Heat Cycle

By: SwampFoxLily9

Warnings: Misuse of the English language, SLASHY hints tossed about, Mild occ of characters. Mech on man smut! PWP...

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Both factions glanced at one another, absorbed in the other's eyes. Sam observed warily as Optimus lifted a servo and trickled a finger down his cheek, lovingly stroking his human. A discussion was about to commence- and they might as well enjoy the company before the temperature heightened. Tension clung in the room as Optimus continued caressing the human curled against his spark chamber. Sam was the first to speak, thumbs twining in a calloused manner.

"Optimus, why-?" Optimus pressed his large finger against Sam's soft pink lips, readily awaiting the oncoming situation.

"I was entering a heat cycle. A nefarious time for Cybertronians, a time in which we search for a suitable mate. Unfortunately, I had encountered you-" Sam winced as the words rolled off in his head, unfortunately- "-and was not able to contain myself." Optimus glanced at the boy, his spark nearly leapt out of his spark chamber. Tears streamed in vertical orbs of his cheeks, then plopped unto Optimus' heated metal. This boy was suffering, as Optimus could tell, but the simplicity of it confused the Autobot leader. "Why are you leaking fluids, Samuel?" He inquired as his optics fell upon the blotched face of Sam.

Sam gave him a look of utmost distaste- shaking his head at the admissible Autobot leader. "I'm crying because... everything that happened- it wasn't true?" Sam muttered, intent clear on avoiding the intense gaze of Optimus Prime. A tear slid down his cheek when the words met lips and crashed to the steely blanket beneath his body. Optimus debated the words of said human. Was Samuel under the impression that all that occurred during my heat cycle was a mere fluke? Surely he had chosen Sam for a compatible suitor, and that's why he had done what he had done.

"Samuel, I did this because in my processor I perceived you as compatible. I would never do anything to injure." Optimus chastised, fazed by the warm smile threatening to spill across his human's lips. He had spoken something that pleased Samuel, and that itself made his spark flutter amiably. The two lay there for some unattended time, content with the latter's company until a whimper echoed into the room where they resided. Sam roused from a blissful slumber and met Optimus with the same intention. Something was not right, and they were going to go investigate.

It turns out the emission had come from Captain Lennox, with the human curled in a contorted ball with Ironhide preening over his body. Sam had rushed over, pulled the quivering Captain upwards and into his open embrace, and looked at the expression copulated within Lennox's face. It was of happiness Sam had never seen in regards with the tough Captain, a dumbstruck smile spread all around. Ironhide seemed infuriated, heatedly conversing with Optimus as if he interrupted the most vital thing his cycle had ever encountered. Lennox grinned at Sam, his palm slicing over the skin of Sam's face with sloppy vigor.

One thought entered Sam's mind- He's drunk. Lennox laughed and pushed Sam away, stumbling over to Ironhide's side. The onyx mech merely glanced down at the Captain and the barest of hints revealed they had been doing things unspoken to Optimus and Sam. Ironhide wrapped his servo around the drunken Lennox and led him away- eyes still harboring on their Leader with hawk-like fashion.

"It seems like your Weapon specialist was taking advantage of a very drunk Captain." Sam said after leaving Ironhide and Lennox to do whatever they were doing. Optimus acknowledged, knowing well that Ironhide had a 'miniscule' of crushes on Captain Lennox in the beginning. He did know that an oncoming heat cycle was imminent for Ironhide, so it was best to avoid the bot until it would surpass. Suddenly, an arable tension hung over the two while walking back to Optimus' quarters. "Optimus... can we take a drive?" Sam offered, hoping that he could have an intimate relation with the conversable Autobot leader.

"As you wish, Samuel."

On the road...

Sam had taken the driver side with an amorous glaze, silently praising himself for asking Optimus to their first movie as friends. The adolescent snickered when thoughts of Lennox came to mind, knowing well that karma was indefinitely on his side. He was now transfixed with the sight before him, taking in the sights of barren rocks and sparse vegetation. Optimus broke the silence with a rumble of his engine, purring delicately as his hologram peered from the backseat. Optimus moved to the passenger side and nearly startled Sam out of the window.

"God- Optimus! You jerk!" Sam scolded, punching him in the shoulder with a frown. Optimus apologized, then moved his hand closer to Sam's when he once again took in the scenery. Finally Optimus brushed his deft fingertips across Sam's hand and held it in a gracious manner. Sam turned to face the Leader with a smile, returning the favor by squeezing the holograms palm. Both stared at each other, brown eyes caught in the mist of cerulean ones. Like a slow motion scene, they brought their lips together, tasting the flavor of each other's mouth with eagerness. Optimus stroked his human's face with tender relish, accepting the hand being pressed against his back, almost forgetting he was Cybertronian- how he wished to have Samuel back mewling at his mercy once again. A tongue darted across Sam's lips, and then long arms wrapped themselves around the adolescents' accentuated waist. Sam laid his head against Optimus' shoulder, eye lids threatening to close as the Leader played incessantly with his dark curls.

