Before you read this, please take note. This is a story I wrote to highlight the horrible torment MANY people go through just because they are 'different' (eg, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual)
We are ALL human beings and we all deserve to be treated as such. I hope that there wont be any haters or homophobes.
But then again, it's Glee. So there won't be :)

So yeah, this is my first Glee fiction and reviews will be very welcome, despite the nature of the story x


Kurt clutched his satchel closer to himself as he sprinted through the barren Mckinley halls, tears streaming down his face.

This was meant to have stopped!

His ribs ached as he reached the door that led him to the boys bathroom closest to him and let himself in. Mercifully it was empty and he allowed himself to slump against the sinks and look at his face in the mirror.
A black eye was starting to form around his right eye and his sides ached from being kicked repeatedly then the strain from running to the bathroom.

Tears stung at his eyes as he took in his appearance and he knew exactly how Blaine was going to react..

He's going to flip.. Want to hurt those jocks for hurting me...

His fingers trembled as they pressed on the tender flesh there. A broken hiss of pain escaped his lips and his hand immediately dropped to his side again. The burn in his lungs increased, causing him to drop to the floor, his head leaning back against the sinks behind him, his arm wrapping uselessly around his torso, trying to dull the pain.

When the coughs started to wrack his lithe frame, Kurt brought his hand up to his face, trying to stifle the noise, less they find him again. As the coughs causing his body to shudder finally finished, his stomach was churning and he felt something dripping off his hand.
One look at his hand confirmed his fears. Blood, a dark crimson already falling off his fingertips to the floor.

His tongue tasted the metallic taste in his mouth, and felt the blood running across his lips and down his chin.

And that is when he blacked out.

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Alice x