Heat Cycles

By: SwampFoxLily9

Warnings: Brief sensual moments/content/actions, the like. And as always, *don't flame me* Slash! XD Enjoy!
Summary: Optimus, after a strange dream about Sam, goes to visit Ratchet in a quest to answer his evoking 'spark' dream. Ratchet tells him he's going to go through a heat cycle, and Sam's going to be there during it. What will happen? You know the drill! XD

To the Autobot leader Optimus Prime the ideals of the humans were quite strange. He observed wearily as a human NEST operative watched a 'movie' (a veritable ordeal with images and an object designated Television) and munched on salty popcorn. His optics scanned the rectangular oddity and came up with nothing. How strange, he muttered to himself. A small, delicate apparition came within his peripherals and his spark fluttered. The human, Samuel, walked past and patted him on the ped. A rush of energy flung itself up his corporeal spine, and then his engines purred ornately when his gaze met Samuel's honey hazel eyes.

"Hey big bot. What's up?" Sam asked, peering up at the huge Autobot.

"The ceiling is above us. Why do you ask, Samuel?" Optimus answered seriously, and to the mechs astonishment, Samuel laughed heartily and gave him a stern rub on the ped again. Optimus' thoughts were abolished when his spark throbbed and he let out an audible moan, but he maintained a virtuous face. Ignoring the sound, Samuel leaped up into Optimus' open servos and climbed onto his shoulder stacks.

"So... what are they watching?" Optimus gave Sam a look of utmost confusion, and another laugh slipped past the human's lips. "I mean, what... oh never mind. You know what?" Glints of the T.V highlighted his companion as he struggled to hop down from Optimus' shoulder stacks. Sam's feet landed softly on the ground and he lightly dusted himself off. "You and I should watch a flick. I'll know! There's a drive in around here. We'll go together." Optimus acknowledged the fact that Sam was inviting him to watch a movie. Suddenly, another human crossed his vision. It was the NEST commander William Lennox. Captain Lennox grabbed Sam and told him it was nighty- night time for the bots and ushered him out. The young male nodded and waved bye to Optimus with a cheekily made grin.

Optimus stood dazed, completely absorbed in a trance until Lennox tapped him on his ped and asked him if he was alright.

"Everything seems to be computable, William. I do have a contradictorily problem on my processor, though." Lennox paused and shook his head as if he had a headache.

"English, my friend. English." The Captain answered with a heavy sigh. Optimus considered telling him that it was in fact English he spoke but withheld the information.

"Samuel is coming over to watch a 'movie' with myself. I am unfamiliar with this situation." The mech replied, and William gave him an odd glance then burst into fits of giggles and laughter. "What is humorous, Captain Lennox?" Optimus inquired with a cocked helm.

Between gasps for breath William tried to speak, but all that came out was more laughter. Finally the giggling died down and the human gulped in breaths of air. "Sam asked you out on a... ahh... date!" Optimus pondered the thought for a nanoclick. A date? What an odd name for circumstances such as that.

"What is a date?" Optimus asked. The commanding officer smiled and paused momentarily, as if about to tell a secret, then said with a cheesy smirk-

"A time and date set for 2 people who are going out together. That's what you'll be doing." Optimus' optics offlined for a moment, then on lined as the realization hit. He had confirmed a date with Samuel. This was definitely an opposition of contrast. Lennox merely smiled- grabbed his coat off the couch- winked at the juxtaposed Autobot leader and left him to his thoughts.

The Next Morning...

Optimus woke up from his recharge with a slight throbbing helmache and heavily lidded optics. He had the queerest of dreams; simply put he roused with a palpitated spark. It included the human Samuel and himself, with some unexpected results. With his peds clicking softly down unto the ground, Optimus lifted himself up and rubbed his helm softly to calm the growing qualms in his lower circuitry. Thoughts swam like a torrent of hot, scalding lava inside his mind- he needed to quench this undying thirst of wanton. The exhausted bot exited his berthing quarters and directed his attention towards the Chief Medical Officer for an inquisition.

"Ratchet, my loyal comrade. May I ask a question concerning spark dreams?" Optimus asked diligently, with a slight hint of tire in his tone.

"Yes, of course. What do you wish to know?" Ratchet put down his data pad and motioned the inquisitorial mech into the Infirmary Quarters. The two entered and seated themselves on the berth.

"I... had a dream last cycle about the human Samuel." Images of the dream drifted past his optics, one of which were slightly arousing- Samuel panting, perspiration coating his blushing flesh and mewling Optimus' name. His spark lurched at the cogitation of Samuel in his berth, sprawled out, touching all those sensitive cables beneath his armor... He refrained from thinking past the dream and his CMO gave him a questionable look of stance. Ratchet did an initial scan of Optimus' counter parts, and received signs of elevated pulsations and a slight hint of a heat cycle.

