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The room was filled with quiet inquiries about others and shouts back and forth about damage reports. Medics were being called and a lot of murmuring about getting someone named Banner some clothes.

But I could still feel all the eyes on me in the chaos. I was tired and bleeding and didn't have any energy left to fight. Numb. Numb was a good word to describe everything. A painful kind of hollowness had settled in from her words and spread throughout my bones.

There was no going back home. I had stupidly chased her into another world without even thinking about the repercussions. All I had thought about was the fact that she was alive (alive, alive, not dead, why wasn't she dead?) and the thought was massively unfair. How could someone so fucking evil come back but not the people that had sacrificed their lives to save others?

How did she get to come back but not him?

She had won again. In one single trick, Ker had taken away everything I had left after her first blow. Family, friends, home. All of it was gone and I hadn't even known it. And I was stuck here, waiting to watch as she tried to take rip apart another world.

What was left for me? Nothing besides to see her dead and bleeding on the ground, her heart in my hands. That was all that mattered. Revenge had always seemed petty. In truth, it was. But I could handle petty. There was nothing else to fight for. No Pack or family to protect. And honestly, self-preservation wasn't all too high up on the list.

Revenge was looking better and better.

The all-too familiar sound of metal sliding against metal drew my attention and I didn't even have to turn around to know what was going on, "If you so much as point that damn arrow at me, I'll break off every single one of your fingers and shove them down your throat."

At the threat, everyone raised their weapons at me, wary that I wouldn't go after them with Ker gone. I turned to face them, struggling to keep the pain off my face from the gaping wounds in my sides, and raised an eyebrow. I wasn't surprised at the action. With the exception of a few odd ones, they were all painfully human. Years of dealing with people scared of magic and Hiddens had made me more than experienced in the matter. Ignorance was bliss and having something unique and dark right in front of your face was frightening to the unprepared.

The archer didn't raise his arrow though. Good choice.

The edge of my vision was starting to darken a bit. I was more drained than I thought, my body moving slowly to repair itself. My leg was starting to shake with the effort of keeping me up and the world kept tilting side to side. If I didn't sit down soon, I was going to pass out.

"Miss Huntington," Nick Fury's voice reached me through the throng of guns, "I believe you have some explaining to do."

Explaining. As if this was my fault. I could practically hear the comment in the tone of his voice. But for once, the fault wasn't mine. They had ignored me. Instead of hearing both sides, they went with her and look where it got them. The sharp chuckle that left my mouth was bitter and more than a bit angry, "You've got to be kidding me. I warned you what would happen. You didn't listen! Don't you dare put this on me!"

The guns lifted even more, shaky hands itching towards loose triggers. I glared, patience gone. In another world (my world, specifically), I would have been empathetic to the lot of them. They didn't know better. Despite the fact that there was apparently a Norse god or two in their midst, Ker wasn't even in the same category as them. They didn't know about the Hiddens or the Originals or the war.

They had no clue about the chaos she was capable of.

But Ker's escape and being locked in a cage for two days didn't help them. It was a reminder that humans were cruel. Cruel to anything they didn't know about or didn't trust at first glance. I'd been raised as a normal human girl, before the Hiddens ever showed up and even after. It wasn't until I was twenty-two that I found out I was a Hidden. How people treated me was dramatically different after that. They feared me and in that fear, they were openly hostile without even knowing who I was. People are frightened of anything that might be more powerful than them and in the order of things, humans were at the bottom.

They knew that. I could see it in the soldier's eyes. They were scared of me and wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger if asked. Because I was the boogeyman made real.

No, my empathy was short and despite being completely exhausted and maybe on the verge of collapsing, I would fight them if I had to.

"I'm going to give you to the count of three to lower the fucking guns or I will make you," my skin was still sizzling from remnants of the magic I had used earlier and I knew that my lack of control over it was causing my eyes to glow again. The fear grew. Glances were exchanged between the soldiers, looking back at Fury to see what commands he would issue and back at me to see if I was being serious.


Fury didn't break eye contact with me. He was calling my bluff.


Stubborn bastard. He didn't know me. He didn't know if I would actually do it or not. Would he really risk the lives of these men to test my limits?

Yes. Yes he would.


"Alright, that's enough," someone that sounded as if they were talking through a megaphone commented, "We've had enough fighting today. Give her a break. She helped us get rid of the wicked witch of the west; the least we can do is not point our guns at her. Right, Fury?" In other words, "stop being a dick."

I frowned at the crowd. It took a bit to realize the voice was actually coming from the guy in the red and gold metal suit. But he stepped forward and shoved some guns to point at the ground, face plate swinging up to reveal a handsome face with a goatee. Amused brown eyes glanced my way with only the barest hint of wariness. Cocking an eyebrow, he sent his own glare to the director.

Fury sighed and nodded; the movement was good enough for everyone that they immediately lowered their weapons. A collective breath was let out. I reigned in the magic and let my shoulders sag, relaxing. The last of my magic drained away with the move. My leg finally had enough and I sank to my knee painfully, the impact jarring my bones.

With my healing slowed, a shot of pain went through me every time I took a breath. My shirt was stuck to my skin with blood, I was covered in dirt, and I wanted to pass out. I really wasn't in the mood to play politics.

Unexpectedly, Mr. Patriotic rushed over to my side, only a mild hesitation in his step. He kneeled next to me and with barely a glance to my face, pressed his hand against the stab wounds. I winced and he smiled apologetically, "Sorry, but we need to put pressure on this or you'll bleed out."

"I can't die from blood loss, but thanks for the concern," I mumbled back, "Passing out, on the other hand, is very likely."

He shrugged as if it didn't matter and kept his hand against my side.

