A Fresh Start

The royal family made their way out onto the balcony and DG's three companions followed on behind them. They all gazed up at the moon hoping and praying the two suns would come back out.

As they continued to stare up in silence, the first sun slowly started to come back out and shone down on their faces, which made them all smile as the second sun came out the other side. They slowly watched as the light from their faces slowly made it across the valley of the OZ.

DG: Now that's the OZ I remember!

Ahamo turned to look at his youngest daughter as she and everyone else continued to watch the light overtake the darkness. As Ahamo turned back to look across the valley, there was silence no more as they all heard a load of cheering, which made the royal family step closer to the edge of the balcony and looked down at the ground to see mini images of people cheering and running around.

DG slowly turned her head to face her three companions and only caught Cain's eyes as he smiled at her. DG continued to look around and saw glitch had joined them at the end of the balcony and standing next to AZ. DG looked back towards Cain has he slowly stepped sideways to show Raw leaning against the doorway of the balcony, and he gave her a little wave. DG smiled back to him and then Cain blocked her view again and continued to smile at her.

Lavender: DG!

(DG turned back quickly to face her mother which made her head spin a little. Lavender smiled at her but has she saw DG rest her forehead against her hand she started to look worried)

Lavender: Oh whatever is the matter my angel?

This made everyone else turn to look at DG, but as she was about to tell her family she was fine they heard another voice.

Glitch: Azkadellia!

(Everyone turns to face Glitch to see him catch AZ has she fainted back against him)

Lavender: Oh my!

(Ahamo walked around his wife and gently took his oldest daughter from Glitch and picked her up)

Ahamo: I think she needs some rest.

Lavender: Yes of course.

Ahamo carried AZ back inside as Cain stepped back to let him pass. Lavender followed on behind him.

DG slowly leaned back against the railing as she saw Raw take off after her Mother. She started to feel light headed but she was she knew her sister needed her, so she took one foot forward. What she didn't expect was to feel dizzier and felt herself falling towards the ground, but she fell against something soft and someone wrapping their arms around her.

DG opened her eyes which she didn't realise she had closed and looked up into a pair of bright blue eyes that were full of concern and worry and something else, but before she could think of what that was she heard the person speak.

Cain: It's alright Princess, I've got you now. You don't have to do anything else.

DG started to feel even worse, but she knew she had to get to AZ; she had to be there for her this time.


Cain: Shh! She will be fine; you need to take care of yourself now.

(DG felt her eyes beginning to close)

Glitch: DG!

DG realised that voice was full of so much worry and she didn't want her friends to worry about her, but that was the last thing she thought of before her mind went blank and her head fell on to Cain's arm.

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Summary: Everyone may think that the OZ will be fine now that the witch has gone. But think again! Just think there are still Longcoats out there, Zero is still alive, and the people are still in doubt and worst of all what is wrong with the two princesses of the OZ.