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Info: Viola is from my original book series that is not finished. This story contains spoilers from the end of her series. You can read the first book and some of the second on my fictionpress, but this might spoil a lot of it. It's a horror/supernatural series with a side of Greek mythology so there will be touch of that in this. I will try to explain things from her world as best I can, but if anything doesn't get explained and needs to be, feel free to let me know and I'll work it in.

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Warning: This story will feature gore, violence, sexual content, and language.


Pain blocked anything from registering. Breath-taking, nausea inducing, earth shattering pain. The cold tile beneath my cheek did nothing to soothe the burn coursing through my veins and eating at my skin. Forcing a gasp, I took a deep breath and willed myself not to throw up. My head throbbed, trying to understand where I was and what had happened.

"Vi, don't! Come back!" her voice, hysterical, had attempted to call me back. I ignored it.

It felt like there were cotton balls shoved into my ears; loud shouts firing all around me. I couldn't decipher what was going on, just the in and out of my lungs as they struggled to get me air.

Reason told me I wouldn't die from this. I couldn't die from this. That didn't stop me from feeling as if I were going to die.

"Breathe. In. Out. Concentrate. It's only magic," I thought to myself. Only magic. What a joke. I knew how dangerous magic could be and it was anything but harmless.

Taking a deep, deep breath, I adjusted my bearings and let my aura settle around me. Once my breathing was under control, I tried to get a sense of the place I was at. There was hardly any magic here, wherever that was. People everywhere. Humans, most of them complete magical duds. Not a bad thing, but if the screaming was any kind of hint, they were scared.

Of me, most likely.

I expanded my reach tentatively. Almost like I had touched a live wire, every alarm went off in my head at once, ripping through my skull. My senses screamed at the enemy standing only a few feet away. Run. Kill. Run Kill runkillrunkill back and forth the words echoed to do something before they did. Rage flooded me, wiping away the physical pain until everything stood out in startlingly clear detail.

I was in a large, concrete hanger, almost like an indoor parking lot. People surrounded me, most in uniform carrying weapons at the ready while others stood in a widening array of costumes from a metal suit to what looked like medieval armor. A light flickered ominously overhead, shadows dancing over them all. But I could see her. She stood out like a beacon in my mind. Bright blue eyes that matched my own, wide and playing at innocent. She stood behind the wall of people, almost as if she were being shielded from me. Not a trace of the blood thirsty killer I knew showed. She looked human and normal.

It didn't matter. I'd rip her throat out with my bare hands and enjoy it.

A hand touched my shoulder hesitantly and my body reacted, years of instinct taking over before my mind could properly evaluate the situation. The man screamed and I blinked, already springing myself into a kneeling position as he cradled his broken elbow. Everyone moved into action, yells breaking out and echoing all around.

The voices were so loud you couldn't properly tell what they were saying. But their guns were pointing my way and she was being pushed behind a protective wall and we couldn't have that.

Pushing off my toes, I broke into a sprint, heading straight for the group of costumed protectors. More shouts bounced around me, obvious confusion painting them all. They'd expected me to run away from them, not towards them. They couldn't shoot without risking hitting one of their own.

The guy in the metal suit raised his hands, bright blue circles lighting up in his palms. I braced myself to dodge, but didn't have to as a man in patriotic gear grabbed his wrists to stop him in case he hit someone else. Using this as a distraction, I tried to gather as much energy as I could and concentrate it. The world was still shaky and the extreme absence of magic in the air made me feel disturbingly empty, but that didn't stop me.

Heat bubbled into my hands and I launched it in front of them, a fairly medium size fire bursting as they all scrambled to move away. A gap. Enough of a hole that I could slip pass with minimum effort.

I ran through, the fire licking off my skin painlessly, and had her throat in my hand in the time it took them to blink. Using my momentum, I slammed her into the ground, squeezing with everything I had in my tired body.

Her eyes caught mine as she began to flail, clawing at my hand as if she were helpless. I furrowed my brow and if I had been looking away, I would have caught the almost invisible smirk that danced at her lips. Something was wrong. She wasn't fighting back. Why wasn't she fighting back?

"Don't act as if you are any better than I," she growled, claws digging into the flesh of my neck, "You crave the violence that comes with a kill. You don't kill the helpless because of some moral duty. You abstain because it's no fun. You want them kicking and screaming with everything they have."

Where was the power that had brought our world to its knees? Where was the impossible magic that stole everything I loved away? Why wasn't she fighting back?

"We are the same, Viola darling. I am you and you are me. No matter what you believe, we only have each other." She grinned.

Bringing her up by her throat, I slammed her back down hard into the concrete, baring my teeth as I shook with fury. No. I could end this. I could end her like this, gone without a fight and the world a better place. She wouldn't be able to hurt me anymore. No more loves taken, no more funerals. She'd be gone, once and for all.

A cold whisper slithered over my skin, a mere hint of the power that I knew she was capable of.

"Sleep tight, darling."

I didn't have time to question the declaration in my head. A sharp pain stabbed into my shoulder and, from experience (far too many to count) I knew it was an arrow. I didn't reach up to pull it out. They could keep shooting. I desperately tried to tighten my grip on her, but all I could see was the laughter in her eyes.

No, she wasn't going to get away. No no no no no-

Large hands grasped my shoulders, yanking me off of her with far too much ease and pulling me away even as I screamed and shouted with everything I had left. Someone ripped the arrow out of my shoulder brutally. Hands and bodies buried me under their mass as handcuffs were snapped around my wrists. My body was going cold, numb, the feeling spreading from the wound in my shoulder to the rest of my body.

It was a sedative. Damn.

Eyelids heavy, I could barely make out the fake trail of tears streaming down her face as everyone sought to help her up. With the mask she was keeping up, she looked like an innocent little doll.

I could only laugh humorlessly as the drug finally brought me to sleep.

That bitch.

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