This story takes place after the chunnin exams and after Itachi showed up.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, only my characters and plot

Ninja Clash! Of Nightmares and Daydreams

.:;Prologue: The Old Team 7;;.

"Soooo! Where's Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto roared to the Fifth Hokage, "Since you're the Hokage, shouldn't you keep tabs on him, Grandma!"

Tsunade's fingers dug into her desk and she huffed out, "I'm not your Grandma and how should I know where he is…I've got enough to deal with without you roaring in my ear!"

Naruto scratched his head nervously and slumped to the floor, "Uh, I didn't think about that before..hahaha…see Sasuke I told you I shouldn't ask her that!" Naruto shouted trying to save face, "Next time ask her yourself!" Yeah, that'll work…hehheh.

"Look you loser no one told you to ask such a dumb question," Sasuke spat out not even making eye contact; you idiot-boy. "Besides," Sasuke sighed, "Kakashi's always late, today wouldn't be any different. So get a hold of yourself and act like you're not a complete embarrassment!"

"Whaddya, say!" Naruto said getting up off the floor and pointing dramatically at Sasuke.

"Exactly what you heard…loser!"

"I'll teach you to call me a loser!" Naruto lunged for Sasuke but was punched to the floor by Sakura.

"Quiet Naruto, you idiot! You trying to make us look bad in front of Lady Tsunade! Behave yourself!," Sakura said menacing as she grabbed his shirt collar and lifted her fist to his face, "Or elseI'll crush you!"

"Oi, Sakura you sure know how to make a guy feel safe," Naruto said shaking and pouting at the same time. She dropped him and went over stand by a window facing the rest of the Village; Inner Sakura: Hey, those two have getting on my nerves since our battle with Gaara, What Idiots! Probably feel embarrassed about how they protected each other…BOYS their worse than Me and Ino! Stupid! Stupid!

Still, she thought, they do make a great team…

She tapped her foot on the wood floor in a steady rhythm and pulled her hands through her hair, I sure do miss-no cutting my hair was for the good of the team, I can't look selfish now, no way!

"Sakura," Sasuke said raising an eyebrow in her direction, she had her fist raised to the air as if in triumph, "What are you…"

I love the way he says my name, 'Saku-ra' all fast and smooth like but slow and seductive, she thought, opps I did it again, I was supposed to try being his friend first…ugh hopeless!

"What's eating you," a not so cool voice said, "Hope it's not…Sasuke!" he laughed.

"Naruto you idiot, I was just lost in thought…" she said looking from Naruto after raising a fist in his direction, to Sasuke who was standing silent as ever. "Anyway, no I'm fine just getting hyped up on the mission, is all" Yeah and how HOT you look in black!, her Inner Sakura shouted.

Sasuke nodded and didn't push the issue.

"Hey Sasuke, what do you think will be our mission? I hope it's something good so I can really show off my ninja skills," smiled Naruto with his usual upbeat attitude.

Yeah, so you can preach to everybody about your nindo, your ninja way, Sasuke thought as the blonde idiot smiled and scratched his head, anyone else would die if they had your energy…typical Naruto…

Sasuke thinks he so cool, but I'll show him! You wait Sasuke; Naruto boasted loudly to himself, you won't be saving anyone this time around!

A masked figure entered the door way with a smile,"Sorry I'm late guys, I ran into Neji Hyuuga this morning and he wanted my help-" Kakashi started.

"You lie!" Naruto and Sakura half screamed and half shouted in unison.

Being so dramatic, this early in the morning is murder, Sasuke thought closing his eyes against their arguing.

"That's enough already, give the man a break. Don't you want to hear about your mission?" Tsunade smiled coyly resting her head on her hands.

The three immediately quieted and rose to attention. Even Sasuke opened his eyes and joined the team to hear this.

"In light of recent events and the chunin exams, I've decided to give you…team 7 a special mission…"

"Okay! What do you mean by…special? Are we going into foreign territory! Huh, are we? Do get to use code names and stuff? If so I want to be the Gentle Creeper!" Naruto said all excited.

"Shut up and let Lady Tsunade talk you idiot, who do you think you are! What the heck is a Gentle Creeper…a pervert! Is that what you're calling it now! Cha!" she put him in a headlock and continued, "Please continue Milady, he won't be saying anything more."

"Thank you Sakura. Now I've decided to give this mission to you because of…"

My skill as a ninja, duh, Naruto thought.

"…your overall team strength. On to the said mission…you will have to travel to the Lightning Country, you know the Land of Lightning to protect a Noble Heir, the risk of this mission is extremely high so if you don't want it, I could always hand it over to team Gai-"

"No way! We'll take it! All right, to the Lightning Country! Woohoo!" Naruto danced around his excitement taking him away.

"Hold on. Lady Tsunade?" Sakura asked concerned. "Um isn't the Village inside that country our enemy village; the Village Hidden in the Clouds. We're not even close to being allied nations with them…so why are we going; they hate us, don't they?"

"I'm happy you brought that up, that gives me a chance to introduce the person who requested the help," Tsunade said and turned to her little helper, "Shizune! Bring in the visitor please."

Naruto's head snapped over to the door and watched as a balding man of maybe fifty or even sixty years entered the room. The guy wore top notch high quality clothes not made for traveling long distances. Oh, great this old man's loaded…hello Ichiraku Ramen!

Oh, great another old guy, inner Sakura thought.

The balding man was short and chubby to boot, he didn't look that interesting to Sasuke who barely glanced at him. Sakura had a fake smile plaster across her lips whilst Naruto could barely conceal his glee. Kakashi was indifferent and TomTom couldn't careless and strutted his pig body over to Tsunade who rubbed him/her on the head.

The man raised an eyebrow and frowned saying, "These children are going to help me? But they're fresh out of diapers! What can they do!"

"Who you calling babies you old geezer! You won't be saying that once I hit you with my way of the Shinobi!" Naruto yelled his enthusiasm failing.

"Do you always have to make the worst possible first impression, Naruto," Kakashi sighed holding the blonde away from the old man.

Sasuke smirked to himself; you have to admit…the kid's golden at making an idiot of himself…

Ugh, thought Sakura, it's the Land of Waves all over again!