"Should we call one of your men of medicine?" the blonde god commented from somewhere on my left.

"Doctors," Loki corrected with an exasperated tone.

I would have laughed if I wasn't leaking everywhere, "No hospital and no doctors. I'll be good…eventually."

Metal suit let a small smile tilt his lips despite looking about as exhausted as I did. He walked a few feet towards me with all the grace someone in large armor could, "Guess this means everybody isn't going to start killing each other. The name's Tony Stark and the man currently copping a feel is Captain America."

"Steve Rogers," the blonde soldier corrected him next to me.

Tony continued on like he hadn't been interrupted, "Gotta say that I was impressed with the light show. Not every day you see a human torch and not turn extra crispy."

"Believe me; it's less impressive where I come from," I snorted, "Guys flying in robots, not so much. Compensating much?"

He paused, eyes narrowing, then broke out into a grin, "I think I'm going to like you. Glad to have you outta the cell."

"Stark. Enough," Fury interrupted with a shoot-to-kill gaze aimed straight at Tony's head. Stark raised his hands in mock surrender.

"Sir," Rogers spoke up, "I still think we need to get her to the med bay, at least to get her checked out."

"Boy scout," Tony muttered.

Sighing, I could feel a migraine starting to come on, "I'm fine. Really. Give it a bit and I'll be fine."

Steve frowned down at me, brow furrowed. I could tell he didn't want to let it go for some reason. Maybe he didn't believe me or he was actually worried about my well-being, but he nodded finally. I had enough problems as it was without adding what was wrong with me biologically.

Somehow, I was feeling less angry. A small part of it probably had to do with Ker's presence, but Tony and Steve's interruption had served as a distraction. The same people that had locked me up had jumped to my aid. This world was weird.

Fury walked forward calmly and stood next to Tony, arms crossed and managing to look intimidating despite being covered in grime and dirt. And like that, my mood started to sour again. "Miss Huntington, we are no longer your enemies." Speak for yourself, "Both of us have the same goal and we merely ask for your cooperation in this matter. You help us and we'll help you. You obviously have very valuable information to share-"

"Which you've chosen to ignore in the past," I growled.

"The decision to go along with Abaddon's information was decided when you attacked us," the red headed woman argued, "You can't fault us for siding with the considerably less hostile person. There was no way to know for sure who or what she was."

I scoffed, Rogers fidgeting next to me nervously as the argument continued, "You could locked her up as well! This is a government agency. Yall's motto is practically 'suspicious until proven innocent'."

"We locked up the suspicious one, if memory serves me well," the archer snapped, arms crossed tightly.

Attempting to stand, I found that my knees wouldn't listen and Steve was keeping me firmly planted to the ground, "Injured or not, I can still kick your ass-"

"This is going so very well," Loki chuckled.

"Enough! Everyone!" a guy with dark wavy hair yelled while buttoning up his shirt, "I have a headache from all of you and I would appreciate a little quiet time. We don't need another appearance from the Other Guy just because you all won't stop arguing."

Silence settled instantly, wary looks now being cast in his direction. He ignored them and gave a mutter of thanks.

"Banner is right. We all have a common goal. We should not fight amongst ourselves," Blondie turned towards me, "Lady Viola, I apologize for our actions. If we had known the truth, it would not have occurred. You would be a valuable ally to have in this fight and we will be at your side in turn."

"I don't need any help. I'll go after her alone," I answered back. They'd only get themselves killed going up against her and I wasn't going to have more lives on my shoulders. I could tell already that they were such easy bait for her. All ego and stubbornness paired along an odd naivety. Ker would find these weaknesses in a heartbeat. It was only a matter of time.

Straightening his spine, Director Fury lifted his chin and stepped into the clearing, "In case you've forgotten, this isn't your world. You're going to need to survive here while we take care of this problem. We can help. Abaddon told us a bit about the differences between your world and this one. You're going to need someone to help get you situated here."

I chuckled darkly, "I don't want to get situated. This isn't my home."

Clasping his hands behind his back, Fury met my eyes, a sharp frown tugging at his lips, "Then I promise we'll do everything in our power to try and find a way to send you back home once this is dealt with."

Home. It was the magic word. I wanted to go back badly it clawed at my chest and twisted my heart. Everyone had no clue where I had disappeared to. I had to get back to them, let them know I was okay and that I hadn't gotten killed or abandoned them. If siding with them opened up the option then I'd do it.

That didn't mean I fully trusted him, or any of them. My rule of thumb had always been don't trust military organizations and there was a reason for that. Secrets. They all had them. Dark, twisted things that they'd do anything to keep locked up tight. All it took was opening the wrong door and you were screwed. And I had a feeling SHILED had more than most.

"Do we have a deal?" He raised his hand, eye meeting mine.

Even knowing they probably couldn't do much, my heart jumped in my throat. I wouldn't put my money on them but any help was better than nothing. And he was right. This wasn't my world and I had no clue how different the two were. Survival was key until we found Ker again.

Sighing, I started to stand with a little help from Steve. He looked at me with concerned blue eyes and a slight frown on his lips. Giving him a small nod that I was okay, he stepped away finally. My legs held, strength slowly returning. Meeting Fury's gaze, I straightened my spine, "I don't take orders. I'm rude, blunt, and certainly don't give a damn about this place. If you can handle that, I'll help. But you need to understand that even if this is your world, Ker is a part of mine. My word is final when it comes to how to handle her."

"I'll take that into consideration. Is it a deal?" the Director held out his hand.

This wasn't me signing my life away. There wasn't much of a life left. This was me agreeing to take on theirs. I could only hope they were stronger than they looked or else I was screwed.

I shook his hand, "Deal."

"Good. Welcome to SHIELD."

What had I signed up for?

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