"Optimus... by your pheromone and spark readings, you are about to enter a heat cycle. Are you going anywhere today?" Optimus shook his helm and touched the area around his spark chamber. It glowed and swirled inside its residence, building speed as another roll of nausea swept across his processor. The oncoming heat cycle would not be a pleasant one, which Optimus knew. Ratchet tapped some buttons on the consol of his data pad then grabbed a syringe filled with a gelatin-like substance. "This," he said as he pressed against one of Optimus' cables, "will aid in quelling your heat cycle. Consequentially, I haven't had a reliable test subject. No one has had a heat cycle in megacycles." He pushed the syringe inside and pressed the tip gently. The white, opaque liquid slipped inside and disappeared into the cable. "Alright. All finished, Optimus. Good luck in your heat cycle."

The thought of the oncoming movie date had the Autobot leader staggering outside his berthing quarters. Somehow the effects had only lasted moments, and when Optimus stepped outside the Infirmary he almost overloaded. His peripheral vision was blanketed with warnings of imminent stasis lock- Primus, he couldn't see- then finally the mech managed to press the correct sequence of buttons and fall into his berth. Recharge greeted him with open arms, and then the room darkened.

When Optimus rose from his slumber, everything was dark and the sky had quieted to a purplish yellow with aspects of red. A knock ruptured across the room and assaulted his audios. He gave a rumble of acknowledgement, and then opened the door. There stood Ironhide with his cannons glistening and a grimace as usual.

"Optimus, your human requires your presence." The black mech rumbled, silently turning away as the sluggish Autobot leader gathered his thoughts in a frantic stumble. Sam was here, and now he desperately tried to quell the images that arouse from his overheated processor. Another shaky torrent of nausea flooded everywhere, even in his limbs. Optimus staggered out the door and leaned on the hallway walls for support, resting his helm on the cool surface of the wall. It had a pleasant effect to the mech, his internal fans slowly calming the maelstrom stirring his innards.

Ironhide gazed back momentarily, expectant of his leader to pass him in the hall. No, he was leaning on the wall, but regained balance as if he had tripped over something. Hm. 'Peculiar behavior exhibited- result of over recharge?' Ironhide thought to himself, deliberating the state of his leader. Ironhide stepped forward to offer help, but Optimus motioned him away with an awry glance. Then a scent hit his olfactory senses, a heavy musky perfume that clung in the air like wet cloth. It was a phenomenal scent, astute and made the weapon specialist shudder. Heat cycle. All that ran through his mind was heat cycle, heat cycle, slag- heat cycle.

Ironhide ran as fast as he could to escape the temptation of interfacing with a very vulnerable Optimus Prime, warily aware of the consequences if said bot had taken him to berth. After moments of passing nanoclicks, Optimus felt a slight relief pass over his body- so he continued his trek to the recreational room. Bots and human NEST operatives alike were indulging in video games, movies and the Television. Through the merge of scenery, at the very edge of the room seated in a blue chair was the human Samuel. Optimus' spark whirled into gear and sped up its clicking, making his audios thrum within the pace of the matrix. Rolls of uneasiness mixed with frustration bubbled inside him as he led his way to Samuel, that queasy feeling settling in his fluid tanks.

"Hey, Optimus. Are you ready for our movie?" Samuel asked, his golden auburn eyes glistening with excitement. In his grasp he had a pillow, a blanket and a cellular device. Such simple necessities, Optimus chuckled to himself. The mech realized he felt so much better when Samuel was present, so he noted that and put on his best impression of a human smile. The two exited the bunker and Sam watched with amazement as Optimus transformed into a Flaming Peterbilt convoy. To Sam's surprise, the driver side opened and awaited his arrival. Sam had never had the opportunity to ride in the driver's side, or even in the Peterbilt itself, so this was new.

"Enter, please, Sam." Optimus' baritone voice resonated inside the den, so Sam simply obliged and hopped into the Peterbilt. Once seated, warmth spread up his back and glided across unto his cheeks and face. The seat beneath him tumbled and it oddly aroused him. He's comforting me, that's all... Sam reassured himself, so he dismissed the feelings as reactions to the convoy's hospitality. They drove in silence until the two reached the drive in, and found a space that was isolated enough so Optimus and Sam could talk without interruption.

"We've got time before the movie start, so what do you want to talk about?" Sam offered, wanting to break the suffocating silence between the two. Optimus merely rumbled his engines- and warmed the leather bound seat. A blush rippled across Sam's face when he felt a coil somewhere in the vicinity of his stomach and tried to muffle a strangled moan. "O-optimus...?" Sam eased, a feeling torn between friendship and intimacy. This was Optimus, his guardian, not his lover in anyway... but Optimus was displaying clear signs he wanted that kind of relationship. Could he love the convoy in a manner as a friend and a lover?



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