"Rest, my little Samuel- rest your weary head." Optimus then sampled the taste of the shell of Sam ear, brusquely nipping at the very tip. A soft moan escaped the younger's mouth, and Optimus tediously slipped a finger inside the waistband of his jeans. Sam heatedly gasped, eyes flying open at the rush of fluid trickling southwards. It teased the slim jut of Sam's hip, tracing circles lazily as Optimus put Sam in an easier seated position. Now Sam was in Optimus' lap in between his thighs, rubbing sensuously against his crotch. The convoy abruptly ended the drive by pulling up to a beautiful sceneric area by a lake with crescent waters and milky plains.

The sun was barely hovering the blue waters when Optimus took his human away from the Peterbilt- slightly carrying him to the wheat fields a fair distance away from the glistening water. He set Sam down by a thick brush of cat tails, and then continued further exploring his admission in the 16 wheeler. A tongue snaked across the expanse of creamy white flesh of Sam's neck, then slowly, but surely continued southwards. Sam met his guardians face with a breathless laugh, the formidable tension now gone. Now a sensuous and romantic atmosphere arouse, merging the two lovers into a warm embrace.

With all problems and enigmas set aside, Optimus trekked further until he reached the mound of clothing separating him from pure bliss. He made a motion with his hand that stated 'Remove the clothes.' Sam hooked the tips of his thumbs into the denim and shrugged them off; a surly glance at Optimus was duly noted. With pants removed and panting lightly, Optimus nestled his head between Sam's thighs, nudging the soft skin of his human. A shrouded, rough texture met Sam's hardened member, and then sparks erupted across his field of vision. A continual motion of slow, impenetrable massages were applied to Sam's length, easing him over to the dark side of the moon. (Yes, I know) /

From Sam's mouth there came whines and gestures of more, for just more than plain sodomy- he wanted to go all the way. All the way. Optimus picked up on the sense, stopping the strokes and observing Sam for a brief moment. All the strain was released and now they were decidedly awaiting this moment. This, in which Sam was going to volunteer everything to Optimus, to allow him to caress his body and merge at last.

"Are you sure, Samuel?" Optimus asked, running a callous hand though Sam's dark curls. He nodded, words not available when Optimus removed his own clothes, a tight red shirt and blue denims slacks tossed aside. His tan, admirable body glistened with perspiration when the sun graced his flesh- and all Sam could do was gaze with a school-girlish awe. The twosome were now completely naked, with Optimus hovering above the human in a domineering manner. Optimus sliced the space between them by kissing Sam, pushing his hips against the adolescents in a patient, wise method. Passion and desperation built between Optimus and Sam, their lips and tongues caught in a tangle of emendation.

"I'm ready, Optimus." Sam said between well placed kisses and moans of pleasure. The Autobot leader readily held his length at Sam's hole, teasing the sensitive area with motions of enlightenment. He slipped inside, cautious not to cause any discomfort to the already moaning Sam. Optimus lifted his hips and pushed with a vigorous groan- and felt a tight, rigid sensation encase his length. His human wailed in both agony and a sadistic groan of enthusiasm, hands gripping Optimus' hips with near desperation. With delicacy, their lips meshed and a slight rhythm built as bodies rubbed and slid against one another- pressing forward for the special moment that awaited them.

"O-optimus... I-I'm..." Sam drew a sharp inhale of breath, and released a throaty cry as the orgasm hit, his body spasmodically convulsing into oblivion. White blotched the surface of both Optimus' and Sam's stomachs as the feeling passed- then Optimus followed suit, his tan and freckled face spurting with beads of sweat- then he collapsed onto Sam. The person beneath him coughed and struggled to get out from the heavy hologram- why were they so heavy? They lay naked, motionless, until the moon slowly drifted from the dark clouds. Sam pushed the slumbering hologram aside and put his shirt on, then jeans. He watched as Optimus woke, and smiled. The hologram already had clothes on- and at that a damn fine attire. A burlesque red shirt melted against his skin, then black leather tights that accentuated his long, thin legs.

His hair was light amber brown that complemented cerulean eyes, and until now did Sam notice how beautiful his guardian was. Optimus grinned happily at him, a new expression that Sam enjoyed on the holograms features. Sam grabbed his hand and walked back to the Peterbilt, head resting on a shoulder the entire time. The two both drove back to base within each other's company, contentedly asleep across the seat. When they arrived, both departed with the other on their minds, eagerly awaiting the morning.


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