The floor of the chamber was burnished marble, shot through with thin lines of silver. When looked at from above, the silver lines outlined the crest of Hogwarts, though it would have been hard to see through the wizard in dark grey robes who was pacing on top of it. The wizard ran his hands through his dark hair, than turned to address the other occupant of the chamber who was leaning casually against a marble column.

"Salazar," he said. The other wizard looked up from his apparently intense perusal of the floor.

"Yes Godric?" responded the other wizard. Godric took a step forward, looking intently into Salazar's greyish blue eyes.

"Please tell me you didn't do it."

"Do what?" Salazar couldn't have looked more confused if he had been told that Rowena was a man, but Godric had known the wizard for years and wasn't about to be fooled by the act. Not this time.

"Don't play with me," Godric said angrily. "You haven't just been experimenting in the dungeons this time. We all saw it. Even the first-years are wondering what happened."

"It was just a little lightening Godric. Surely you've gotten over that old fear of yours?" Salazar smiled while Godric glared at him. Somehow Slytherin had found out about his old fear of storms. He seemed to enjoy bringing it up as well, though he was polite enough to do so in private.

Godric turned in disgust and strode away from the dark wizard. It was little things like that polite consideration that confused him. Salazar Slytherin was supposed to be ruthless, and according to his enemies he was. But then he would bring Rowena flowers to cheer her up, or waste his afternoon explaining arthimancy to a struggling student. The man seemed to enjoy keeping everyone around him befuddled, and Godric was, by his own admission, his favourite target. Godric shook his head to clear it. Once again, Salazar had succeeded in getting him off topic. He turned and walked back to the wizard who was watching him with a mild expression.

"You know what it felt like yesterday? Like for one minute the entire world had been turned upside down. Our magic went wild and I swear I felt the castle itself sigh," he explained.

"How melodramatic."

"You weren't there, which brings me to my second question. Did you do it?" Godric demanded. Salazar shook his head slowly, looking for all the world like a teacher gently reprimanding his pupil.

"I wasn't there so you accuse me? Really, Godric. I expected better of you."

"I'm accusing you because it usually is your fault, in some way or another. You're the only one I know who had the power to do it," said Godric. That look of confusion was back on Salazar's face again.

"I'm sorry. What exactly do you think I did?" Godric opened his mouth to respond, than closed it. That was the trouble wasn't it? His instincts told him that Salazar had been involved. He had racked his brain and made a discreet inquiry of Rowena, but was no closer to discovering just what Salazar could have done to create such an effect. He turned away to pace and give himself a little more time.

Salazar was interested in a variety of different things. Snakes seemed to be his dominate interest, though that was understandable with him being a parselmouth. He closed his eyes, trying to remember everything he had seen the last time he had been in Salazar's chambers.

Potions. Multi-colored potions in various states of preparation. He snorted. That was hardly surprising. Salazar knew more about potions than their current potion's master, though he preferred not to teach. It didn't matter. No potion could have caused that– he searched for a word to describe the event of the day before – magical storm. What else had there been? A cage of butterflies, with brilliant green and silver wings. He had joked that they were in Slytherin colours, and Salazar had condescendingly told him that that was the point. If butterflies had caused that storm, he was steering clear of all winged insects for life. He tried to think of anything else. There had been books, but it wasn't like he had taken the time to read their titles. A vase of wilted flowers…He frowned. Salazar wouldn't have been stupid enough to leave any evidence around anyway, and there was no way of getting him to explain if he didn't want to. He turned to face the other wizard.

"I know you did it Salazar. I may not know what it is, but I will find out some day." It was a hollow threat, and they both knew it. Salazar gave him a small, infuriating smile and turned to leave. Godric swallowed and grimaced at what he was about to do. So much for the Gryffindor pride.

"Salazar!" he called. The other wizard paused, but did not turn around to face him.


"A hint my friend. Just one…" He hated to sound so pleading. Salazar turned to face him. He was radiating power.

"A hint," he mused, and Godric held his breath. "All right." He assumed an orator's pose. "All life is a cycle." Godric blinked. That was it? Salazar just grinned at him. "Good luck, Godric," he said and walked out of the room, whistling some obscure tune.


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