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Chapter 1.

'Mom!' a scream was heard as the car tumbled down the slope. A blonde mess of hair in the backseat, buckled up.
'Brittany, cover your head!' her mom could be heard as she turned her head around as they went down to help Brittany cover her head.
Suddenly everything went blank for Brittany as she hit the back of her head against the back of her own seat. She did not experience what happened next as the car continued to roll down the slope. She did not notice that her mother laid helpless in her own pool of blood. She didn't notice the rescue teams as they cut them both loose, letting the medical team do their thing. They shook their heads when they saw the adult woman sit lifeless in the drivers seat. She had been dead for far too long for it being any use of trying resuscitation. The younger blonde, though in her late teens, was just unconscious, which at this point was best for her they felt and they just checked her vital signs and found her being amazingly healthy except for a nasty bump on the back of her head.
They rushed both mother and daughter to the hospital and Brittany was put in a bed, with monitors watching over her.
Someone called her father who was working in the jazz clubs and small bars and clubs. he was a jazz musician. Last time he had seen Brittany, she was just twelve years old. She was now seventeen. Five years had gone by since he last saw her. Five years that he had missed of his daughters life. He had divorced her mother when she was merely four years old, but he had tried to be in her life as much as possible until she turned twelve. That's when her mother shut him out, said she was tired of his lifestyle and how it wasn't safe for his daughter.
Right now he sat in a chair, next to Brittany's hospital bed, watching her sleep. She was still unconscious and noone knew when she would wake up again. He leaned back in the chair, running his hand over his face to wipe out the sleepiness that started to inhibit him. He didn't want to sleep, not now. Not when his daughter needed him more than ever. She didn't even know her mother was gone, forever.

A couple of days later, he still sits there now asleep in his chair. He hasn't been away from Brittany even to go home and shower and shave. He can't. Suddenly he feels Brittany's hand moving in his, as he's held it for several days almost every minute. He wakes up and sees Brittany lay in bed, her eyelids starts to flutter and he sits up and leans towards her. She opens her eyes fully, blinks a few times and then looks around the room until her eyes lands on a now bearded man beside her, holding her hand.
'Dad?' she whispers with a hoarse voice. 'Dad? Where's mom?'
He had dreaded those last words. He wished he didn't have to answer them. But he did.
'Sweetie' he whispered, leaning to kiss Brittany's forehead. 'Mom didn't make it' he whispered.
'What?' Brittany raised her eyes to be able to look into her fathers' eyes to see if this was some kind of bad joke, but she only saw sorrow there.
'Mom?' she tried again only to be facing her father shake his head with a sad look in his eyes.
'Nooo' her scream echoed on the entire hospital floor.

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