August 5, 22:34 EDT

"You know you used to have quite a reputation as "the Boy Hostage," right?" a calm voice asked as fingers typed away on a key board.

Nightwing groaned, before pushing himself up. "What did you do that for?"

"I specifically told you it would be the last man down," Owlette continued, eyes steady on the dim screen, her fingers continuing their mechanic dance. She looked over the screen of the blue laptop "And I believe you now owe me—don't get up," Owlette's voice cut through the air before Nightwing's feel could touch the ground.


"I just shocked you with enough electricity to knock you out through your insulated suit. Do you really think you should be getting up?"

Nightwing's eyes narrowed, "and you shocked me in the first place because…?"

"There was someone coming… the Knightshad police… and civilians."

A long, agonizingly awkward silence passed between them.

A small beep came from a timer in the laptop. Owlette coolly ignored it as she got up, "you should be able to get up now. You've been artificially healing for the past two hours. Think you can show yourself out? First door on the left."

"I guess I owe you," Nightwing promised, "but I promise to make it even."

Owlette gasped as he pressed his escrima stick against her, and crumbled into the floor. Nightwing looked at her in apology as he cradled her. His footsteps softly thudded across the floor as he exited the way Owlette told him to. His hesitantly stepped into the elevator, and was surprised that he received no signal until he stepped out of an old shed.


August 5, 23:57 EDT


"You did the same to me."

"I didn't bind you to a table; you woke up on a bed," Owlette complained, tugging on her bindings as Nightwing chuckled over her. He carefully unstrapped her, and stumbled back as he received a fist to the jaw.

"What was that for?" he complained.

"For restricting me!" Owlette said exasperated as she rubbed at the chaffed skin.

Nightwing shrugged in response.

"We want to know what you're doing out there, Owlette," Batman stared darkly.

Owlette rolled her eyes, "doing what both of you have been doing to years. Knightshad needed help. While you two have been driving criminals out of the cities, they hit the road, on a trip straight to Purgatory."

"How did you plan on stopping them?" Batman's eyes narrowed at her.

"I have my ways." The petite girl shrugged as she brushed at invisible dust moats.


Owlette's head snapped to her side to where a boy descended on the stairs. "Robin," she greeted.

"Such a plan is the work of fools," Robin bluntly informed the girl, and the girl's lips pressed into a hard line. Their eyes clashed, and the tension thickened to be able to be cut with a knife.

A calm voice cut through, "you really must inform me when you have guests coming over, sir. Especially when it is a young lady."

"Good evening, Mr. Pennyworth" the girl nodded in acknowledgement, as Robin's glare darkened, and Batman's eyes narrowed in suspicion. But Alfred's composure faltered for a mere moment. "Tea?" he asked coolly.

"Yes please," the girl bounced over, and loaded her cup with 4 cubes of sugar and a heavy splash of milk. Tilting her head back, she downed the tea, leaving behind a grainy slush of sugar.

Nightwing poked her as he did the same thing with his, and found a thick layer of slushy sugar at the bottom, "did you want some tea to go with that sugar?"

"Haha. Very funny," Owlette deadpanned. She repeated the procedure, and downed it again. She set the cup down with a clunk, much to Alfred's displeasure. The old butler's eyebrow tilted slightly in annoyance before turning to return his tray. "I have to get back. I still have a drug ring to crack down."

"I'll come with you."

"why? Doesn't Bludhaven's golden boy have better things to do?"

"I'll do it," Robin surprisingly volunteered as the girl grimaced.


August 6, 01:34 EDT

"I trust you are old enough to drive," Owlette commented as she gripped tightly around Robin.

"Since I was 4," Robin deadpanned.

"Yeah well, so did I. It was a tricycle."


"We are the same age, you know."

"I doubt you are aware of my real age."

"I know a lot more than you would think, Demon's Head," Robin stiffened slightly before turning the gas even higher. Owlette's arms tightened almost to the point of pain. "Take a right on the next corner."

Robin begrudgingly complied.

"How much do you know about Knightshad, Robin?" she breathed, her voice hopeful.

"Not much. My studies mainly focused on Gotham and Bludhaven, as well as the grand scheme of all things."

"It's the largest suburb between Gotham and Bludhaven you know. And it's basically the road to hell. I surprised the roads aren't paved with the skulls of unbaptized children." Owlette chuckled at the snort of apathy came from the boy.

"Care for a different type of bike ride, Mister?" a girl ran a hand through coarsely dyed red hair and gave a strained grin, as they stopped, "your lady friend can join for free."

"Eve, it's me," Owlette said as she hopped up to the prostitute and gave her a tight hug, "I need to borrow a few things, is that okay?"

Eve's face melted into a warm smile and tightly hugged the vigilante back. "Of course. Thanks for beating off that last Joe; some people just can't take "no" for an answer."

"I'm sorry I can't help you any more than that. Did the shelter find some more room for you?"

"No. But I'm on the waiting list. Hopefully I can get into a class, and a ticket out of here. Maybe I can get a job in Gotham."

"You would have better luck in Metropolis, and we all know you have a thing for the boy in tights." the two girls burst into a peal of laughter as Robin sneered at the open display of affection.

"C'mon," Owlette waved as she cracked open a side door, "time to have some fun."

She casted a wink over her shoulder as she shrugged on the dress Eve tossed to her. The shimmering black dress flared out, disguising the costume beneath; a carefully place black cloche hat gently tipped to hide the mask underneath. Eve grinned cheekily before tossing to him a trench coat and hat. "Get dressed Pretty Boy."

The Knight's Maiden was surprisingly warm, with a smooth charm that was reminiscent of the Iceberg Lounge. But instead of sleek ice and glass, it was hard black stones and worn, slightly charred wood. Over the piles of bodies, Robin could hear saucy Latin pop with hints of the orient play over the voices.

Don't tell me that you don't like

anything about me

I've seen it in your eyes

that look, you think that I don't notice

"I think this one's a keeper," Eve shouted over the music, as she and Owlette led him towards the back of the bar.

Don't you be afraid to try

'cause you don't even know me

Why don't you read between the lines?

You know how it should be

"I wonder how he'll stand up to the competition."

"Why don't we taken a look." The two girls continued to chat loudly over the catcalls and cheers.

"Thanks Eve," Owlette quietly whispered as the guards let them slip into a backroom, giving the disguised boy a crude grin as he let the girls through.

or maybe you just fade away

"That was disgusting, degrading, and obscene," Robin snarled as he redhead slipped into the shadows after a hefty amount of cash was slipped in Eve's hand.

"So you would have rather taken the worst of Bludhaven, Gotham, and Knightshad?" Owlette glared as she pratically ripped off the dress.

"I would have handled them."

"But this is still smarter: a man with two hookers is as common as dirt. No one gives are damn."

"We're 16, if what you said before was true."

"There are girls younger than that who whore themselves out. But I guess rich little Robin wouldn't know about that."

Their mutual glares were broken when Owlette whipped to the side and kicked a door open.

"Nobody move!" she commanded before freezing up at the sight. Her jaw fell slack before she jerked the door closed before dashing down the hall, her cheeks still stained a pale pink.

Robin peeked quickly through the door, only to stare judgingly at two lovers in a very compromising position. "Disgraceful," he spat at them before he jerked the door back.

"So not an astrophe,"Owlette grumbled.

The Robin stared at her blankly for a moment before sighing, "Grayson."