DG was about to get up from the bed when Cain placed his hand on her shoulder.

"AZ is fine… Save anyway!" Cain tried to reassure her.

She didn't feel as if anywhere or anyone was safe and as she looked up into Cain's blue eyes, she could tell that even he wasn't so sure either; DG hadn't felt really safe since she landed in the OZ. On the other side, she had felt safer than she did here... No, she wasn't going to think of that anymore, it had never really felt like home anyway.

"She is under heavy guard and your mother hasn't left her side."

DG could only faintly hear Cain speaking as she was still thinking; She had always felt as if her life was wasting away and ever since she got here it had been non-stop. There was either the other side where life was boring or here where there was so much going on, there was hardly any time to stop and think.


DG knew she didn't want to go back even if she could; her real family was here and she had made some really good friends; who she would trust with her life. Her life on the other side didn't really exist of friends!

Just then, DG felt something being placed on her knee and she find out that Cain had placed his hand on her knee.

"DG, are you alright?"

DG looked up at Cain's face and saw he was kneeling down in front of her; he had a concerned look on his face. She knew Cain cared about her as much as she cared about him, or she hoped he did anyway. DG reached her hand out and placed it against the side of Cain's face and looked straight into his eyes. "Thank you."

Cain's face started to look a little confused before asking "Why, are you thanking me?"

DG knew she had a lot to thank Cain for and also her other two friends as well. At that thought, DG turned her head to look towards Glitch and Raw. "Thank you. I don't know where I'd be without you all"

"Maybe without a gunshot wound in your back," Cain added in a quiet tone.

DG turned back to face Cain; she knew he would come up with something like that. He always blamed himself for everything. "I'd properly have lots of gun shots in my back, I just wouldn't be here to tell the tale about it, like I am now. That is down to you all, even you Cain."

"We did that for DG; DG our friend!" came Raw's voice.

DG turned back to face Raw and smiled at him

"Yes doll, friends always help each other out," Glitch added.

"You played your part in all of this too... You saved us all; the entire OZ."

DG turned back to face Cain and smiled at him. She knew they were just trying to be nice to her, but she knew she hadn't saved the OZ, only her sister. "No, I didn't. I just led us into another war."

"You didn't lead this war DG. That would be Zero!"

DG knew that no matter how much she went on, her friends would always stand by her and back her up, well she hoped they would always be there.

"At least this war we will be facing men and not a magical witch," Cain continued to say.

"And if it wasn't for me none of this would have happened, to my sister."

"I told you to stop blaming yourself; you were only a kid. Do you see anyone trying to blame you?"

"That's not the point; I still know what I did myself."

"How about what I did? I let you get shot, if I had been more on guard that wouldn't have happened."

"Staring at DG's bum!"

Now that voice came from Glitch, which started to make Cain's cheeks go a little red and he glanced up at Glitch with a mean look on his face; which made DG smile.

"DG's bum!" Glitch went on.

Cain was getting more angrier and was starting to learn towards Glitch, but DG quickly took hold of his arm and stopped him.

"Glitch glitching again!" Came Raw's voice.

"Oh was I, so sorry! Do carry on, with what you were saying Tin Man." Glitch added.

DG saw Cain slowly look from her to Glitch and back again, she knew she had to say something quickly before Cain really lost his temper. "Remember what you said; things happen for a reason. Maybe I was shot for a reason and you couldn't have stopped it from happening even if you were watching my back," she quickly added without a breather.

Cain's face started to soften again before he looked back at her. "Not when I have a job to do."

DG should have known he would just argue back with her; She bet they could both argue all day and still not come to a conclusion. DG could feel a smile coming on.

"You find getting shot amusing?" Cain asked in confusion.

"Glitch and Raw should go help…" Raw started to interrupt them.

"Help who?" Asked Glitch.

"Queen and her Adviser need help!"

"Yes, your right!"

DG heard them both get up and knew they wanted to give her and Cain some privacy and maybe they were right, she could settle things with Cain more if they were alone. She slow turned her head and smiled at them as they walked out the room.

"You know my job is to protect everyone, even you Deeg."

DG turned her head back to Cain who was staring back at her. "You're not a Tin Man at this moment Wyatt; you're my friend!"

Cain took that moment to stood up and sat down beside DG before saying "At least we are on first name basis again."

DG smiled at Cain and the memory of their kiss which was still fresh on her mind, no matter how brief it was; she really enjoyed it. As she looked at Cain now she wondered what he would do if she kissed him again? She felt so tempted to, expressly as she looked down at his lips, which had slowly opened a little and started smiled back. DG decided she would never know unless she came brave enough. "After that kiss we shared, I just thought you were right and I do like calling you Wyatt; It's better than calling you Cain." DG saw Cain stare back into her eyes and she decided it was now or never; she leaned closer to him, but to her disappointment, he took that moment to look down at his lap instead.

"I was just making sure you were still breathing; I was going to give you mouth to mouth," Cain added in a quiet tone.

This certainly did make DG smile; he never admit to something like that, but say he was trying to help her instead... that sure sounded very cute! "Well, you can give me the kiss of life any day."

Cain slowly turned back to face DG's and he was smiling back at her and it made DG want to touch him; She reached her hand out and slowly stroked the corner of Cain's smile. "You should smile more often Wyatt Cain."

"I like it too; when you call me by my first name."

This made her trace her finger along Cain's lips, slowly looking up into his eyes, which just started drawing her in; She could very easily get lost in those eyes.

Cain started leaning closer to her. "I think you need mouth to mouth again; you're breathing as gotten quite heavy."

"I think you're right; I feel as if I can't breathe anymore," DG added.

Cain leaned even closer till he was millimeters away from DG's lips, she could feel his breath on her face and it was drawing her in; It felt so warm and nice against her.

"Me neither!"

"Then let's help each other."

"Good idea!"

DG then felt Cain's lips against hers. They shared a few closed kisses, but she knew she wanted a lot more, so she slowly opened her mouth and felt Cain's tongue slide against her lips; she met Cain half way and before she knew it she felt Cain's tongue against her own, then she lost all thought and threw her arms around his neck and felt his arms wrapping around her waist, pulling her closer.