura"

"Me too Uzura, me too…"


I didn't know where I was running to I just had to get out. Duck sounded worried when she called after me. Duck…Powerless… No! Duck isn't powerless! She's anything but that. I need help but not from any of my friends, I don't want them to get hurt I need… I facepalmed, its been right infront of me this entire time, I know exactly who to go to, but I don't want to.

"Damn" I said under my breath, oh well.

Soon I was there, Drosselyer's grave.

"Hey! Drosselmyer!" everything got darker.

"Ah my, wait Fakir? Why are you here? Miss me that much, I'm so touched"

he gave a fake tear.

"You know your brother is out to get me, and you for revenge, and you can still be around, you really are crazy, how can I be related to you?"

"My brother? So he got out, huh I actually thought he'd like his story…then again…"

"What did you do to him in his last story?"

"Well the story was a basic Romeo and Juliet, but it also had some behind the scenes action, he was Romeo's servant and would deliver messages to Juliet. It was truly a story that wad one of my best"

"Continue with the story" I said, ginding my teeth.

"I had originally was going to have him kill Juliet, and then Romeo would kill himself, and then Gregory would rule the whole kingdom. So it would be a tragedy and a happy ending"

"But that's not how it ended, was it?"

"No, sadly not, he fell in love with Juliet and couldn't kill her, so he instead killed Romeo. But Juliet saw the whole thing and banned him from the kingdom. Then she took her own life and well that was that. A beautiful tragedy indeed!" he laughed.

"So that's why he hates you, but why is he going after me?"

"I'm sure he told you something like 'Drosselmyer actually cares for you so by hurting you I'll be hurting him' right?"

"Yes, but that isn't quite true. That is one of his motives but he has another"


"He probably wants you to reach your breaking point, and will promise to stop tormenting you, so you can write Juliet back to life…and then kill you"

"Well, I guess that makes more sense, isn't there anything I can do to stop him?"

"Be strong and wait it out I guess, bye the way how is Duck doing hmmm?" he said with a sly smile.

"Just fine and as you probably know she's human"

"Oh, I know, I like her better as a girl, she has a much better ass" My face grew hot and I balled my fists.

"Shut up Pervert!"

"You know its true, Fakir" I really hate this guy, but he has a point.

"Bye Bye Fakir" Everything went back to normal, birds chirping, and I hated it.

"That was a total waste of time"


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